Most of the things always seems impossible until those are done. In the same way, life can only be understood backwards, but it must be lived forwards. Your thoughts are your strong beliefs. For example: if you belong to an orthodox family, you could not easily mainstream yourself in modern lifestyle. If you want to change your world, change your thoughts it only the way to build your own comfortable world.

It is understood that no one can change the route of earth on which it moves around the earth, no one can change the time before or after stirring. When it is not possible for you to change the circumstances that are affecting you, you should change your thoughts it will establish many ways of changing your world.

“Change your thoughts and change your world.” -Norman Vincent Peale

According to real examples of our society, we always face some realities of our life but could not change those realities because you are afraid of asking question why, how and when…etc. Also, you believe that all things are happening naturally and you have not control on it. Believe that you are the controller of your life, no one can control your life if you are mentally unfit or immature.

Ways you can change your thoughts and you change the world

There are so many ways you can try to change your thoughts for giving right direction to your lifestyle. Following are the which can change your thoughts and you can change your world.

Count your Joys and Happiness for Changing your thoughts

We are living in the society, where everyone seems in counting their troubles, burdens, sadness that’s why so most of the peoples likes fun, magic and funny dramas. But very few peoples will be found to share joys and happiness.

Always, see the filled half of the glass for satisfaction it means it enough what we have, because positive energy always creates positive energy and the gratitude unlocks the fullness of life. Don’t run behind the fortune and unfortunate but count your joys and happiness this positiveness will generate positive thoughts in your mind.

Make it better what you have

There are numerous opportunities are waiting for you just make the skills better what you have and then take next step. Take your first step for picking your destination but remember don’t try shortcuts in your journey of life don’t worry about difficulties but believe in your experiences and wisdom.

Change the surrounding environment

It is not possible to change the whole world, thinking of the peoples around you and the mindset of whole world but you can change the environment around you by changing your own lifestyle. Don’t try to filter your circle but try to adjust yourself and don’t expect more from your circle but create the environment without expectations.

Honor your body

Negative thoughts are just like dirty garbage in your body or mind, so keep yourself away from negativity. Be sentimental to your body and respect it as a temple and keep it neat and clean.

Control on your mood

The basic feeling state of mind is called mood. Peoples reflects their feelings, happiness, sorrows, saddens, fears, anger, irritation according to the surrounding environment. Keep control on your mood and be happy. You can be a ruler of the happiness by controlling your mood.

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Lifestyle Guru: March 5, 2020


  1. I’m a huge believer of mindset. I am not positive all the time, nor am I always negative. I am firm with my principles for an ideal world, but once I realize that there is no way of totally fixing something, I do compromise a bit and change my reactions instead. But i’ll fight first before shrugging things off.

  2. I love this and do believe the mind holds so much power. It is hard to always thing positive and it is always going to take some practice but the more we can change our mindset the more positive our lives will be.

  3. I would argue that you can actually change things if, for example, you are raised in an Orthodox family – you just have to keep an open mind and recognize that there is more in the world than what you were raised with. I come from a Christian/Catholic family, and am openly Pagan. I explored many different religions and spiritual beliefs until such time that I found something that ‘fit’ with my own heart.

  4. This was really inspiring! I really liked the “honor your body” part because in today’s society it’s so easy to beat yourself down! We’ve gotta stay on that positivity train!

  5. It is very important to have a great mindset to get into a better place. Your thoughts really do make your reality. These tips are amazing. I really feel your work in raising the vibration for humanity. Keep up the great work🤗

  6. I love this concept!

    Our minds are so powerful over our reality.
    Personally, i don’t believe we can control our emotions, at least not effectively–But we can definitely control our thoughts are strengthen that control, which can definitely help our emotional well-being.

    Our emotions are an important indicator or our quality of life, whether we’re getting our needs met, and the well-being of our thoughts. Listening to how we feel is so important… And i think that right there is step 1 to changing our world through our thoughts! Because, how can we change anything for the better if we aren’t aware of how we feel about life and why we feel that way?

  7. One of the things that has always helped me stay in the present and find happiness is to write down 3-5 new things to be grateful for each day. And the key is “new” so I can’t be grateful for my family every day. What I learned when I did that was that it starts easy and gets harder and harder to find something new. The effect then is that I go through my day looking for things to be grateful for and that keeps me in the moment and aware of all the wonderful things around me. It’s a very simple yet powerful exercise.


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