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Life is too short

The life is too short; to
help other
fight for right
How we people find the time for;
…. negativity?
…. fight for negativity?

Live is too short but it is the most precious thing in the world. You have not to control external factors, which can be the causes of loss of the precious things in life and you feel negativity in life.

Movements of the life

There are so many movements of the life you don’t remember, you don’t share with the world, you don’t forget your whole life. If you are selfish and living for only yourself then you are limited and your memories, and most memorable movements are also limited.

Life is too short and in this short life there were so many movements happening which are still alive in heart and mind. No matter which was good or bad had been shared or not. When, I look back on my whole life I found so many good and bad movements of life-related to social, cultural, educational, economic, and in the relationships.

Five rememberable things things of life

The rememberable things of life depend upon your priorities, and some priorities are most precious, and some are normal to bad. Most of the happy moments you spent with your selected relationships, but very limited happy movements with blood relationships.

Educational and career turning point

I always feel unhappy when someone doesn’t understand my positiveness and react negatively to me. Many times, I take risks and make hard decisions, in which one decision I took when I completed High School, and got admission in college. It was my wrong decision to get admission in my nearest college and selected pre-medical, but I was good in mathematics than biology, it was the matter of career counseling and no one guided me properly. It was the career turning point, but lack of awareness and career counseling chose the wrong direction. I never shared this before.

University Life

The most memorable days are the four years of university life. Each step is rememberable, I have written a book named “days of campus and nights of the hostel” and I have shared the many memorable events of four years. My last comment diary is the witness of those events, love, care, and happy movements.


Society and social relationships are the most important things in life. The society and the impact of the social relationship on life, in which the family is the top important factor of society.

We live with a joint family system, in this system women are more vulnerable, and it has been observed that the woman always victimized by another woman. I always spoke on the side of women and faced may difficulties in society. Very few relatives support my opinion, but most of the female family members support my opinion.

Always, remember your family is irreplaceable, no any other replace your family, so you must spend more time with family and use your most of the energy for maintaining family relationships.

Marriage and fist baby

I have already shared in the last post five facts of life, but here I would like to share that I got married at the age of 24 years in November 2002. After two-year God gifted a girl baby in 2004. It was the turning point of my life, I left teaching and joined the development sector. Now she is studying in Girls Degree College, in first-year pre-medical, in the future, she wants to be a JUDGE and join the judiciary department.

Inter District migration

When, I was in fifth class we left the village and settled in the nearest town Islamkot. It the  one of most rememberable things of life, when my son joined the fifth class, we moved to the nearest city and the district headquarter of Thar Desert. Thank God, I have my own house and we are living happily.

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Last Updated: May 09, 2020


  1. Haha. I said this before and I’ll say it again: I live this blog challenge idea. Such a great way to reflect on life and be grateful. Maybe I’ll find a similar challenge to take part in. Nice post!

  2. Great write up, I can so relate to your points about life. Especially the life is too short part. Thanks for sharing your experiences.

  3. This is such an interesting post. It is good to take notes of things that happen in our lives. And keep record of the positive ones. They make for good memories when things are tough.


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