Traveling is not only enjoyment, but it is an opportunity of learning new things, strengthens the experience, and broadens your perspective. Traveling to new places and visit historical places, inspiring points, meet with new communities, and view new culture, traditions & customs are the epitome of experiential learning in life. The travel to Sakhar Sadh Belo and visit the fort of the daughterKot Diji Fort. A pre-Harrapan civilization site was a wonderful experience of the year I would like to share my memories here.

Visit the fort of the daughter

Kot Diji FortTraveling encourage you to leave the comfort zone and give you the experience of various cultures, traditions, and customs. Which helps you to understand how different and wonderful our world really is. During these holidays we decided, visit the fort of the daughter – Kot Diji Fort a pre-Harappan civilization site. It is one of the most famous, historical, and educational places of Harappan and Indus Civilization.

Background of Kot Diji Fort

Kot Diji FortAn archaeological site, the fort of the daughter “Kot Giji Fort” is located in the town of Kot Diji which is about 25 kilometers away in the south of Khairpir and near to Ranipur and about 25 miles east of the Indus River at the edge of the Thar Desert. It is formally known as Fort Ahmedabad, according to history books, it was built between 1785 to 1795 by Mir Sohrab Khan Talpur.

Kot Diji FortAccording to Wikipedia “The fort sits above a pre-Harappan civilization archaeological site dating to 2500 to 2800 B.C.E”. The former ruler of Khairpur state Mir Sohrab Khan Talpur founded three forts “Shah Garh”, towards Jodhpur – Jaisalmer, “Imam Garh” in the Thar region & “Qilla Ahmedabad” in the capital town of Kotdiji to safeguard the frontiers of his rule.

Kot Diji Fort

I remember my excitement and disbelief all at once when we decided to visit this historical pre-Harappan site. As per the plan, we were ready to travel, I couldn’t wait to reach Kot Diji Fort, also I was so excited to take a closer look and go inside to better investigate that.
We left our house, early in the morning at 4:00 AM, it was about 6 to 7 hours journey by car, we just stayed for breakfast and tea on our way and reached at 11:30 at the gate of a fort of the daughter “Kot Diji Fort”.

Kot Diji FortThe weather was too tough and so hot there, I strongly felt the temperature of Khairpur, but we had enough time to explore this wonderful place. I took the bottle of cold water, sunglasses, camera, notebook, and moved to the gate of Qila with my brother, mother, and father.

Kot Diji FortI was excited to explore each and every wonderful part of the fort of the daughter “Kot Diji Fort” and my brother was hurried to reach on the top of the fort.


We reached the main gate of fort; I saw that the fort is at the top of about 110-foot-tall high hill that rises above the city of Kot Diji. I started taking notes and entered the fort. About 30 feet tall walls of the fort encircle the uppermost portion. The fort has three 50 feet tall strategically towers for visual contact for better security and several sites for cannon placement and numerous inner passages for protection too.

Kot Diji FortThe fort also features a water reservoir, a store of weapons, a jail, a court, various security staff cells, and a small royal residence. One more important thing is that the fort has only one main entrance on the east side of the fort that is called Shahi Darwaza. The large wooden “elephant proof” gate was fully covered by iron sharpened Calvin which is for saving against any raiding enemy. This proves that the Kot Diji Fort was built & constructed exclusively for defense purposes.

Shahi Darwaza

I entered through the main gate and crossing a small semi-circular open space moved towards the top through stairs. The whole fort is made up of local kiln baked bricks with limestone. So, it looks so beautiful. The pavilion is made up of sandstone which is one of the interesting aspects of this fort. Its finely carved arches & platform automatically catch the attention of tourists.

Kot Diji Fort

Top of the fort

Very soon, I was on the top of the fort. The view was so splendid and because I was able to gaze over the whole Kot Diji area. The Khairpur in the area of palm trees.  I saw numerous tall palm trees surrounding area of the fort, the aerial look was so beautiful and mind-blowing.Kot Diji Fort

Moved back

We spend almost three hours there and enjoyed a lot. I felt the ancient self-defense strategies there. Also felt, how to watch the enemy action, an ancient lifestyle, Harappan lifestyle, ancient and rich architecture, and the golden time era of Indus Civilization. At 2:30 we moved to Khairpur city for visiting Shah Abdul Latif University of Khairpur and then Sukkar.

Important Point

The fort of the daughter “Kot Diji Fort” was built by Mir Sohrab Khan a few years before his death and the powers were handed over to his sons. The history suggests that the fort was built for defense purposes, but it never been attacked by an enemy force. When Charles Napier was on the mission of conquering the Imam Garh during January 1843 the British troops stayed at this fort.

Bottom Point

There are a lot of life lessons you can learn through travel. Which you could not learn from books. So, you must prefer to visit all historical places around you and never miss visiting the fort of the daughter. The Kot Diji Fort a pre-Harappan civilization site nearby Khairpur  city Sindh Pakistan.

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Last Updated: August 11, 2020


  1. Trust me, I really want to visit Pakistan. The entire place is so full of history. And this place looks amazing and great!

  2. I’ve never heard of this place before but it looks and sounds great! The fort looks so impressive and full of history.

  3. I have only read about Fort Kot Diji in history books and i wondered what it would like and how similar would it be to forts that i have visited in Rajasthan, Delhi and Gujarat states of India! But i’m pleasantly surprised that the Kot Diji fort is distinct and the blog post makes for a wonderful read!

  4. I had no idea about this place, but looks really beautiful and I can relate to many such forts in Rajasthan India as well. They look quite similar.

  5. I teach about this time period and would absolutely love to visit sometime. It’s amazing that structures like this can be I such great condition.

  6. This is awesome information from the Indus Valley civilization. Me and my son we both love history and these places attract us very much. Good you shared, liked reading about your experience.


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