The COVID-19 pandemic is affecting millions of peoples around the globe, and there is no any treatment or vaccine available anywhere. Professionals recommend that only social distance with healthy food, a safe environment and a strong immune system can prevent us from this pandemic. It is already proved that organic food are healthier than junk foods. If you want to make a strong immune system of your body, eat organic food.

Eat to cope with current pandemic

The food processing and manufacturing activists have been decreased due to lockdown around the globe, and peoples have started used their time positively at houses because most peoples are staying at home and working from home. According to the blogger they are spending their time on organic farming at home-based vegetable growing, animals caring, and some crops growing on a small scale. It is a positive sign and organic food is increasing its popularity around the globe. Peoples have started eating more organic food to cope with the current pandemic.

It is proved that the taste of organic food is not only tasty but organic food are healthier too. Don’t let go of any option to grow, eat and promote organic food.

Our Food

Quality food is an essential need for everyone with the required quantity. The quality refers to the purity of food, purity means the food free from all health-hazardous like the use of fertilizers, chemical, extra genetical techniques, in the grain growing and food processing process. Organic foods are totally free from man-made chemical and fertilizer so therefore it is full of natural nutrients, so organic food are healthier.

Future of Food

The COVID-19 changed the trends of lifestyle, the world was going to completely processed food or medicinal food (medicinal means just ensure the requirement of nutrition to body). But this pandemic very badly affected the plans of investors around the globe. It seems that in future organic food will be a key source to cope with this type of pandemic situation. The market depends on demand and supply, and nowadays the demand for organic food is rapidly increasing around the globe. This rapid increase in demand will decide the future of organic food.

Organic food is more nutritious

It is proved that most natural and wild vegetables, grains and fruits are healthier because these are organic food and have not contain any toxic fertilizer and chemical particles. The agriculture practices may affect the quality of organic food, but the smart agriculture practices may control these effects. Still rural communities are using more organic and wild food and they have a strong immune system than urban peoples.

Why organic foods are costly

The organic foods grower is a farmer, but the food manufacturer and processed food provider are investors, enterpriser so they have the control of market supply and also they can create demand through advertising and marketing of brands. Organic food grower is lacking in marketing strategies and fancy packing and attractive brandings. Social media is playing a vital role in the capacity building of local organic food growers in creating the demands and increasing supply by giving the market touch to brands like organic food are healthier.

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Last Updated: April 12, 2020


  1. Since I am hypertensive and always conscious about my food intake, I always prefer healthy food. I like those produce from organic farming

  2. It’s so important to consider the food we eat, how it was grown and treated. I really like how you describe organic food growers as farmers, and processed food manufacturers as investors. There’s a big difference there!

  3. I love organic foods. I will always try to buy it over anything else. However sometimes cost will greatly stop me. The cost of organic food a lot of times doesnt suit my wallet

  4. I’ve switched to eating organic 15+ years ago and back then the food was so expensive. I’m happy to see more options now but there are still ways to go.

  5. Thank you for sharing this important topic. The foods we consume have a direct impact on our health and it is without a doubt that eating organic we can worry less about all the toxins.

  6. Organic is the way to go, processed food have both chemical and plant growth hormone in them, which in turn reduce the value of the food. Thank you for article

  7. I’ve never tried organic foods. But it sounds pretty yummy with this pandemic. Great suggestions for my mom. Will let her know about organic foods.

  8. I try to eat organic but right now it’s impossible because my usual stores are too far away. Instead, we’re going to the local corner shop to help support them during this time. They stock very little organic labelled food.

  9. The best food in the world is the ones that you grow for yourself. I do remember growing up as a child with a huge garden and tons of fruit trees as my dear mother had a green thumb. However, it can be difficult to get organic food because of dependence on others. During the pandemic, it is super important to eat healthy foods that boost your immune system and stay away from processed foods and sugars.

  10. I have noticed that organic food has become so much cheaper since the pandemic started. I think it’s because people can’t afford to buy expensive food anymore and, instead of throwing it away, supermarkets are slashing the prices down.

  11. I agree, eating organic is the way to go! Regardless of the pandemic eating healthier is just better! It’s just so hard to do when you are stuck at home or the grocery store/farmers market doesn’t have what you need!

  12. I am a total believer in the benefits of organic food, since last three years I’ve made a conscious effort to buy only organic stuff, even if it is more expensive. It’s worth it.

  13. Organic foods often have more beneficial nutrients, such as antioxidants, than their conventionally-grown counterparts and people with allergies to foods, chemicals, or preservatives often find their symptoms lessen or go away when they eat only organic foods.


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