Alcohol is a need, fashion, tradition, culture of parties in different zones of world. Everyone understands the Alcohol Effects, but few peoples like to follow the safe drinking habits (Lifestyle Guru).

Alcohol is most widely used social drug in the world except few countries. So many peoples of the world including Australia, America, UK, Germany, Paris, Russia, Canada and other people of all cold areas enjoys a drink.


The alcohol is an ethanol chemical, which is also called ethyl alcohol. The chemical formula of ethyl alcohol is C2H6O or can be written as C2H5OH or CH3CH2OH. The hard liquor whiskey, wine, beer, sprits are the drinks in which ethyl alcohol is dissolved.

Alcohol Use

We use alcohol, dissolved in different drinks (hard liquor). Alcohol easily absorbed into bloodstream through your stomach and small intestine. If, there is a food in your stomach the alcohol absorption ratio will decrease, and you have drink on empty stomach the alcohol absorption ratio will increase.

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The Affects of Alcohol Your Body

Alcohol damages the body cells, as like all other drugs. Alcohol affect your lifestyle and damages your quality of health. If you are drinking more and justifying by your tolerance level it is not good. Alcohol affects your mental and physical health; you are drinking more or less; you are drinking good quality or low quality whatever your drinking pattern is.

Alcohol affects your weight, calories, appearance, gender, fertility, pregnancy, your age, your sugar level, your blood pressure, stomach (digestive system) and sexual health.

High Risk Drinking

In many cases, high-risk drinking is called binge drinking. Commonly, male consuming more than 1-2 drinks in an hour or more than 4-5 drinks during an evening event. Women consuming more than one drink in an hour or 3-4 drinks during evening events.

Some indications of high-risk drinking include:

  • When you feel angry or sad, drinking alone
  • Being late or absent from work because of alcohol
  • Friends or family have indicated your drinking level
  • Drinking even after thinking that it is enough now.
  • While you were drinking, forgetting your actions
  • Headaches
  • Hang-over

Manage Your Drinking Habit

If you are drinking more than upper limit regularly or you are feeling the effects of drink on your lifestyle. You should think about your health and change your drinking behaviour. You should decide, when you have to drink and when not or completely avoid the drink.

First of all, reset your limits and change drinking pattern and make safe drinking habits. Start counting your drinking and monitoring your drinking behaviour. Avoid regular parties and reset your brand with limits. Involve your loved one, close friend and family member to help you monitor your drink.

Tips to cut down on alcohol

Stop Drinking When Your Stomach is Empty:

An Empty stomach increases the absorption of alcohol.

Change Your Drinking Pattern:

Reset your brand and limits and control the amount of alcohol you drink. Set your pattern that your will never use alcohol when you are alone or under pressure of stressed.

Keep Track of Your Drinking Habits:

Count your drinks by writing on paper, dairy, mobile notes keep on your track of new pattern.

Slowly Sip Your Drink:

Don’t keep glass in your hand, always put down after each mouthful.

Avoid Salty Snacks:

If you will stop eating salty snacks, you will not feel thirsty and it will help you to drink slowly.

Buy low-alcohol Brands:

Chose low amount of alcohol dissolved brands, such as light beer, low alcoholic wine.

Change Your Lifestyle:

Don’t worry about your circle and change it if it is not supportive towards reducing your drinking habits or they have not safe drinking habits. Involve yourself in physical activities such as dance, play a game or traveling.

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Lifestyle Guru: 05/11/2019


  1. I used to drink a lot in my younger years because my alcohol tolerance was also high. But that has lessened as I aged. I can’t have more than 1 glass of bottle anymore. Beyond that is a stretch. And alcohol does not give a boost in energy like before, it will only make me sleepy. So, I can really live without it. Just drinking for celebrations and special occasions.

  2. It is important to be aware of risks when drinking! It can impact people so differently, so it is good to know of all the possible effects.

  3. Alcohol is such a complicated thing. It’s been with humans for a long time, it’s the beverage of celebration, but it can be so dangerous for some. Outside of all the things you mentioned, it is important for people to keep tabs of their mental health, particularly if prone to addiction.

  4. This was an excellent and informative post. I’ve been sober now for over a year as I just couldn’t say no, nor was I a good ‘drunk’ if that makes sense.
    This is vital advice.

  5. I don’t drink anymore but it’s important to remember that if your weight changes, your body’s alcohol tolerance also changes. This is something a lot of people fail to remember.

  6. This is a good post Abu, that will help many people. I am a teetotaler, but will forward your safe drinking tips to my friends.

  7. I think a lot of people overlook the power of salty snacks. Why do you think bars like to serve things like pretzels and salted peanuts? They are looking to boost their sales by making you thirsty with the salt content therefore leading to drinking more! It really is a smart business decision on their part.


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