My previous post was “To make any relationship easier – Lifestyle guru” in which, I described the to make relationships easier. There are so many questions that have been asked on WhatsApp, Messenger and Comment box. Hence, I tried to answer some of the questions in this topic Habits That Destroys Relationships you should avoid.

Habits That Destroys Relationships

The relationship is not a gift box of chocolates on only Valentine’s Day. It is the name of continuous struggling and caring for your loved one for every second of life. Caring is one of the best habits which can make a satisfying relationship and ensure a happy life. But, there are so many reasons, which destroy relationships you should avoid that, I have tried to explain in this article. On the other hand, you will get some important tips which are the guarantee of satisfying relationships if you started avoiding the negative habits.

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Try is the key to success and whenever you stop trying, absolutely you will lose the relationships. It has been observed that the breakup of relations, diverse, family crises are increasing day by day. Always very small mistakes create the big misunderstandings which destroy the strongest relationships, including blood and romantic relations.

The Habits you should avoid

Following are some key bad habits which your relationship very badly;

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Finding faults and complain

All the relationships are based on trust, understanding, and forgiving but the bad habit caused the breakup of relationships. Always finding faults and complaining is the bad habit that destroys the trust in two loving souls. It is proved that no one likes criticism, complaints, and rejection in the relationship. You should avoid this bad habit.

Lack of understanding and taking personal

If you both are lacking in understating each other and everyone is taking personally others’ every act, it means you are destroying your relationship. Perfection is another thing but, has trust in your partner is the perfection of relationships, you must ensure it in your relationships. Never take anything personally and always believe in each other and give unlimited chances to your loved one for saving the relationship.

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Immoral Attitude

The immoral attitude makes the person selfish and careless. This evil attitude will hurt other partners and the relationship comes to end. The immoral attitude also involves you in many other bad habits such as late-night return, spending more time with bad circles, drinking, smoking, etc. This immoral attitude can be the key cause that destroys relationships you should avoid.

Feeling insecurities and trying to change each other

When you have not to trust your partner, you feel insecure and will like to change your partner according to your wishes. Don’t try to change others but do change yourself and make your world peaceful, loving and caring. This insecurity feeling and try to change the wishes, habits, and the emotion of your partner always leads to the end of relationships.

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External interference in your relationship

Mostly in joint family systems, above 70% of couples are living fake lives, due to the unnecessary and unfair interference of relatives, family members in the personal matters and relationships. Also, the relatives’ interference is the key cause of breaking relationships, divorce, and separations. This is one of the negative habits that destroy relationships, you should avoid the unnecessary interference of your parents, relatives and family members in your relationships.

Fake life without love in the lie

The involvement of external factors, not trusting, always criticizing the second name of lying with life or living a fake life without love and satisfaction. Every relation is based on caring, compromising, understanding with honesty and without lying and except these positive habits, your negativity will destroy relationships, you should avoid the negative habits.

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Cheating and salting the partner

Hiding the mistakes, making illegal and unfair relations, visiting unavoidable sites/places without informing to partner, hidden spending time and money, telling a lie and more worst is this when you are holding the hand of another person (male/female) in front of your partner. It is totally cheating and salting your partner. It is the worst condition of your relationship. The real relationship can’t be built over the night, it takes time so do care about your relationships and must avid these bad habits.

Bonus Point to avoid destroy the relationship

Remember that, only relationship end but stories never end, so don’t be a story in society and circle. Don’t anger on your partner, boy/girlfriend, never fight on public places, never share your internal matters to external relatives. Love born immediately, grow slowly, and take more time to be mature, the breakup is the outcome of immature love. Don’t kill your love in rumors and unnecessary and unfair acts. Take time, give time and compromise on your wishes for the wishes of your loved one.

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Last Updated: April 07, 2020


  1. Relationships are a lot of work and it always goes both ways. True that putting the blame on the other or never reaching for a compromise or trying to understand the other can really ruin a relationship.

  2. Relationships are hard. And it is not something you can create and then just not work on ever again. Relationships are constant work in progress and understanding your partner. This is a great article and makes you think again about how we treat people in our lives.

    • Yes Julia, Relationship is not a mechanical science, which can be assemble by a specific manual, relationship need care with proper understanding on each foot step.

  3. Great points. I think it’s SO important to remember that a real relationship is not one built on the premise of changing the person that you’re with. You can’t change a person unless they want to change – Instead, we need to enter into a relationship where we can love the person where they’re at as well as supporting them if they choose to embark on the journey of self-improvement at some point. But remember, they may never take that route!

  4. This is a great list of things to avoid doing in our relationships. I think we all do some of these from time to time. So it is good to keep them in mind and consciously try to substitute better and nicer habits instead. The more encouraging both people can be in a relationship, the better.

  5. This is definitely everything what I would put on the list. I could not agree more with you. Everyone who wants to built a strong relationship should read it.

  6. These are all really good points…
    Everybody’s relationship is so unique…everybody has different needs–But respect, trust, care, and appreciation are all things that EVERYBODY needs to have a healthy relationship.

  7. These are all really important things to consider when moving into a relationship. I feel like some people don’t place a lot of importance on some of these and they can be what makes or breaks the relationship. Thank you for sharing.

  8. A lot of these people dont even realize will easily take down a relationship. this is why they take work and effort and if both people arent willing to give 100% they wont be able to make it work

  9. This is an interesting take on things, but I do not believe that breakups are caused by immaturity. Sometimes there are valid reasons that relationships can’t work aside from any of these bad habits.

  10. I agree with all of these habits! These are toxic habits that people should avoid in general. You need to feel confident and trust each other as much as possible. At the same time, it is important to be truthful to yourself and others. There is no point in living a fake life. Thanks for sharing all of these – this is something everyone needs to follow!

    Nancy ♥

  11. My brother recommended I would possibly like this web site.

    He used to be totally right. This put up truly made my day.
    You can not consider just how much time I had spent for this info!


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