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It’s my birthday and I’m 42!
Before I share some most important things, I have learned in these 42 years of life, I would like to share top 10 amazing and lovely facts of 42 number.

10 amazing and lovely facts of 42 number

  1. Just got google and search “the answer to life universe and everything”, google will answer with “42”.
  2. The angle of rainbow is 42 degrees.
  3. World famous game Cricket has 42 laws.
  4. The default level of Holy Mackerel’s is 42.
  5. So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish (book) has 42 chapters.
  6. Google’s chief executive’s office is called Building 42.
  7. The Gutenberg Bible is a world’s first printed book, which has 42 lines per page.
  8. The Titanic was traveling at around 42 Km/hour when it hit the iceberg.
  9. In the original “Alice in wonderland” there were 42 illustrations
  10. The default password expiration time for a windows admin is 42 days.

Behind the 42 Year

I was born in a rural village named “Jogi Marhi” on February 26, 1978.

Age Calculation on February 26, 2020:

  • 42 years 0 months 0 days
  • 504 months 0 days
  • 2191 weeks 3 days
  • 15,340 days
  • 368,160 hours
  • 22,089,600 minutes
  • 1,325,376,000 seconds

I got primary education in Primary Main School Jogi Marhi. I remember the names of my great primary teachers Veerji Mal, Panju Mal, Roshan Ali, Sumsh-ul-din. Family moved from village to nearest town “Islamkot” in 1987. As I remember, Tharparkar faced sever drought in 1987, we experienced the relief, rehabilitation and developmental work of non-government organizations (NGOs).

I have completed my high school education at Islamkot in 1993 and joined degree college Mithi and got experience of living alone, cooking and self-caring.

I never celebrated my birthday nor attended any birthday party, I remember, first time in my life, I attended the birthday celebration of my classmate in 1998 in University of Sindh Jamshoro, when I was the student of B.Sc(Hons) 3rd Year. After that, I celebrated 1st Birthday of my beloved daughter and my colleagues celebrated my birthday in 2008 that was the first ever celebration of my birthday in my life.

I have done my M.Sc(Hons) in Botany in 2000 and came back to Tharparkar. Parents didn’t empower and allowed to decide about future decision except getting job. Got engaged with whom, I never seen her, and after two years got married now, we have two babies (Daughter and Son). I joined development sector in 2004 and during the time got another educational degrees M.Sc (Rural Development), M.Phil (Development Studies) and LLB. Nowadays working as development and humanitarian professional in development sector.

Some important learning of age

  • The world will never stop by you or for you, keep struggling for your life.
  • Time is important nothing else, do value it.
  • If you want something to happen, get off your ass & make it happen.
  • Your skill is the powerful weapon of the world for you.
  • Be positive and peaceful
  • Your ideas are your strategies towards your dreams come true
  • Always start with small idea and then fly for crossing the boundaries of universe.
  • Your life is yours; it depends upon you how you are making it heaven?
  • Do your job and don’t try to understand everyone.
  • Be positive, think positive it will create positive energy surrounding you.
  • Try to change yourself, and your world, don’t try to change other people through your criteria.
  • You are wrong, if your life is going to flow how it flows do control it and drive it as you want to go.
  • Fair and Unfair world keep out from your vocabulary/dictionary.

There are so many learning’s of the life, but I have added few of them, still so many things are remaining which I wanted to say but never did.

Peace Force and Joy!

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