A good listener is more successful than a good talkative person so, it is better to stay quiet and wait for the right time to speak in a specific situation. There are many reasons to stay quiet in some specific situation, it will allow you to understand the situation and people who are taking part in the conversation.

Importance of staying quiet

Most people think that staying quiet is the symbol of weakness but in fact, it is the reverse and it is the strongest weapon in the world. In many cases staying quiet is the powerful tool of communication and speaking out may become the reason for conflict.

Better to Stay Quiet

Communication is not the name of only speaking and quantity of words you shared with someone, but it is the name exchange of your message, idea, or emotions. So speaking is not the only way to exchange your idea, emotions, and messages but in many situations is better to stay quiet and try to understand the situation, listen to others and then decide what you should have to speak.

Staying quiet in different circumstances

Keep quiet is not a weakness but it is a skill to absorb any tough situation and decide wisely. The following are some important situations in which you must keep quiet.

to stay quietIt better to stay quiet when you are;

  • Angry
  • Feeling critical
  • The Expert 

It better to stay quiet when your words will;

  • Offend a weaker person
  • Hurt another feeling
  • Damage a friendship

Better to stay quiet when you are angry

Anger is one of the tough elements of your emotions, that get you out from your control so you must be silent during this time, which will keep you safe from taking the wrong decision. Be quiet if you are angry and keep you away from terrible results on yourself and others. The emotion manifests itself in extraordinary ways, and in case you discover your self-getting indignant regularly and intensely, you may likely start to be aware of bodily signs first. Your coronary heart beats faster, your respiration fee increases, your muscular tissues aggravating up, and more. If you are feeling this type of situation you must shout your mouth and run away from that company/situation or it is better to stay quiet and understand the situation and wait for time to respond.

Stay quiet when you are feeling critical

Feeling critical means finding faults with your own understanding of the ground realities which you understand in your way or being critical is also the name of your arguments for separating facts about the situation. Always understand you are arguing according to your own perceptions and wisdom but the world in eyes of you is not the same the world in the eyes of others. Whenever you are feeling more critical at any time, situation, decision, and company you must stay quiet.

When you are the expert

Everyone is expert in different skills but it not the wisdom to on the top of dune and loudly announce that you are the expert in this skill. Hence you have to show your skill whenever it is truly appropriate. Don’t leftover your time, expertise and opportunities in valueless gossips. always focus on your targets and stay quiet whenever you feel that you are the expert, and someone want criticizing unnecessarily or someone want to get any extra favor of your expertise.

If your words are offending a weaker person

There are many ways we are connected with many other people by legal, political, social, economic, emotional, and many relations. Also, everyone is not equal in different factors like socio-economic, political, legal, etc. Same time one person is strong in one factor and weak in another factor, so, therefore, you must be careful about your circle. If someone is weak and your words are offending that you should stay silent. If you will speak, this will certainly irritate that person, without offering any reasonable chance to either fix the problem or strengthen the partnership.

Some people in your circle are generous, trusting, and compassionate, but they also quick to take offense and highly reactive to criticism. So, you must care and understand them, and it is better to stay quiet in a specific situation if your words are offending that one. If those people say or do something that bothers you, typically you must stay quiet and attempt to neglect it and internally, discover a manner to solve your instantaneously frustrations with them instead of confronting them directly.

If your words are hurting others feeling

Be conscious whenever you communicate your message, the way of communication should be polite. The words you are speaking should be pre-evaluated. Because your words will make an impact on others emotions and feelings. It is better to stay quiet if you have not appropriate words to say because forcibly gathered world might be harsh and these may hurt the other one.

Always remember the following points, whenever you want to respond, whenever you want to communicate and whenever you feel yourself defensive.

It is better to stay quiet

and never address someone whose prime motive is to harass you.
when someone giving you positive or negative feedback.
if anyone is too upset to react to them.
when someone is jealous of you.
for those individuals who are extremely critical.

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Always remember, Only GOD is perfect nothing else. Don’t wait for perfect, take the hand and make it perfect for your relationship. (Lifestyle Guru)

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Last Updated: July 22, 2020


  1. Yeah… Keeping quiet at a particular time in life is great. Those are the time your mind and heart really speaks to your understanding.

  2. Why does this lesson take us so many years to learn? I finally found the strength in silence, but also the decorum and grace involved. I still fail often, but life is a journey of progress, isn’t it?

  3. Sometimes it really is better to keep your mouth shut and take a breather before you say something you can’t take back!

  4. I certainly agree with this thinking. Sometimes it’s just best to keep a tight lip and move on. I can easily move on from situations though. I don’t hold grudges!

  5. I hope I can ask that someone that I know who always talks nonsense to read this so that she can work on it. Haha

  6. I do agree with this post! And this is one trait which comes only with practice. Like I have literally forced myself to stay quiet on occasions when I know I could have spoken up! Sometimes, it’s better to stay quiet for own mental well being!

  7. Silence is golden. I do believe it often applies to the situations you are not happy about but can not change. when I want to verbally oppose a person I always ask myself if it is going to be of use. if not I do not do anything and keep silent

  8. I agree that it is best to be silent in some situations! Sometimes our words may affect someone in a bad way, so this article was a great read! Thanks for sharing this with us!

  9. I agree to staying quiet when angry or hurt. I find that it is better to hold my tongue at those times because when we speak out of anger we tend to say things that we would necessarily say when we have control over our emotions. And once the words are out you can’t take them back.

  10. Great discussion!! I am always super cool in almost all situations. And its my policy you have written in this. Stay Quite

  11. Excellent article. Yes my experience also says the same thing. Be quiet in situations which can ignite fire and cause more trouble. But speak out in situations where if you do not then it may lead to further trouble. So its like a balance.

  12. Very intresting view. I think that if something is bothring you you need to voice it out. But if you just wanna hear your voice then it is better to stay silent.


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