It is the 12th day of 30 days 30 blog challenge; and it made me proud to share my first experience of job under the topic of “Every day a new story: Five days of my first job”. If you would like to read the full series of “Every Day A New Story”, you can reach by clicking here on each day a new story Day-1, Day-2,  Day-3, Day-4, Day-5, Day-6, Day-7 and Day-8, Day-9, Day-10, and Day-11.

Five days job

The first day of a job means the ending of student life and the start of practical life, so end and start both can be stressful as well as memorable.

The getting job is not an easy process. It takes time and more patience. Soon after completing education, you have to prepare your documents as per the requirement of the job, preparing your CV, searching job openings, apply regularly and before applying spending hours perfecting your CV as per the requirement of job advertisement, updating your LinkedIn profile. After applying, waiting for shortlisting, interview call, preparation of interview for impressing your employer, proving yourself that you’re perfect for that job. After getting an offer and the first day of joining you have to keep patience and stress-free.

Meeting Call 

It was November 30, 2002, I received a call from a school administration for joining a meeting of school administration with citizen and parents. I joined the meeting, during the discussion on teaching methodologies, classroom management, child psychology, I gave some important suggestions. At the closing remarks the school administrator said it will be a pleasure of us, if I will join their team as a science teacher and in-charge of the academic section. I didn’t say no and joined the next day on December 02, 2020, and worked there till August 31, 2004.

Starting days of any new job can seem a little daunting. During these days you need to understand the company environment, nature of team members, workload, work style, implementation practices, procedure, and policies of the company.

Five days of your first job

The first five days of my job were a little bit stressful. Because I had not the practical experience to deal with students as a teacher. I was conceptually very much clear about the planning of work and preparing the implementation strategies.

First day:

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School administrator introduced with team and student. I attended only two periods of science and one period one fixture period of mathematic. I was new with the team so, they didn’t discuss anything with me, but one teacher meets me in the evening during the walk time. He discussed the academic section matters and I started working to manage the section as per school requirement.

Second Day:

I had collected the academic section planning, timetable of a school, teachers’ diaries, and teaching aid material record for school administration. Parallelly, I attended different classes and asked about the planning and requirement of students as well as the practices of teaching methodologies. On the evening of the second day, I reviewed the available material and recorded the gapes and prepared to do things list.


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Conducted the meeting with staff and school administration and shred the gapes and future plans. They really appreciated my work, and approved, they said go-ahead with that plan. Parallelly, I started teaching my subject. On the evening of the third day, I prepared a detailed plan of the remaining time period and ramming course of all classes.

Fourth Day:

On the fourth day, I finalized the detailed implementation plan of the academic section. I included the resource management, classroom management, lesson plans, teacher timetable, subject level timetable, and required teaching material.

Fifth Day:

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It was Friday, I presented the implementation plan with the team, and guided them to follow the plan. I was new and within five days I changed each and every part of the academic section. It was not digestible for seniors, so I faced many questions and serious discussions on teaching attitude and examination procedure.

After a long discussion, the team agreed on the new plan. And we worked as a team member for two years there.


Believing in your knowledge, skills, and presentation leads to succeeding in any job. Never underestimate your knowledge and don’t make mistakes. Use your skills, knowledge, wisdom, and focus your targets, no one can stop your successful career.

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Last Updated: May 12, 2020


  1. I believe the best thing I ever did to learn how to do a job was just to do it and it sounds like that is exactly what you did! It is amazing to look back and see how things changed as you gain confidence and competence in work. Thanks for sharing!

  2. My first week of my first job was very stressful. I was still in high school and thought I would forget things and mess up. But then everything turned out fine. Good for you for grabbing hold of that job and making a difference!

  3. I guess most of us have memorable experience having to deal with 1st-week-in-the-job jitters. The moments when you do not have ideas about work culture, your co-employees, etc. But then, we survive and successfully carved our own career.

  4. Love the post so much. It was fun reading other people’s experience and how they felt about their new job.

  5. The first week of a new job can be so stressful. Learning how to do the job, and actually doing it are so different. But like you said, believe in knowledge, skills, etc. A positive outlook will do wonders.

  6. I remember my first job, between high school and uni. I found a position as an extra so all summer I went from television to television, from movie set to movie set. It was awesome!

  7. Congratulations on your new job! You’re so right. Having confidence in your knowledge and abilities is really all it takes to be successful! Well maybe not ALL it takes. But it’s a BIG part!

  8. I always give myself around 2-3 weeks to know if I like the new job. Usually I hate the first week, but after awile it gets better (or not) but definitely 2-3 weeks would be able to show it.


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