Almost whole world is stuck, peoples are advised to work from home. The environment of office and home is entirely changed, how to complete the office tasks by staying at home? I hope this post “make your home a more productive place to work” will be supportive for those, who are working from home. Also those who, will be stuck in home for next few weeks or months. As my friend from Italy said that probably they will be lock down for two months.

Work from Home

As a humanitarian and development professional, it is very difficult to manage my tasks from home. I can’t stay home because, I am a humanitarian practitioner and must support to needy peoples, during emergencies. But the nature of this emergency is little bit different and social distance is basic safety measure. Most of the developed and developing countries are badly affected. Numerous countries imposed locked down. Including China, Italy, Span, Iran, France, Belgium, Ireland, Pakistan, India, UK, Germany and others are facing lock-down situation. Peoples are advised to work from home.

Some benefits of work from home

It depends upon the nature of work, but every workplace needs operational cost, and work from may reduce the cost including travel, tea, refreshment, power etc. No limited to cost benefit but work from home is more productive.

Make your home, a more productive place to work

There are many household chores, pet animals, children activities may affect your work. You need specific and favorable environment, if you are working on some creative tasks such as new projects, proposals writing, budget sheet preparing, maps and designs, report writing, analyzing the project impacts etc.

I have tried to compile some tips to make your home a more productive place to work, that may help you be more productive at home.

Firs of all be ready for office work

Be ready, as you get ready regularly for going to office and feel yourself at workplace. It doesn’t mean you should take a chair according to your office timings but have to create good environment for greater productivity and completing tasks timely.

So many things depend upon house space, family size, age of children therefore its not easy to describe here the setting perfect workplace at your home.

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It is your home not an office, so your office work should not affect the routine life of other family members. Don’t sought on children, cat, dog and other family members but manage your tasks by creating your favorable environment.

You are free to use your time efficiently, think about and decide that which type of environment including noise level and time, which helps you stay focused on your tasks.

Select your workspace

Designate the specific workplace during the work from home time is more beneficial to create official environment and manage all required things at that site. No matter how is your sitting arrangement, table and chair as like your office? If you have separate room than fantastic otherwise select any comfortable and unique space for your workplace.

Don’t leftover time on personal matters and domestic chores during your office work and put away all these matter and handle after working time or completion of tasks.
Plan your day

The real winners are smart planner not implementer. As a planner plan your targets smartly it will maximize the work productivity and help you minimize your distractions. Focused your targets and tasks which are more important secondly perform your responsibilities as family member, where your help is required.

Working Hours

When you are working from home, you should manage your time and tasks there no need to stay on the table form 9:00 to 5:00. Keep in touch with team and complete your tasks timely.

Take breaks according to your need, which will make you fresh mentally and physically. As you your office hours end, come back to your personal life, enjoy your time with your loved ones, friends and children.


Time is important nothing else, take the advantage of time do your best, work from home is a privilege make it inspiring and productive. Be planner and make your home a productive place to work.

These are my personal opinions and learning of work from home, if you want to add any idea, feel free to share in comment section, I shall try to incorporate in article. lifestyle guru.

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Last Updated: March 22, 2020


  1. I’ve also come to the realization that to alleviate the mental effects of adjusting to a WFH scenario is to spice it up. Like making sure that I still look good even if I’m the only one who can see myself. Just to feel good every day in spite of the quarantine which will be extended until the end of May over here.

  2. My place is just small and finding a designated spot aside from my bed is impossible. Well, im just working on my mindset. Besides, I have lots of things to do so I will never be bored. My cats are also here to entertain me. 🙂

  3. As someone who once worked in the corporate world and then started my own business working from home about 5 years ago, setting up the right space to work was so important! These are great tips for anyone adjusting to a new work from home routine.

  4. The first week of working from home was a little difficult to be honest but we got more organized and things are a lot better now. Great tips, thank you.

  5. I have a home office, yet I am working on my bed right now with my cat sleeping next to me. 🙂
    And I’m working constantly because of the pressure of deadlines.
    I do have lots of good food–but I’m eating and not getting enough exercise!!!
    So, yes, I have done all I needed to do to prepare and yet I’m still breaking all the rules!!!

  6. Having a dedicated work space definitely helps you be more productive. And have actual work hours is definitely helpful. Having everyone home now because of a stay at home order makes it quite hard to keep to a normal productive schedule for sure. Great tips, thanks for sharing.

  7. I’ve actually been working from home for over 10 years so it’s been pretty good. The only problem is adjusting to having no social life outside of the home. This is a great post though, very good tips for new at home workers

  8. These are some good tips! I’ve been trying to get better at working from home but have still been struggling. I’ll be sure to practice these tips this week!

  9. I have been working from home for a few years now. It’s so important to have a dedicated space like a desk, which you only use for work.


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