Radiant, glowing and healthy skin is the desire of every girl of the world, and the global market of cosmetics is expecting to garner $429.8 billion by 2022. Millions of dollars are spent on it every year around the world. Today I would like to discuss here five concrete solutions for 365 days “to keep your skin healthier”.

To keep your skin healthier

Following are the tips to keep your skin healthier around the year,

Usage of cleanser:

A cleanser is a product which removes all type of dirt from our skin. Cleanser is better than any of soap. Because these soaps have very high PH, bar soaps remove our skin oil and provides the bacteria a good place for their growth which leads to many skin problems like acne or pimples or over production of oil which cause damage to our skin tissue. Our skin is very sensitive therefore a little harm would lead to great damage. Cleanser is also used to remove the makeup hence it is also a make-up remover. It removes dead skin cells and all type of pollutants. It prevents the acne from coming back, by the way keep changing your skin care products with the season changes, it gives you the best result and it is certified by the dermatologist. A cleanser keeps your skin healthy so therefore, it is a good choice to choose a cleanser as a part of your skin care product.

Protection of your skin from sun:

Sun is the only one which you have to face in all the seasons. It is the biggest factor which affect much on skin. It is not only that sun has only negative effect, but sunlight helps to make the vitamin D which is an essential compound for the formation of bone, but it also burns the skin cells which causes tan and a person to age premature. As much you experience sun sunlight will burn your skin cells even more leads to skin cancer so therefore, it is necessary to protect your skin from sun light. Use sunscreen regularly even on cloudy day. Sunscreen helps you from sun burn but it is very dumb to think that it would protect from skin cancer, it won’t. If you are sweating continuously then I will suggest reapplying sunscreen every two hours. Be careful of spending much time in watery or sandy areas because, they reflect the damaged sun light, which may lead to sunburn and also to other major problem.

Sleeping with makeup:

It is the worse than all others. One even just can’t imagine that how much it could harm. Sleeping with makeup is just like murdering of the pores. The pores get clogged your skin becomes bumpy and if you have acne problem then it leads to break out. Sleeping with make-up may also cause the acne problems. Our skin continuously works for 24 hours it never gets rests, just as like as heart never stop working. Our Skin is very sensitives to everything. Applying makeup and sleeping with it is just like murdering because when you apply the make-up it just blocks your pores completely and once if they are blocked then they will block the natural lubricants which moisturizes the skin and lead to acne. Sleeping with make-up also leads to many other major problems so never avoid removing makeup before going to bed.


It is just like treatment or therapy which enhances the skin it moisturizes and removes the dryness of nose, throat, lips and skin. A humidifier keeps our skin healthier and hydrated and when our skin is hydrated it glows more. But overusing of a humidifier may cause much damage to respiratory system. Therefore, it is necessary to use them wisely a humidifier is used for dry skin, dry throat, nose irritation, bloody nose, dry cough, cracked lips or irritated vocal cords and even for headache too. Therefore, it is good to use a humidifier once a day.

Get the perfect beauty sleep:

Sleeping is the best way of all to have a beautiful and attractive skin all year round. There is no any other way better than this one. The more you sleep more your skin will rest and regenerate. Even it is beneficial for your health too. Body recharges when we sleep, so does our skin too. Sleep is just like a food our skin too. If you don’t get a proper amount of sleep, then your skin will become unbalanced which causes dehydration or may lead to redness or to breakout. Less sleeping leads to dark circles, or you can get under eyes bags. Therefore, it is good to take much amount of sleep to keep yourself refresh all day long.

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Last Updated: March 21, 2020


  1. I have always had a struggle with oily skin, but I have found the sun always helps it. Probably the Vitamin D! Friends of mine with pale skin, though, wear big hats to shield their skin, so it is a balance of learning to know your skin and what it needs.
    Thanks for sharing this!

  2. Such valuable information – that beauty sleep goes a long way! As does cleansing. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Good tips. I’ve never actually heard of a cleanser before – old me not keeping up with the times. I didn’t realise that soap could be bad for you!

  4. My daily skin care routine are washing my skin before to sleep eating healthy foods and choosing best skin beauty products to make my skin glow 🙂 great advice.

  5. Maintaining a healthy skin is important not only for beauty purposes but for our overall wellness. We feel good when we look good, youthful looking or even if we just look clean and presentable.


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