Today we are going to discuss the identification of stress, the effects of stress on you and the things you must know about overcoming the stress.

Effects of stress on you

Stress is the reaction of your body, due to environmental change. The reaction would be physical, mental and emotional. Biologically the stress is actually, caused by the stress hormone, hormones secreted when you mind orders to. Stress is beneficial and dangers too, it has also many side effects.

The symptoms of stress would be headache, insomnia, illness or decrees productivity at work. It effects on your body, on your feelings and even on your behavior too. Stress causes health problems for example, as high blood pressure, diabetes or heart diseases. It effects on your body as headache which effects your mode. As anxiety and its effects on your behavior as under eating.

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There are following three common effects of stress, but all these are interrelated to each other too.

  1. Stress affects your body
  2. Effects of stress on your mood
  3. Stress affects your behavior

The Stress Effects

Commonly the stress is positive when you have to organize some events, you are going to plan your targets, when are performing you job, or when you have to achieve your goals. The stress is also very positive when you represent your team, family, company or brand. But the stress affects your body when you face continues challenges or when start feeling back to your targets and also when you are working on your plans, objectives without any rest, energizer and relaxation. The deep thinking, workload and tension are the basis of stress. So therefore, always keep yourself forward to your targets it will give you positive energy and positive stress.

There are so many effects of stress but most common are pain, weakness, headache and upset of digestive system. It has been also reported that the stress very badly affect the sexual life and it changes in sex drive. According to biological science the stress effects on muscular skeleton system, Respiratory system, Cardiovascular system, endocrine system, gastrointestinal, nervous system, on reproductive system and so on.

Stress and use of drugs:

It has been observed that many peoples use and increase the use of drugs such as tobacco and alcohol, remember it is very harmful, drug doesn’t decrease your stress, but it affects your health which caused many other diseases.

So therefore, is very necessary to know the symptoms of stress and to understand, recognizing important is that how to overcome the stress. I understand, it is quite difficult to recognize the symptoms of stress but for the sack of your health you should area about it.

Nowadays, the social media is dominating our society and mostly peoples are addict of that which also creates more stress. You have to control on your habits and use of social media too it will decrease more than 20% of your stress. Including the effects on your body the stress affects you mentally as well.

Live with stress:

The stress also give you energy to complete your tasks, aims and dreams timely and smartly. Stress also gives you inspiration to understand the situation and take right decisions. Now it depends upon you whether to use it as inspiration or to be demotivated.

Stress Management:

The fist step of stress management is gratitude, to count the things you have now, and say thanks to mother nature (GOD) because your have that and pray for your success which you want to achieve.
Always focus of physical activities, keep practicing the relaxation techniques such as deep berating, meditation, yoga. I would like to suggest a simple android applications “Meditation Timer & Log” which will support you in meditation.

Lifestyle Guru: 22/12/2019


  1. Not saying that I am stressed but these past seven days were the first nights in three months I actually slept through the night. Before that, I either never slept, couldn’t or woke up at 2:30 and was up the rest of the night. This is something to evaluate in me. Maybe I have to lessen stress factors.

  2. With the current pandemic, my stress level has been through the roof! I’ve had to start meds to help get it under control, and I have had to learn to have extra patience for my kids’ antics. I am always reminding myself they are stressed too, and this is their way of showing it.

  3. An excellent post highlighting some of the key issues when it comes to stress. I talk about stress a lot both on my blog and in real life and know all too well about the negative impacts it can have on both our bodies and minds.

  4. A friend of mine was going through a very stressful last year, I could see her body crumble. She started doing morning meditations and she couldn’t be better.

  5. It’s really difficult for someone to go through these difficult moments. I hope and pray that everyone who goes through stress can recover and feel better soon!

  6. Your post is a very helpful guide to manage stress. We should not let stress govern our lives, rather we should control the stress and not put to much pressure on ourselves.


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