Dear readers, thank you for your very much encouragement on my last post. “5 most common causes of hair breakage”, which inspire me to share my experience-based tips and remedies “how to get glowing hair” for your knowledge and best caring for your hairs.

How to get glowing hair

Photo by Kareya Saleh on Unsplash

This is every girl’s desire to get long, strong and healthy hair. Therefore for getting long and strong hair often use YouTube to watch videos for hair care, also tries to many remedies to make your hair long and strong but sometimes it goes wrong. The remedies which we used to make our hair stronger, make our hair even worse than ago. Our hair just needs a little bit of attention, full of care, just like as we take care of a child. Here I have brought certain routine changes which will surely help you to make your hair a strong and healthier one.

Skip daily shampooing

As you all should be aware of this, one is the most common thing which most of us do wrong in our daily life. Daily shampooing damages our hair the most. Use shampoo just twice in a week but skips the daily shampooing. It is the best way to keep your hair healthy strong and long. Regular shampooing badly affects your scalp, do avoid it!

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Combing in wet hair

This is our next mistake, which we do is combing in wet hair. You know you should be very careful while combing your wet hair. Because there are more chances of the breakage of your hair when they are wet. Make sure before combing your wet hair that your brush must go easy on your strands. Other techniques use a wet brush and firstly remove all the tangles of your ends then gradually work your way up. Always use a wide-toothed comb it has a very good result.

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Eat the right food

Your hair not only depends on what hair care products you use but your hair also depends on what diet or what food provides to your body too. You know our hair grows from inside they do not grow from outside. So, therefore, it is necessary to eat the right food or to eat certain nutrients which helps our hair to grow longer, healthier and stronger eat more proteinous food which is full of vitamins A, C and E and other minerals like as zinc, iron and omega-3 fatty acids, these are very essential nutrients for getting a healthier hair. Always keep a healthy diet. Eat the right food.

Frequent hair trims

It is the most common and important for our hair care. It is not so that hair cut grows your hair faster but regular trims get you rid of the split end which will prevent the hair breakage. Mostly trim your hair for 2 months. Because \ by trimming your hair get rid of damaged parts of your hair ( the parts which may lead you to grat damage). Therefore trimming is the best one tip.

Avoid heat styling products

Over-styling your hair leads you to great damage and it is warned by a hairstylist. Avoid too much use of heat styling products that damage your hair more than other causes. Use it only if it is necessary. Always decrease the temperature and apply heat protein before using heat styling products.

Sleeping on a clean and silk pillow

Silk pillow, neat and clean pillows are very healthier for your hair. Nighttime is the best time for hair growth and also beneficial for your skin too. therefore it is necessary to take complete care at night time. firstly put your hair in your ponytail. remember never sleep with open hair because sleeping with open hair leads to hair breakage. So always sleep on a near and clean, pillow it is very beneficial for your hair.


How to get glowing hair is a common question. There also many other tips which if you follow then you will surely get long, strong and healthy hair like as after taking a shower to rinse off with cool water. Before going to bed always brush or comb your hair. It is good for your healthier hair. Always use oil in your hair before shampooing or imply after shampooing put two or three drops of hair oil into your hair it will remain your hair moisturized and smooth until next wash. Follow up these take proper rest and take care of yourself!!

If you would like give feedback on “How to get glowing hair” feel free to drop comment. Your feedback is the great inspiration for us to share more stories, thoughts and experiences of life and lifestyle guru.

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Last Updated: April 04, 2020


  1. I always hear people talking about eating the right foods for healthy hair. That is so interesting to me. I need to eat a lot better. I also thought that combing your hair while wet was the healthy think to do for less breakage.

  2. These are all really good and useful tips. Mine is growing and I’m trying to style it less so it isn’t as damaged.

  3. I love long haircut have cut mine shorter as it shard to maintain a good head of long full lock when you are getting close to 50. I am in love with that photo and the girl with the pretty purple hair. It looks amazing and I would for sure do that if I was in my 20’s. Thank you for the tips as they are good for medium length hair too.

  4. These are valuable tips for maintaining your hair health. I love that you mentioned eating the right things linked to healthy hair. It is very important. The wet hair I did not know about. Very educational!!!!🤗

  5. amazing tips and I was surely doing a couple of things wrong, glad, I came across your post and can now avoid daily shampooing and combing my wet hair.

  6. Since the lockdown I started to neglect my hair by just upbun it after shower. I need to take time to take care about it again.


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