Character Leads to Best Personality

Character is the light, which shines when the sun is down, and all other lights are off also Character Leads to Best Personality and Character is the awakened divine in man before all the head bend except those of in some everything made by person should be destroyed but not character, so now I have some loss of character which means that if we lost our character what will happen? When we have lost our character than we have lost everything in world but not character then we have everything.

Characterlessness is that destitution which cannot be worsened. One can build its own character, one can destroy it. After building it, it cannot be.

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What is “character”?

Character is what a person truly is, and reputation is what a person is supposed to be, when character and reputation are same that is ideal state of being great.

The word character means engrave one mode of being in the world.

Remember, personality development is not only about wearing good brands, it’s all about developing your inner self de anything what you want but you should have good character. A person with a good character finds acceptance, wherever he goes and respect by all.

Character include traits such as;

  • Honesty
  • Leadership
  • Trust
  • Courage
  • Patience

Bends of mind.

Character of any man is but the aggregate of his tendencies, the sun total of the bend of mind. We are what our thoughts made us, if good impression prevail character, it will automatically become bad.


  • Family
  • Teacher
  • Friend
  • Religion
  • Books
  • Like & Dislikes
  • Role Models
  • Conscience

If you apply character traits on them than you will became successful in life, be aware of it, always respect them.

You want the value of character than ask the value of character from students, who has been rusticated from School, College or University.

To ask the value of character than ask it from a robber, who has busted form the police for un-fairing.

If you want to go further than ask the value of character from a manager, who has been boosted from office because of his/her misbehavior.

Ask from a person, who has been kicked from shop because of his/her bad character.

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Good Character:

“A mo’min (white Rose) is recognized by his good character”.

Character is the light which reflects our good and bad actions, Good character makes one successful life and the next life, no matter who much a person bad is his good deeds would always spoil his bad character. A good character helps you in winning personality or we can say in other words a good character is a backbone of a magnetic personality which attract everyone is more important than your character and moral values.

Compounds of Good Character:

  • Conscience
  • Compassion
  • Consideration
  • Courage
  • Control
  • Confidence


If you want to take an example of good character than take an example of Holy Prophet Muhammad(saw). The true human is one who have good attributes.


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