Feeling sometimes low and sometimes high is part of the life of every person. But unnecessarily feeling down or low every time is the sign of depression. If you feel emotions like hopelessness, and you don’t have these thoughts gone away, you have to be careful because it’s a key symptom of depression. Care yourself and try to understand that, what are some signs and symptoms of depression, which are affecting your routine life and happiness moments also it may lead to severe health problems.


It is the condition of mood or mood disorder that induces a recurrent sense of depression and motivation loss. This condition of mood affects your way of thinking, feeling, behavior, emotions which change your attitude and personality and it may cause many other physical and mental problems. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), more than 264 million peoples are suffering from depression. Almost close to 800000 peoples commit suicide every year due to depression.

Types of depression

There are many ways and forms of depression that come and affect your lifestyle. Hence the severity of depression may differentiate the types of depression. According to the psychologists, the depression may be identified by mild depression, moderate depression, recurrent depression, low-grade depression, major depression, atypical depression, and seasonal affective disorder (SAD).

The most common depressions are mild and moderate. The mild and recurrent depression is called dysthymia it is the type of low-grade depression. The severe depression is called the major depression, it needs more care and regular psychotherapy and treatment too. Some peoples face depression in different seasons like winter, spring, and rainy-day, etc. Which is called seasonal affective disorder (SAD). Particularly women and young people face a SAD type of depression.

Some signs and symptoms of depression

3 major signs of depressionActually, depression varies from person to person and depression type to type, but certain typical symptoms and signs also exist in all common types of depressions. The signs and symptoms of depression are also can be differentiated by severity, type, time, and frequency of depression. The following are some common some signs and symptoms of depression.

Helplessness or hopelessness thoughts

According to the psychology professors Anthony Scioli and Henry Biller, there are nine types of hopelessness and each one is related to one or more essential needs like hope, attachment, survival, or dominance. These feelings or thoughts of helplessness and hopelessness can be the cause of severe mental illness of attempting suicide. These thoughts will control your mind, you will feel alone, isolated, depressed, sad, and hopeless.
Less interest and concentration in routine activities

If you are facing depression, you will lose your interest in your work, your will lose your concentration in your assignments and routine work, also you will lose your ability to feel happiness, joy, and pleasure. Be careful towards your self and contact with psychotherapist or counselor and keep yourself busier in social activities, hobbies and never avoid sex, talking with loved ones, friends’ gatherings, and travel. It will help you in decision making, remembering things, and troubleshooting your mind.

Irritate and Angry mood

Depression is the key factor, which contributes to irritation and angry mode which again causes deep stress, lack of sleep, and diabetes. This condition will result in your temper short, low tolerance level, and nerves.

Rude behavior

When you feel depressed, you forget to give respect to others, you will break the social norms, you expect more from your friends and relatives, your language will be abusive, and behavior will be ruder with your family and friends.

Sleep changes

If you are experiencing more sleepless nights and thinking more about past and unforeseen hard times. Try to take rest, spending your time with entertaining companies, take a break from work go to visit some natural and beautiful places, spent a few times away from your problems, and keep in touch with your counselor.

Loss of energy

The depression makes you hopeless, fatigued, sluggish and physically drained. You will lose your energy level and this exhaust level will drain you to commit suicide.

The causes of depression

It is not easy to exactly describe the causes of depression, but the depression typically stems from long-term personal and social problems, many acute problems or incidents and a combination of different events. Here are some specific causes of depression; social distance in families, long-term family crisis, unemployment, life events, an abusive relationship, isolated and prolonged stress, personal problems, family history, chronic diseases, use of drug and alcohol, mental health, family history of depression, childhood abuse,

To cope with depression

Depression is the problem until you are unaware of it, hence it is not a problem when you realized that you are facing major depression and you have the need for treatment. There are many ways are under the practice of peoples who are facing depression and many things you can do to stabilize your mind. First of all, open all the doors of your mind and reconnect with your circle, friends, colleagues, and loved one. Here are some possible and effective ways you can change your mood and keep control of your depression.

Include the energy and mood-boosting food items in your diet list. Find out the reasons to meet with your friends, circle, and loved one. Never miss the opportunity for outdoor visitor activities. The therapy is an essential tool to cope with this situation so keep in touch with your psychiatrist for effective treatment. Keep continuing the medication with meditation. The meditation will be more helpful to reduce your depression.

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Last Updated: June 19, 2020


  1. I struggled with depression as a teenager and it wasn’t easy… Thankfully, it’s a thing of the past and I have learned to be grateful for the big and little things in my life and that helps so much!

  2. When I was a teenager I struggled in depression and its really hard to control. I’m gonna put this alarming signs on my references. Thanks for this.

  3. Because of the pandemic, I might be experiencing depression. Though it is hard to differentiate depression from sadness. Not sure. But based on the symptoms in this article, it is possible I’m going through depression. ?

  4. Depression is something so many people struggle with throughout their lives. That said, I would encourage using more positive phrasing in place of “rude behavior”. Using the word ‘rude’ can have negative connotations so I would lean toward saying that someone with depression may have a hard time thinking outside themselves or showing empathy at times because they barely have the mental or physical energy to care for themselves, let alone someone else’s needs. Of course to the rest of us it might seem rude, so it is good to remember that if someone you know with depression isn’t being the friend they maybe were in the past, it’s good not to take it personally because they are just doing the best they can.

  5. Wow these are the great points about the symptoms of depression. Some people didn’t aware that they have already symptoms of depression! This post would help a lot!

  6. A few years ago, I struggled with depression after my mother was diagnosed with cancer. More so after she passed awày 3 years ago. I’m glad that God and family helped me survived it.

  7. Depression has many more symptoms than the ones mentioned here..sometimes people can hide the symptoms well and caregivers need to dig really deep to find the hidden depression symptoms

  8. Great post. It’s so important, now if not more than ever, that we pay attention to what we’re feeling. At a time like this anxiety and depression may be much higher.

  9. There was one point in this lockdown that I felt depressed, things were a little struggle. I am glad I overcome the feeling. I hope people can find support.

  10. It’s very important to raise awareness and to remove the taboo associated with the word depression. So many people struggle with these symptoms you mentioned in this post, but many would never associate it with any clinical problem and would never seek help until things are beyond control. Thanks for sharing this post.

  11. Recognizing early signs of depression could be helpful to prevent it in ourselves and in our loved ones.


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