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Every day a new story

“Ask not what you can do for your country. Ask what’s for lunch” (Orson Welles)

Your life is not in your hand, it is in your diet’s (well it’s true that diet doesn’t have hands hahaha). If one wants to live a happy and healthy life, then he or she has to take a healthy diet. One can’t survive without food; it is our basic need. Food keeps us healthy and it also prevents us from getting ill. Having a proper diet reduces the risk of aging and many other harmful diseases. For your body’s growth, for your development, and functions your body needs food. Without taking food your body doesn’t work properly and would lead to great damage.

Food is more important than one thinks, and food is the right of everyone. Intake of healthy should be started from childhood even from one’s birth and it rests with us. Our body needs certain nutrients and these nutrients are provided by food; which is responsible for our growth, our activeness, and our healthy being. These nutrients provide our body with the energy which is responsible for activity growth and for all the functions which our body performs. These nutrients keep our immune system strong and healthy.

Benefits of eating healthy food

But eating healthy food doesn’t mean to eat certain foods which are full of salt and sugar. Here I am sharing with you some benefits of eating healthy food.

Weight loss

Weight loss is the best way to help to get rid of the risk of chronic conditions. Vegetables and fruits are much lower in calories and these play a vital role in weight loss. Research also says that if one wants to lose weight then he or she has to limit the intake of calories.

Reduced cancer risk

Any unhealthy diet increases the risk of Cancer. Therefore, having a healthy weight reduces this risk and a diet rich in fruits and vegetables helps a lot in reducing cancer of cholesterol or upper gastrointestinal tract.

Diabetes management

A healthy diet prevents diabetes. Especially the diet which doesn’t contain sugar and salt (or the diet which contains sugar and salt in the limit). Eating healthy food also helps to keep blood pressure and cholesterol balance, it also manages blood glucose.

Strong bones and teeth

To keep your bones and teeth strong and healthy your body requires calcium and magnesium elements; and Dark chocolates, Avocadoes, Tofu, Nuts, Legumes, Seeds, Whole grains, Bananas, Some fatty fishes and so on; these foods are rich of certain nutrients which are essential for your bones and teeth. Your strong bones and teeth are your confidence and pride.

Better mood

There is a close relationship between mood and diet. A better diet keeps you freshen, and it very improves your mood, it is very beneficial for those who are mentally disturbed or for depressed ones.

Five most favorite food

  1. Local Organic Meal (Roti of Millet with butter and Yogurt)
  2. Organic Mushroom (Desert Mushroom pure and organic)
  3. Fried Chicken (Chicken should be desi organic)
  4. Fish (Sindhi Pallo)
  5. Rice with (Sindhri Mango)

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Last Updated: May 20, 2020


  1. I agree that food plays a very important part of our lives since we take it inside our bodies. I have been into clean eating lately and my body is still at it’s adjustment period from unhealthy living. But I will keep at this until I become lighter and have more energy as well. And now that you have mentioned Roti, I miss it big time with curry sauce. Yum!

  2. I have found that food profoundly affects my mental and physical well being. I am more cautious about what I eat as I get older.

  3. Im not a fan of eating veggies before but when i realize that my body isn’t doing well, i do my best to eat and live healthy gradually, and im loving the result.

  4. I love fried chicken and organic mushrooms. The morels are my favourite and love aking a nice pulao or biryani with it. Those organic mushrooms are so delicious.

  5. Not a huge veg fan…but the lock down forced us into eating veg as non veg was not available itself. Now i have a few veg favourites too 🙂

  6. My husband and I have been trying to seriously eat healthier during the quarantine. He has succeeded while I have failed but I will try again! Thanks for this!

  7. It’s really important to eat healthy and to also enjoy the foods we eat, my favorite foods are organic and raw, nothing prepared beats what nature provide naturally.
    XO, MJ

  8. I like food so much that I can’t choose a favorite dish, I have so many favorites from so many different cuisines. I like to cook from scratch as well, to know that my food is always healthy.

  9. It’s appropriate time to make some plans for the future and it is
    time to be happy. I’ve read this post and if I could I want to suggest
    you few interesting things or suggestions.
    Maybe you could write next articles referring to this article.

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  10. Sounds like a good list – a lot of healthier options! I am a big fan of seafood, but I am a ‘pescatarian’, meaning that I eat seafood but no other meats. Therefore, the rest of my favourite food are all veggie-based. I don’t know that I could ever give up my seafood though lol

  11. I personally love fish. I’m largely a pescatarian in that the only meat I eat is fish. It’s just so good for you in my eyes. Obviously it’s best in moderation like most things.

  12. I am so big on diet! You are absolutely right. I really think that food is medicine for the body. People should be mindful about what they eat so they can be their best possible selves!

  13. I loved this post because I’m also passionate about healthy food! This was a joy to read! My favorite healthy food is watermelon!

  14. It is really important to eat healthy foods and well balanced diet with a right exercise. That’s why I love being a vegetarian. It keeps me healthy and look younger.


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