The ups and downs are the beauty of life, and truth fills the colors in these ups and downs. The truth also has a 100% value in the society in which we are living. It is the guaranty of your better image building, but it also the terrible thing in your life, which can cut your circle and left you alone. Because every person of this society wants to listen to the truth about others, and no one wants to listen to the truth about him/herself. But the truth is the most beautiful habit of life, there is so many harsh truth of life you should accept right now to ensure happiness in your life.

What is the truth?

According to Plato truth means what we know, he also differentiates the truth in believing and knowing. Since there are objective truths to be known, we may believe X, but belief alone does not guarantee we are correct.

How the harsh truth will improve your life

Although life is not what you get it is how you deal with and make it. The harsh truth of life is what you learn from it or how you are living it, sometimes you can’t accept many truths of life and sometimes you feel that only harsh truth of your life has improved your life. If you would like to improve your life, then you must accept the blow discussed the harsh truth which will improve your life.

10 Harsh Truth of Life You Should Accept Right Now

Harsh TruthTo accept the truth is one of the most difficult steps in life but it is also a wonderful habit which can build your image in the society. Here are the top 10 life truth of life, you should accept they will help you deal better with life.

1. Life is unfair

Has it ever happened to you that you have done something really good and the result of that is totally the opposite? no doubt this had happened with almost every person Therefore, it is not only said but also believed that life is unfair sometimes because good people get totally opposite of what they deserve and the bad ones get the better ones. Life is not so difficult it is only made difficult by your negative thoughts, by your negative feelings. What you have to do is just keep your mind positive and accept this truth right now that life is unfair and enjoy everything with what you are blessed with.

2. Time is precious, not money

No doubt in this that money is the first and foremost need of everyone; to survive in this world and yeah money is important too but, time is much more valuable and important than money. True happiness will come when you finally achieve all of those things which you want to achieve in life, and this is only possible when you have properly managed your time. Always keep this in your mind that wasted time will never get back; time never stops it goes by. So, accept this harsh truth that time is precious than money and try not to waste even a nanosecond in your life.

3. Happiness is when you do something for others

“If you want happiness for an hour, take a nap, If you want happiness for a day, go fishing. If you want happiness for a year, inherit a fortune, If you want happiness for a lifetime, help someone else.”

This is damn true that the real happiness of yours will only be because of something which you have done for others. No am not saying to try to make others happy this will truly lead you to anxiety and stress because trying to make others happy is just like counting living frogs; when you focus on one then the next one has to jump. Real happiness is just when you did something even a little favor for anyone and then he or she is happy because of you then that is your true happiness.

4. Be productive if you want to live comfortably

For living a life, you need an aim or a goal, and these purposes and goals makes your life meaningful and purposeful life. And if you really want to live comfortably than you have to work hard for achieving those all aims and goals which you have chosen for yourself and for reaching on those goals you need to be productive. Being productive gives your life a purpose, it keeps your mind active, it increases the quality of your life, it also improves your mood, it helps you to evolve, it motivates you and also the other people who surround you, and so on. So, accept this harsh truth right now that if you want to live comfortably than you have to be productive.

5. Even if you are a good person bad thing will happen to you

This is a famous saying that good things always happen to bad peoples and no doubt in this that this is truly true (but not really all the time). So, therefore, no matter, if you are good bad things, will definitely happen to you, you know why? Because if bad things won’t happen to you then you can’t be able to know the value of being a good person. So also accept this harsh truth in your life and try to stay happy even in any of the worst situation and always remember this fact that darkness will definitely lead to lightning.

6. Things will change whether you want them to or not

“Things change whether you want them to, or not–unless you are dead. Don’t hold so hard to the past that you die with it.” ― Patricia Briggs

Nothing is permanent, everything is temporary as we are temporary in this world and this is one of the harshest truths of our life. Same as this nothing is stable or unchanged, everything has to change and will change whether you want or not. You really can’t avoid these changes, and nothing is in your hands than to accept this truth and live your life according to this.

7. Everything and everyone you love will be lost

Another harsh truth of our life is everything and everyone you love will be lost and death is the biggest prove to this. Every of that person will definitely go away from you whom you loved the most and everything for what you worked hard to achieve will be lost too and you can’t do anything for this. So, value and appreciate all of the things and relationships you have today than to regret them at your deathbed.

8. Start living, not just existing

You know there is a big difference between just existing and living life. Existing means just existing without any purpose or that is just like a physical presence without mental presence, and living life is like experiencing every bit of it; it is like appreciating and praising of every beauty which surrounds you. So, start living to just existing.

9. Don’t expect people to be polite

We are bound to follow the rules of society, but no one is bound to follow the rules of everyone, that’s why people are rude, and they mistreat others no matter how other are nice are to them. If you are expecting more from others, then you should have to start discovering the things you need to stop it. Believe me, you can make your own life more successful, happier, and attractive when you don’t expect more from others. Keep being kind to yourself and others too, it is the positiveness within you which will make you happy and successful.

10. Accept the current situation you’re in

Accepting the reality of life is the wisdom and wisdom come from experiences, but most of the peoples don’t accept the realities of life timely and life based on regret, disappointment and unsatisfied life and wait for a change in the situation and time that is not the wisdom. If you are living in the fictional version of your life then you should have to stop it and accept the current situation, your life, and your reality. No matter how the situation is terrible, first of all, accept it, understand it, study it, improve it, and go ahead.


We are well aware that energy never can die but it changes the forms, so let us accept the harsh truth of life it is the best solution to use your energy in a positive sense. Truth is bitter but life is very sensitive to the truth so as soon as possible you have to accept these 10 harsh truths of life.

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Last Updated: August 27, 2020


  1. These are excellent life lessons. My mom has always said life is not fair and bad things happen to good people. It is unfortunate but I agree, it is the harsh reality.

  2. One thing I go by is to simply live! So much goes on in our lives that many times we tend to concentrate on those bad things when all we have to do is accept it, deal with it, and move on. I’m a huge believer in the fact that we are energy and we have are magnets attracted to everything around us–the good and/or the bad. I choose to always look at the good side of things.

  3. definitely harsh truth but it is truth. Time is the most precious not money, that is important to understand and it’s important to understand when you can save money using your own time and when it is pointless.

  4. The truth isn’t always easy to deal with yet we all need to learn to at some stage. Although within the negatives there are always positives as opposites attract!

  5. oh well I agree with all of these! Yes some of these are harsh like life is unfair or bad thing do happen to good people. So hard but the sooner we accept these as facts the better off we are.

  6. This is such a great list and I totally agree with all of this. There are so many things here that as I was reading I found myself nodding my head. I think the sooner that you accept these things, your life will get better. Thanks for sharing these life lessons with us!

    cute & little

  7. Yes I certainly agree with these harsh truths, but they do truly suck! Especially the one about losing everything you love, I feel like that’s just a negative view on life and it’s best not to dwell on it and just live in the moment

  8. When you talk about harsh truths… I think of constructive criticism which is a good thing and really everyone needs it at time to time and everyone needs to be able to handle a little consecutive criticism too. I too love the life lesson of start living instead of just existing. Beautiful!

  9. I genuinely love this list! There’s so much depth in all these. It may be the harsh truth but the truth is the truth no matter how harsh it is.


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