Human is the only specie on the globe, which is strongest and resilient species on the globe and got different hard and tough experiences on life, but this specie never give up and now this specie (human) is dominated almost all species on the globe. Why should you never give up is an important question in gatherings and business meetings, planning and strategies of entrepreneurs and successful peoples of different sectors. The process of going from being a lay man to an achiever and successful person is really challenging for annoying. No matter the process is an extremely painful, but the success is very joyful.

Reasons why you should never give up

reasons why you should never give upThere are numerous reasons, why you should never give up, but here I would like to share some important and most valuable reasons why you should never give up.

Remember that Everything Is Possible

As there is a famous saying that Nothing is impossible, the word itself says ‘I’m possible’! – Audrey Hepburn. SO, there is not any reason to give up, you are able to do anything in this world; there is not any single thing that cannot be achieved. You are alive and free to achieve your dreams and aims which you have chosen for yourself then actually why to give up, just because you have failed in the first attempt.

No matter if you have failed in the first attempt or it doesn’t really matter if your first plan doesn’t work out, there are several other changes too; you can change your plan to achieve. Just giving up is not any solution, facing the circumstance is the real solution, trying again and again is the real solution. All you need is just self-belief and always remember that success comes to those who try again and again and waits for it, it will never come to a person who has given up.

Understand that every goal is harder to reach than you think

Ok so are you aware of Grant Cardone’s The 10X Rule? He so perfectly defines in that rule that achieving anything needs more power, needs more time, needs more effort. The 10X Rule states that “you must set targets for yourself that are 10X more than what you think, you want and then take 10X the action you think is required to get there.”

Now frankly speaking it is the bitter truth that we always try to choose certain dreams or things which are quite easy for achieving, But the reality is completely different we can not achieve any single thing without adding more efforts then we actually think. And when you give up then it clears this that you are not able to work hard for achieving your dream, that you are just unable to make more efforts for achieving your aims.

So always keep this in your mind every goal is harder to reach than you think, so you should never give up.

Success Isn’t Rewarding If It’s Easy

Just imagine for a while that finally you have reached your destination mean you have achieved your success in your life. That success for which you have worked so hard, for which you made these all efforts and for which you have waited so long.

So, what are you feeling by imagining this? You are feeling somehow pleasure by imaging this and I can bet on this yeah, no doubt in this that if it would be real then you will feel more pleasure. Now ask yourself a question that why are you feeling pleasure? My answer is that It is just because that was not so easy for you to achieve that success, it is just because you have tried so much for that, it is just because that you did your every possible effort for achieving that, and finally it is just because you have never given up and you have tried again and again even in certain situations where others should have given up.

So understand this that if that success was quite easy to achieve than you will never feel that much pleasure, that much proud and that much happiness which you will feel when you finally achieve that, hence proved that success isn’t rewarding if it would be easy to reach.

Remember that right Before Success, there is A Dark Place

This is the universal truth that every successful person must suffer through a painful journey. Success is always reached by taking risks, making changes, and personal development. And this journey makes you able to deal with failure. And, you learn to stand up for your dreams, stand up, and push yourself toward your goals. As if you want to be successful than you really must face these ups and downs and must face failure at least once to become successful. Failure motivates you toward success, toward your dreams.

Some people will be happy you are quitting

It depends upon you that what do you believe but the reality of the society is that some peoples will be happy if you just announce that you are quitting your current hobby, the interest of job, etc.

You believe or not, but these peoples are being happy that you are giving up, you are going to failure or your left trying. So, therefore, never give them space to peoples who are finding the reason for you to give up.


Failure is the most important part of our life, as it teaches us the most valuable lessons which you can’t learn at any school or college. Everyone doesn’t get everything which he or she desires for and this part of our everyday life. Instead of taking failure as a negative thing we should take it positively that it gives us a new chance to start all over again in a new and better way. SO never give up at once just try and try again until you get what you wishes for.

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Last Updated: August 17, 2020


  1. Right now i feel like giving up at work. It’s just so much. Clients are absolutely horrible right now and I feel like no matter what I do it isn’t good enough. I really needed this today.

  2. I’m afraid of failing. But I also think that without failing, I’m not able to grow and learn. It’s indeed failure is part of our lives. So when I fell down 8 times, I’ll stand up 10 times.

  3. I needed to read this post. My blogging journey recently has me discouraged. But I need to keep reaching and working towards my goals. It is so true that success is not rewarding if it is easy. Great, uplifting post.

  4. So true! There is so much to strive for in this world, so many incredible things that are always available for us to do. It’s important to never give up on your hopes and dreams.

  5. These are all wonderful reminders. I have been on the brink of giving up several times in my life. I’m glad that I haven’t because I would have missed out on so many awesome parts of my life.

  6. People give up because they don’t learn from their mistakes and they don’t try to change a bad situation into a good one. Giving up is easy, fighting back is hard.

  7. They do say persistence pays. Giving up doesn’t achieve anything. If you push yourself even a little out of your comfort zone you can benefit so much more than those that don’t bother.

  8. Giving up is not in my vocabulary. Even though, i have many reasons to give up, i still dont because life is too short. I just wanna enjoy each moment.

  9. Very inspiring post … particularly in these challenging times that all of us are facing. But yes, there is always light at the end of the tunnel, even if we can’t see it now.

  10. I have a gratitude binder that I use when I wake up first thing in the morning. It helps me to start the day in a positive note and really helps me to stay and feel positive and uplifted throughout the day. Thank you for this post as it is so important for all to stay strong and never give up. A positive mindset is a must and may Gratitude Binder helps e with that each day 😉

  11. This is such a wonderful post and quite inspiring as well. There may have been times where you feel like you wanna give up especially during this situation but remember that you are not alone and that there is more to life.


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