Being a blogger I understand, how much energy is required for keeping your blog on track of search engine? Let’s think about “to stay organized as a blogger” and share some concrete tips with our readers and writer’s community.

Tasks and preparation

Every blogger needs to select the topic, prepare the contents and conduct detailed research. After that finalized the SEO friendly keywords, creative writing, editing, collecting specific photos, attractive thumbnail and related references and links for every post. After publishing the post, sharing on social media, different groups, creating pins, which required more dedication and commitment with your job. It is routine practice, whether, you are writing and posting weekly, daily or more posts in a day. Every blogger must follow all required steps, otherwise your post and blog could not grow.

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Tips to stay organized

As a blogger, I always realized that unorganized things never give good results. To organize your blog, contents, media and your blog readers community. it is very important for growth of your website or blog.

Be organize, be happy and grow your business (lifestyle guru)

Keep in mind that you could not grow your business without developing the strategic plan of your blog/business and organizing yourself as a blogger. After long time connecting with worldineyes and action research study, finalized following concrete tips to stay organized as a blogger.

Create Detailed Implementation Plan (DIP)

Detail implementation plan is the roadmap of achieving your goal, therefore put your ideas, time, skills and opportunities in a specific format and in organized manners. Analyze the available data, which is required for your blog posts and prepare the topic-wise list of posts. Make a to-do list for each post which includes review of secondary data, primary data collection, data cleaning, creating contents, writing details post, editing, designing, publishing and marketing etc.

Always remember; whenever, any idea pops up in your mind, save it in your research plan. (lifestyle guru)

All the topics of “to-do list” organize according to available time, resources and opportunities. Never left any important day, event, time which is related to your blog or niche.

This DIP will guide you when you have to publish your which post, keep it live document and update regular bases and follow with full commitment and dedication.

Updated software for editing and creating attractive blog

Keeping in view the regular practices as a blogger on drafting, text editing, grammar and language editing, designing the thumbnails, editing and resizing the photos, videos required different application or software. You must update you all required application such as Photoshop, coral draw, PowerPoint presentation, MS Word, operating system of your computer/laptop.

Documentation and filing system

Your working table should be well-organized all required equipment and accessories should be placed in order. Well organized environment will increase your working stamina also will save your time.

If your blog is generating revenue and which is taxable according to your country laws, you must keep updated records of all receipts, bills, vouchers, Tax Challan and income tax return files.

Invest on required equipment like laptop, camera, phone

Basic investment is the oxygen of every business and investing more as per requirement is nutrition of your business. So, keep investing more for keeping your blog healthy.

A blogger needs good quality laptop (laptop is easy moveable for blogger), good quality phone (DSLR is good but nowadays smart phone have enough capacity to capture good quality photos and video), Internet availability (fixed or device) because, I always use my smart phone (again I don’t like to suggest any brand of phone).

Creating a calendar

Create you blog-post calendar through following your detailed implementation plan of blog. This calendar is lake an alarm, it will push you to write and publish your post timely. Smart planned calendar always reduces the stress of bloggers.

Creating blog calendar is not a rocket science, just add your per-planned posts day, date, time on your Google calendar and on the reminder beep.


These tips to stay organized as a blogger is the clear strategy for every blogger for establishing healthy environment for your audience. Your audience must be aware about your posting schedule, which gets more traffic. Smart plan gets smart traffic and this smart traffic gets more income and the more income will make you able to invest more and earn more.

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Last Updated: March 17, 2020


  1. One of the tools I use is OneNote from Microsoft. It helps me keep my content & research all in one spot. But these are some additional great tips to help maximize the organization I have going now.

  2. The tips are really good. Whether you are working on your blog part-time or full-time. This helps you have work/life balance and helps you get things done and not procrastinate.

  3. I actually need to do all of this. Right now everything is in my head so I rely on what I need to do most at the moment. It is controlled chaos! I am looking forward to not having to spend all of my energy in one place and start living a more organized and well balanced life outside of blogging!


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