Today, we got ready early in the morning and reached at Ratna Park (Bus Station) for joining the walk of peace and Peace Symbol making at Panauti and Banepa. Tulsi Sigdel and Mukunda Baskota guides the international team. Today four new participants joined us which includes Mr. Javier from Chile, Ms. Maria Teresa from Peru, Ms. Lucia Ortega from Spain and Ms. Montserrat Prieto from Spain.

Today, we traveled by local bus form Kathmandu to Panauti about 32 kilometers. It was really a fantastic experience; it is not possible for every foreigner/visitor. I would like to say thanks to Tulsi Sigdel and her team who arranged this program and organized the travel with local peoples of Nepal.

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During the travel, we enjoyed the local Nepali music as well as Indian Bollywood songs. I also tried to capture the natural beauty of Nepal during the travel. Under the slogan of Peace, Force and Joy the team reached Panauti. The Kavre Chamber of Commerce and students KAVRI English Secondary School Panauti-4 welcomed the base team of 2nd World March for Peace and Nonviolence with Yellow Flower Malhas.

Walk for Peace and Peace Symbol Making


It is an historical city of Nepal and it is situated at the confluence of two rivers Rosi and Punyamati. According the history king Bhupatindra Malla had been gifted this small state to his sister as a wedding gift. The Indreswor Temple and Layaku Durbar squire are the famous places of Panauti. Now a days Panauti is unified with the capital city of Kathmandu.

Peace Walk:

We joined the Humanist Movement Panauti and Banepa teams at Panauti (Layaku Dabali) and walked around up whole old city of Panauti to main city and moved towards Pnauti Park. We walked on Namabuddga road and reached at Trivani Ghat and then moved toward the cultural place Indreshwor Temple. When we walked form different streets, local peoples welcomed by saying Namastay, Namastay the team of 2nd world march for peace and nonviolence said peace, force and joy (Shanti, Shakti and Ananda) to them.

Indreswor Temple Panauti

The temple Indreswor is located at the south eastern part of the Panauti town at the sangam (union) of two rivers Rosi and Punyamati. According to history and religious stories, the Indra Deva seduced the wife of the sage Gautama “Ahalya” and the Ahalya was converted into a stone, which is now at the north eastern corner of the temple’s platform.
Address of Mr. Rafael the International Coordinator of Humanist Movement.

Tulsi Sigdel said welcome to base team, participant and invited to Mr. Rafael (International Coordinator HM) for sharing the aims and objectives of 2nd world march for peace and nonviolence and Mr. Marco for translate the views of Mr. Rafael into English.

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Mr. Rafael introduced the international participants from Italy, Pakistan, Spain, Peru and Chile. He also said thanks to HM Panauti team, Banepa Team and HM Nepal Team. He further elaborated the aims aond objectives of Humanist Movement and 2nd World March, he also shared the key point of 1st World March.

Please watch this video of full speech of Mr. Rafael:

Lunch @ Goutam Village Resort Banepa

Humanist Movement Banepa team arranged the lunch of base team and participants of 2nd World March for Peace and Nonviolence at a beautiful place Goutam Village Resort. After having delicious lunch and celebration of Birthday of Ms. Maria Teresa Raez Muzurrieta (she belongs to Peru).We moved towards Poly-technical College Ground Banepa. The students of different schools performed the National Anthem of Nepal, made National Flag and Peace Symbol. After that we walked towards Banepa Municipal Committee Hall.

Peace Symbol @ Banepa

A designer Gerald Holtom had developed this Peace Sign/Symbol specifically for the march for the British nuclear disarmament movement in 1958, thousands gathered in London’s Trafalgar Square to protest nuclear weapons. The design of peace symbol is meant to represent the letters “N” and “D”, which are standing for “nuclear disarmament”.

Press Conference @ Municipal Committee Hall Banepa

Humanist Movement Banepa arranged the Press Conference at Municipal Committee Hall Banepa. The base team reached the Hall and briefed the media team about 2nd World March for Peace and Nonviolence. The HM Banepa team presented the HM Dairies and warmly welcomed to all International Participants and Media team.

Back to Hotel

At the evening said goodbye to all friends and moved back to Kathmandu by catching the public bus.

I would like to say thanks to Ms. Alisha for sharing the rich information about different places. And special thanks, to Indra, Nabaraj, Ashok, Mukunda, Ram, Bindra, Ganga and Tusli Sigdel for great providing this great opportunity to promoting peace and nonviolence worldwide.

Peace Force & Joy!


  1. I truly appreciate this fabulous post and it is perfection for the crazy times we are in right now and more needed than ever so thank you!

  2. Peace is what the world needs the most at this point. It’s so nice to read about this event ‘Peace Walk’ and the advocates who work for peace. Thanks so much for spreading peace in the world.


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