Organic Foods are most beneficial in Winter

Organic Foods

Winter is the season of social, cultural and religious celebrations, due to celebration, we care our dresses, outlook, fashion but we always forget our health issues. Winter is the favorite season of most of the peoples because it allows us to wear many colorful dresses also can eat different varieties of foods, but we never follow the nutritious diet and balanced lifestyle.

The cold of winter is not only the cause of cold and flu, but many other health risks are associated with it. You should watch your lifestyle according to change in weather, in winter every day you must control your body and health in temperature in between 0 to 25 degree.

In this weather, only pure and organic food can support you to control your diet and save your body and health from winter effects.

Organic Foods are most beneficial in Winter

Ensure proper use of organic food and stay fit in cold weather and enjoy your life.


The regular use of natural, organic and pure wild honey will the boost your immunity level of your body to fight with winter allergies, cold, flue anther wither hazards.

Desi Ghee

Regular use of pure organic desi ghee will keep your body warm and also it will save your skin from winter dryness.

Desert Mushrooms

Try to get dried preserved desert mushrooms, these are nutritious contain protein, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. So therefore, mushroom can have various health benefits.

Drink Warm Water:

Due to cold weather, your body don’t feel you more need of water but don’t forget to drink warm water. Early morning you should drink warm water.

Winter Fruits:

Don’t deny the winter fruits, the fruit which ripe in winter is most beneficial in winter so must use.

Tulsi Leaf:

The Tulsi (Holy Basil) is vey useful for health it reduces the stress, sexual problems and sleep problems. Try to use Tulsi tea or use leaves of Tusli in tea it will control and flue and boost your immune system to fight with other winter effects.

Massage with organic Oil:

Every day massage with organic mustard (sarsoon) oil will make you stress free and active whole day. It will save your skin from winter dryness keep your body worm.


Try to get organic millet contains protein, vitamin B, manganese and phosphorus also it is high in fiber. The regular use of organic millet will reduce severity of asthma and t relax your muscle, nerves and reduce the risk of heart attacks.

Eat organic, wear warm and stay safe in winter (lifestyle Guru)

Lifestyle Guru: 20/12/2019


  1. I actually grow my own vegetables in an organic way and I just planted my winter ones: broccoli, sprouts, swiss chard, and soon potatoes and cabbage. It’s so good to be able to eat 100% organic, grown by yourself with no pesticides.

  2. I have never heard of Desi Ghee or Tulsi Leaf. I am going to have to start eating these organic foods. They sound like they have a lot of benefits.

  3. I am so grateful I left the cold winter behind me. Although I am living in a warmer place now, I appreciate your informative post. I will share it with my sister who is still in the northeast.


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