Last week of January 2020, I visited Nepal and Dubai. It was really a lovely and memorable trip! I also participated in 2nd World March for peace and non-violence, where I met with my loving and caring amigos from Italy, Spain, Peru and Chile. There were no any fear of Corona Virus that time, so I enjoyed a lot in Nepal and when I was at Dubai airport and a young man asked me, where are you coming from, if you are coming from China, please ensure your test. It was early time, but I felt panic and started thinking about, “to prepare for lock down”, when I realized the severity of corona in China.

Lock-down situation

I return on January 30, but they spent more time with 2nd World March base team and return back to their countries in first week of March.

Yesterday, I contacted with my friend Marco in Italy and Ms. Lucia Ortega from Spain, both of them said we are locked in homes, all the markets are closed, there is no traffic. They told that they are working from home and have enough stock of required food and non-food items.

To prepare for lock down

As a native person of disaster-prone area and a development professional, I have the experience of lock-down than shortage of food items, safe drinking water, medicine (if required) and other hygiene related items. But when there is not a trust on market and supplies and your doctor, and government suggest for staying indoor as much as possible and that time the pain you feel, I really can’t afford that.

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Those countries and peoples are facing the difficulties and corona is going to upends the lives they should prepare for any uncertain condition, that may be lock-down. Don’t stock more food items and hygiene kits because this act will unbalance the markets and businessmen will raise prices suddenly.

Hence, you should take the necessary action of preparing yourself for expected lock-down situation. You must ensure one to two-month food items and non-food items including some medicine, according to suggestions of your doctor.

To make the best use of lock down time

Those friends and peoples who are lock-down in their homes they should involve them in indoor activities. It is the time for taking some rest from day to day life as we knew it.
Time is the most valuable thing in the world, if you have time so invest it on your personal development, read the books of your interested topic but avoid more suspense creating stories and novels. I will suggest if you are a good reader, you should start reading history books, learn from past and understand the future strategies.

Social distance doesn’t mean the disconnecting form family, friends and loved one, keep in touch with all of them though phone call or internet calls share your learning and ask about their well-being.


COVID-19 has been affected till now to 179,829 peoples of 162 countries in which 7,074 died and 78,292 recovered, no any country is in safe zone. Only safety measure and proper care can make possible to stop spreading more. Be prepare for any unforeseen situation and stay connected with reliable sources.

If there is any symptoms of flu, cough, fever or respiratory illness don’t wait. Consult your doctor immediately (Lifestyle Guru).

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Last Updated: March 16, 2020 @ 11:37 PM


  1. I’m happy for you that you’ve had some previous experience with lockdown! Not that it’s a good thing but at least you kind of know what to expect (unlike most of the rest of the world).

  2. Lockdown here in Japan is not really a lockdown, it is more of a please. I still have to work tomorrow and I just can’t go out except for work and food shopping and the doctors. I am just using this time to write a lot!

  3. These are some really good tips and resources that I find so useful to help during periods of isolation. I can really put them to good use.

  4. I am in self quarantine learning to do new things. I am cooking meals I have never made before, and even sprouting some home grown produce which is fun!

  5. This is a very useful and informative info on how to survive lockdown. We all need all the help we can get in order to live this through.


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