My readers encouraged me through WhatsApp, Facebook Messages and Comment box, in previous relationship posts including “Things that men want in the relationship” and “What woman wants in a relationship” and others. During the working on these topics I gathered more information about the relationship, which will be shared in different posts. This post, “List of key shocking secrets women hide in the relationship” is part of this series.

Every society has its own norms, traditions, culture and cultural and traditional barriers. Which directly affects the peoples who are the part of those societies. According to the social norms, I am following, here the love marriage is not allowed. Numerous girls and boys have been killed in the name of so-called honor-killing. The parents are responsible for deciding the engagements and marriages of their kids no matter what the age is? So, the opinion, desire, and wants of the women of this society are 360 degrees different than the women of modern and middle modern societies.

An important secret woman hides in the relationship

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Mostly our societies have male supportive systems, so women are not fully independent everywhere. So, the physiologically few things are the same in every woman for example every woman likes the five languages of love.

Relationships experts depict in studies that a woman can sleep with you and give you her body, her heart, and her satisfactory love but she never gives you her secrets. Here are some other specific shocking secrets that women hide in the relationship.

Women are secretive:

It is proved that in all relationships some secret comes, not only women but men also hide so many matters in a relationship, it also can be discussed, clearly point out and share with readers. It has been researched that every woman hides some shocking secrets in relationships, even they don’t tell these secrets to her parents, friends, boyfriend and husband too no matter whatever cost it may seem. Man, always thinks that her girlfriend/wife is quite open, but the realities should be different. However, there is a list of key shocking secrets women hide in the relationship.

Key shocking secrets women hide in the relationship

  1. Her past lovers, women hide in the relationship.
  2. Your number in her bed, women hide in the relationship.
  3. Story of first dating with her ex-boyfriend, women hide in the relationship.
  4. Money, she spends on clothes, women hide in the relationship.
  5. Always compares you to her ex-boyfriend which women hide in the relationship.
  6. Her favorite physical trait, women hide in the relationship
  7. Always a little jealous and insecure about your ex-relations but women hide in the relationship.
  8. Pleasure herself too but, women hide in the relationship.
  9. What she wants in bed, women hide in the relationship.
  10. Get attracted to another guy, women hide in the relationship.
  11. Come to near hold her hand and touch her, women hide in the relationship.
  12. She likes and watches porn but, women hide in the relationship.
  13. You must purpose her first, women hide in the relationship.
  14. She has lesbian imaginations; women hide in the relationship.

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Always remember, Only GOD is perfect nothing else. Don’t wait for perfect, take the hand and make it perfect for your relationship. (Lifestyle Guru)

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Last Updated: April 10, 2020


  1. Good list. I’m not sure all of them are accurate for all women, but regardless it’s a good thing for people to go through to become more open-minded about remaining open and communicative.

  2. Myself and partner are very open with all the above! But I was not like it with previous relationships, this was why I made the decision before I went into this relationship to just be open!

  3. I don’t keep any of the above secrets even though I actually did it before. Being open about yourself and your past for me is fundamental to healthy relationship

  4. I definitely think that this would be a very case by case basis. While there is no need to necessarily bring some of these conversations up, I’m not going to start a conversation with my husband out of the blue about my first date with my ex-boyfriend. However, I’m also not going to go out of my way to hide any of these things from him. My husband and I both value openness and communication.

  5. can’t correlate with any of the points, as I share all my thoughts with my partner. But really amazed to read all of the points. definitely, women are not sure about how men will handle all of these.

  6. I guess, we all must be honest and true to our partners. Even if, your past is not good or whatever. All of us, needs to be true to each other. So that the one we love is truly loved and not left by the person we love.

  7. There are some things that are secret (things you are entitled to know by right) and things that are none of your business. Many people refuse the two. Women are entitled to keep their business to themselves and reveal information at their choosing.


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