It was the time of Eid Holidays when we decided to visit some historical places of Sindh included a visit to Gorakh Hill a world-famous tourist place of Sindh Pakistan. It is also called the Murree of Sindh. A coldest point in the hottest area “Gorakh Hill” is situated in Dadu Sindh, which is about 1734 meters (above 5689 feet) altitude in the Khirthar Mountains ranges, at about 94 kilometers in the northwest of Dadu City. Gorakh Hill is a nice place with beautiful views, pleasant weather at night about 5c, and day 10 to 25c temperature. Also, a famous place by its nightlife specially bonfire and camping setup.


The word Gorakh is derived from the Sanskrit language which means “shepherding of sheep, cow, and goat”. The name of this a coldest point Gorakh Hill Station is also associated with a popular Hindu preacher “Gorakh Nath”. It is one of the highest uplands of Sindh. Which is spread over 10 square kilometers (about 2500 acres) of the land of kherthar mountain ranges. The kherthar mountain ranges make the borderline between the Sindh and Balochistan provinces of Pakistan.

A visit to Gorakh Hill

Last night we came from “Sindh Rani” Shaheed Benazir Bhutto Mazar to Dadu. It was the long route and very hot day, when we reached Dadu. It was very hot there, it felt like, we in fire and skin is burning. After one to two hours just felt that AC is working, and the room temperature is going down. We got good rest and get early in the morning after having breakfast. We left Hotel at 6:00 am for Gorakh Hill station via Johi and Wahi Pandhi.

It was the summer, so the normal temperature was near to 45c. We stopped different spots just for using the washroom and get some cold drinks, because the warm wind and high temperature hit us hard. We continued our journey and reached at Wahi Pandhi via Johi road. After having a cup of tea moved towards Gorakh Hill, local peoples said that it is not possible to go there by car, but we moved by car to one other stop Bozdar Abad Restaurant which is about on one-hour drive by car. We stayed there for two hours just enjoyed the beautiful views of Kerthar Mountain Ranges.

Adventure jeep ride

Finally, we reached Bozdarabad Restaurant, left our car there and hired 4×4 jeep, we were seated in that jeep and started a wonderful journey to a coldest point Gorakh Hill Station, it was an adventure for us. It was an extremely dangerous road with high and low jumps. We reached our final destination Gorakh Hill at about 2:00 PM.

Gorakh Hill Station The jeep rides are a vital part of the voyage also there is not any other option to reach on top of the hill station. You will feel the cold wind on your skin as you ride in the open jeeps. This is a sensation you don’t want to miss on the dangerous and beautiful roads.

A coldest Point in The Hottest Area

And as we finally arrived at the Gorakh hill; it was quite sunny weather; the cool breeze was breezing, and the sun was not much heating. Everything seems to be wonderful and the view from the top of the hill was so lovely and mesmerizing. That was quite a peaceful place and luckily was not crowded at that time so, we easily enjoyed visiting and exploring the whole place. But yeah, a tragedy also occurs with me was that I realized, my cam’s battery was completely dead, and I was unable to capture those moments for my memory.

The place was quite a big place, so it took a long time to explore it completely. Small shops were found on every spot which has all of the food items or snacks, and Many plants were also planted there which makes that place look more attractive. On the other hand, there was a guide too, which helped us to know more about the place.

Local Peoples of Gorakh Hill

The tent was already booked, just stayed a few minutes in the tent moved to explore the beauty of the coldest place of the hottest area of Sindh. I was some settlement of local peoples of that area, I just moves to them and tried to talk with them.

A woman welcomed me and asked that where are your from and what have you seen here on Gorakh Hill? I said, I belong to the Thar Desert and it is a mountain, so I am enjoying here a moment and every step of the visit. I just asked how is your life here? She said, they are living a very tough and hard life, now they are here and when winter will start, and temperature will go down they will migrate to lowlands areas they will stay there till the end of winter. I also saw the donkeys that were so healthy than the donkey I saw in the Thar Desert.

Hiking and Sunset

There is a beautiful track on the top of the mountain. We walked through and enjoyed the beautiful valley and ranges of kherthar mountain. The route was amazing, we went to the west top point and then moved down and then upside the mountain. Where we enjoyed the hiking and we stayed there till sunset. It was an amazing time and the scene was bewildering during sunset. We captured the beautiful moments of our family visit and return to our tent.

I was so interested to stay there and enjoy the bonfire and nightlife and explore the voice of wild animals in the silence of mountains. But my mother said we should have to move back. So, we moved without capturing the beautiful moments if the sun rising from Gorakh Hill. The visiting Gorakh Hill, a coldest point of the hottest area was an amazing and great experience and truly stunning trip.


Bottom Point

I highly recommended for travelers and tourists to visit the Gorakh Hill Station “The coldest place of the hottest area of Sindh. Whenever you would like to visit you must plan your night stay there and enjoy the nightlife of kherthar Mountain Ranges.

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Last Updated: August 03, 2020


  1. The place looks incredibly mesmerizing especially the trip is awesome. Hope to visit this place in the near future.

  2. Wow, this was full of surprises. I never considered this area, but it honestly sounds like the perfect place for me and my family. It’s so beautiful

  3. That is an interesting place to visit. Too bad you had to leave early and miss the view of sunrise. That would have been astounding.


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