Dear readers, I hope you have enjoyed my previous post “Ways to overcome negative thoughtsLifestyle Guru“. Today i would like to share an important topic “12 Things you should be grateful” with you, hope you will share your feedback.

You know there are a lot of things which are wrong in our life which we want to change but in making these changes. We mostly forget to be grateful for things which we have we just love to focus much on negative things than positive ones. It is the biggest problem that we just always think of getting more and forget the things which we already have. it is the most important thing which we don’t take care of. We should always be grateful for every single thing which we have in our life.

12 Things you should be grateful

Here I have brought a list of things which are the most important ones.

Your life

Life is the biggest gift of our life. Now it doesn’t matter how good or bad it is, but it is you are the biggest blessing. You should always be grateful for your life because they are so many other people who don’t get a chance to live life as they want. There are so many people who die every year due to diseases, poverty, famines, and droughts but you were lucky that you got a chance to live more to survive and the dream more so, therefore, be grateful for your life.

Your situation

You are reading my blog it proves that you are already in a better situation you should be grateful for this because thousands of people are dying or there are thousands of people who are struggling for living normal life. you are so lucky that you are not in such situation. So, you should be grateful.

Your friend

Friends are also another blessing they are just like our family. Friends are just like your shadow, your tears, your smile, your laughter and so on. A friendship is a priceless relationship you should be grateful for. Because there are a lot of people who haven’t any friend and they are the one who knows the true meaning of friendship. Be grateful to your friends.

Your parents

You know you are in this world that is just because of your parents. They gave you this life to live. They support you, encourages you in your hard times, cares for you for the rest of life. I agree that all parents are not that much good but still, they are the one reason for your presence so be grateful to your parents for everything for their strength, for their undying love and for every single thing they did for you.

Your teachers

It is said that teachers are our second parents. There is a famous saying that is “our parent just give us birth, but the teachers teach us the true meaning of life and correct as”. A teacher is the one who motivates us. A teacher does everything for us and the best point is he doesn’t ask for anything in the return from you. Be grateful to your teacher. You are living in a respectful and amazing life that is just because of your teacher who taught you.

Your siblings

The sibling is the best thing that could ever happen to you, they are your first and last best friends. They are your biggest support system, before your friends. Siblings are your shoulders in your sad movements. They are always on your side in every situation. So be grateful for them too.

Above mentioned are those people your meet then in your life. They are the most important person in your life, and you should be grateful for them, but it does not over here, now I will define those things which you have before your birth to the rest of your life. They are your body parts, you just can’t live without them, so you should always be grateful for them too.

Your Heart:

It is the blessing because your whole life depends upon your heart. It is your biggest support system your heart has all of your emotions, your heart is your spirit to live no matter how wounded, scared or hurt or healed it is but still it will be your strength to live. no matter how much your heart bears but it still bounces back. You know your life could be in danger if your heart just stops beating for a second. So be grateful for your heart.

Your mind

It controls your all activities. It is responsible for everything; your mind is responsible for your dreams, your hopes and all your thoughts. Your mind makes you a different person from others. Your mind makes who you are so always be grateful for your mind.

Your senses

Be always grateful to your senses because without them you are unable to see, to feel, to define beauty to taste delicious food. just think once what if you become blind or deaf or you just think of misery if you couldn’t be able to taste. See how it sounds when I just said to think. Now imagine if those who are senseless so be grateful for these senses.

Your life lessons/mistakes

Your mistakes are the biggest achievement of your life. they teach you to be a better person than the previous one. This mistake helps you to grow and to learn and to understand. Through these mistakes, you get your life’s biggest lessons. A lesson Can Be Anything it can be learnt by anyone even or by a very little thing. life lessons can be the one which you experience and with every lesson, you got one new step ahead. This makes you perfect so should you always be grateful to your mistakes and of the lessons taught in life.

Your tears or disappointed

Your tears are the biggest weapon you know. That makes you even stronger. Tears carry all of your emotions out of your body and make you feel lighter and relaxed just imagine of that time when you was very disappointed and you thought to give up and you thought that now your heart is just unable to take any more and now look at the current situation you are happy and even better now. So be grateful for your tears and to your disappointments, they made you a better person.

Your happiness

You are lucky that you are happy, and you are laughing while there are so many people who are craving for happiness. So be grateful for your happiness, it is the biggest blessing.

These all are a few things which I have mentioned but there are a lot of other things too which u should be grateful of.

Always remember, Only GOD is perfect nothing else. Don’t wait for perfect, take the hand and make it perfect for your relationship. (Lifestyle Guru)

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Last Updated: April 15, 2020


  1. You are so right we should be grateful for so many things. I thought my situation is not good because of that pandemic time but you are right again I’m alive and the are so many people who are in much worst position

  2. Right now, we’re limited to just 2 choices. Get sucked in the negativity or take things as they are & find something to be grateful for .. which of course, if we reflect upon it, there are so many things that we should all be thankful for.

    Even before we had the lockdown, I found myself always saying thank you to the universe each time I checked my temperature before going to work – they’ll send you home if you have fever. Now more than ever, life and being healthy are things that I’m always grateful for.

  3. This is a good read. I think a lot of people forget that we should be grateful for our failures and mistakes because we learn from the negative things, too.

  4. I love the list. So many things beyond this list that we should be grateful at – small and big things. The fact that we are still alive and blogging is very underrated! We should really be grateful every second of our life. 🙂

  5. Beautiful reminder to us all. It can be hard to think of the positives and what we can be grateful for. I try and remember each day what I’m grateful for.

  6. I try to find at least one thing to be grateful for each day. I have a good life and never want to take that for granted.

  7. It’s important to be grateful. You should find three things to be grateful for each day, and write them down before going to sleep.

  8. What a wonderful list of things we should be grateful for. I kept a daily gratitude journal last year for 6 months. Always trying to find things to be grateful for. And what I found was the things I was most grateful for are the little and simple things in life, like family and simple pleasures. Thanks for the reminder. I might need to go and start that again.

    • These are just a few things which i have mentioned, In Spite of these we should be grateful for every single thing….. being grateful for everything changes the way of our life…. Thanks for sharing your feedback…. That means lot to me… [ Bee jay ]

  9. These are all good things to keep in mind during hard times. I see a lot of negativity lately and I think people need to think about all the things they should be grateful for.

  10. You are right there are things that we should be greatful starting up with your life. I am totally amazed how you have connected this things and end up with a stunning article.

  11. This is a great reminder right now. With everything going on, it’s easy to find yourself overwhelmed with anxiety and negativity. However, if we refocus our thinking and look at the reasons that we have to be grateful, we can make the most of our current situation and brighten our day!

  12. It is important to remember what we are blessed with instead of what we dont have. They say the grass is always greener on the other side. but that isnt the case. it is about how you care for the grass.


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