Today’s post “Dubai is the most attractive place” is about the visit of New Dubai, Expo 2020 preparations, World Tallest Tower (it’s being built in Dubai Creek Harbour, hopefully will be completed in 2022), investment opportunities, financial plan, job opportunities.

We arrived Dubai Airport at 12:50 (Dubai Time) and reached Hotel in Deira Dubai. Deira was the commercial center of Dubai but nowadays many other areas are more important because of new development. But still Deira as one of the important areas with incredible retail outlets, markets, hotels, shopping malls and its historical wonders that can help you expand your mind and explore Dubai.

New Tallest Tower of the world

We visited the office of new world tallest tower, al lady Ms. Manjot guided us and briefed us about this world tallest tower. She was very kind and offered us for investment in this big development. As a traveler it was not possible for us, but it is the golden opportunity of investors.

Dubai Job Club

According to her information new investor should invest 5 crores, booking starts from 15 lacks, if want to get good interest. She also shared with us the benefits, interest rate and payment schedules of investment. It is really a golden opportunity for new investors and entrepreneurs.

As, we return hotel, Ms. Sana was there, she was waiting for one hour and went to Al Ghurair Center with her, it was on walking distance to be walked and visited.

Al Ghurair Center Dubai

It is the first largest modern shopping mall of Dubai in the Middle East. It is situated in heart of old city Deira. We enjoyed a lot to all types of the largest stores and more than 300 international brands under one roof at Al Ghurair shopping mall including sports, cosmetics, fashion, decoration, cloths, IT, electronic and food and drink outlets including Pizza Hut, Papa John’s etc.

During the time of visit and walking from hotel to Al Ghurair Center and back to hotel Ms. Sana share that following top beautiful point you should visit whenever you are in Dubai.

Online Dubai Recruitment

Most attractive places of Dubai, you must visit

  • Burj al Arab
  • Jumeirah Beach
  • Burj Khalifa
  • Dubai Fountains Show
  • Palm Islands
  • Dubai Creek
  • Dubai Museum
  • Malls (Dubai Mall and others)
  • Dubai Marina
  • Not last but least DESERT SAFARI.

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Last Modified: March 10, 2020


  1. Dubai looks truly amazing. Definitely looking forward to adding it to my travel list once I’m allowed to be out and about again. Can’t wait!!!

  2. Dubai is such a really beautiful place! It crossed my mind once on planning to visit Dubai, I’ve heard the beaches there are really pretty and there are a lot more places that are interesting!

  3. I have never been to Dubai but base on my relatives and friends that are working and living there. Dubai is really a perfect destination and everyone must consider to visit this to see how beautiful this place is.

  4. I have a colleague before she wants me to work there as receptionist in the hotel but due to covid-19 is not gonna happen but I will looking forward to go there someday. This place is really beautiful 🙂

  5. I have visited Dubai once, during a layover. It’s definitely a very interesting city, so much novelty in their architecture.

  6. Oh my goodness that place is gorgeous. I really wish I could visit but with everything going on in the world visiting virtually is the way to go!

  7. Great information for those who want to invest in Dubai, or apply for a job, and visit it just for sightseeing! Would like to know if the link provided for “Job Opportunities” is good to go with?


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