The 16th day of 30 days 30 blog challenge; and the topic is “Every day a new story: Five-way to share proudest moment of your life”. If you would like to read the full series of “Every Day A New Story”, you can reach by clicking here on each day a new story Day-1, Day-2, Day-3, Day-4, Day-5, Day-6, Day-7 and Day-8, Day-9, Day-10, Day-11, Day-12. Day-13, Day-14 and Day-15.

Every day a new story day-16th

Today’s topic is not easy as well as so interesting, because it is the human mentality to share best practices and all successes proudly also want to know the interesting life moment s of others. It is also an important question of interview for the managerial position.

Life moment

The steps, actions, and achievements of life can be called life moment . These moment s may be these, not limited to the first day of your job, getting admission, first time meet with your loved one when you propose or someone proposes you, the first night, marriage date, birthday celebration, and so many other celebrations and events of life.

The proudest moment s of life

Just look back on your life and think about what you have done in your life, the achievements and actions make you feel proud and you puff out your chest and say, yes I have done, or yes I have done that. The events you celebrated, and the moment which are unforgotten are the proudest moment s of life.

Share your proudest moment

It is an important question of an interview, remember that the hiring manager wants to know your interest and skills to understand the things, what is important for you, family, hobbies, friends circle or professional responsibilities. So, you must share the proudest moment of life carefully and correctly, you must understand that what to share? Where to share? Prioritize the proudest moment s as these are relevant, realistic, impactful, and inspiring for your interviewers, listeners, or readers.

Way to share your proudest moment

Think smartly and be prepare correctly for your proudest moment of life, there are many ways you can prepare Yousef and share your proudest moment of life with the listener. Divide your proudest moment into two parts, include three moment s that should be directly linked with your professional responsibilities you have done in your last job, project or program, and two from your skills, knowledge, and level of conceptual understanding.

  1. A brief professional introduction tells the story form getting the education to till date you are sharing your proudest moment .
  2. Tell your story, about the previous team you led, project, program, or business you managed. Share briefly the goal, objectives, actions, and achievements under your leadership.
  3. Share the long-term impacts of your work, leadership with correct and important future assumptions. Discuss the critical customer situation, problem-solving capacity, understanding the client mentality, and what is important to you, such as friendship, relation, team, project, or values of your company of life.
  4. To share a summary of your professional achievement, including your promotion, increments, rewards, and awards you have been received during the career.
  5. Finally, your beliefs (not religious), attitude, behavior, and values of life.


I’m very much proud of the fact that I have joined as a layman, learned, achieved, and mentored my team to move up in the company and grow their skills. If you would like to read my achievement and the proudest moment s of life, please click here “Proudest moment of life”.

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Last Updated: May 16, 2020


  1. Oddly, I can’t really think of a proudest moment. I can think of a few moments, but none that would necessarily be the highlight of my life. I think I know what other people would call my proudest moments, though.

    • Different bloggers are sharing their stories and life moments through 30 days blog challenges, I have added my own 30 topics for 30 days as per my own lifestyle and rememberable things, which i can share easily.
      Anyway thank you for your kind words of encouragement

  2. Yes, great advice! It is hard for some people to share their proudest moments, but I think we should all shout it from the rooftops and encourage each other. Congrats on the achievements you and your team have accomplished!

  3. This is such an interesting article to read. I am confidence to share other people my proudest moment and my achievements in life.

  4. I think it’s healthy and important to share with others your accomplishments and how proud you are of yourself when finishing a goal you’ve been working towards. Have a humble attitude is also very important!


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