It is the 11th day of 30 days 30 blog challenge; and it made me mad because I recalled my childhood, viewed many blurred images of friends and relatives which are no more with us now. Today’s topic is “Every day a new story: Five days from my childhood memories”. If you would like to read the full series of “Every Day A New Story”, you can reach by clicking here on each day a new story Day-1, Day-2,  Day-3, Day-4, Day-5, Day-6, Day-7 and Day-8, Day-9, and Day-10.

Every Day A New Story

Very few peoples remember what exactly happened at an early age. childhood means before 3-4-year age, but I am not lucky enough from those. Most of the peoples don’t remember childhood movements, but I have tried to recall my memories and tried to write down to share with dear readers with the continuity of the 30 days 30 blog challenge.

The childhood period

According to the common understanding the childhood period of all human life about 13 years means form infancy (1-2) to adolescence (12-13). It is the period when we don’t feel the social, economic, and legal boundaries, but feel the tree is too long and like to fly with butterfly, the sparrow. Try to touch the stars, clouds and catch the moon. Hence, the happiest period of the lifespan is childhood, because of this the very simple and free from all unlimited desires, free from duties and responsibilities so the kids are not greedier like an adult human.

My Childhood

My childhood is not more different from a villager’s (local person) childhood when I tried to recall my childhood memories, some blurred images reflect in my mind, I again tried to remember more memories but I didn’t go behind the age of 4 or 5 years. I would try to share all childhood memories till I have been lived in a village named “Jogi Marhi” [Jogi= Yogi or bagger + Marhi= temple (small temple) means a sitting place of yogi].

Five days from my childhood memories

Childhood is a series of different stories, every day a new story just tries to recall your memories. Following are the five days from my childhood memories, I could not forget in my life.

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

Ghost Shadow

I remembered a horror memory; my younger brother was only two days and he became ill (now I can realize that was tetanus). There were no any clinic in the village and old women and men told me that there is a ghost inside him. They called a local exorcist, he started reading some special world speedily and blowing on the body of my brother (he was born only two days before). When my parent felt that the knowledge of exorcism is not working, then they called on another exorcist form the nearest villages, he performed his practices.


I remember I was seated in front of him, then he put the blue ink in the lid of the bottle and ask me to see in it and I silently did that. He again started telling some world and asked me to repeat these words, I did that, after few minutes I saw some images in that blue ink and told them that what I was seeing in that ink. After the one-hour exercise, he again started reading some specific sentences speedily and blowing on my brother.

Diagnosis and treatment 

But after the second day my father called a doctor from the nearest village. He came there on the camel and he diagnosed and treated. I don’t say know who was right that doctor or exorcist, but baby gets well after a few days, now he young married, father of three kids and performing his duties as a government teacher.

School Life

As I tried to remember my childhood memories. I saw me sitting on the ground under the neem tree in between about 40 other boys and girls. I saw a teacher is sitting on the chair and he is teaching us, what subject is that I don’t remember, because one teacher was responsible for all subjects and more than one class.

In my primary school there were two-room (made up of unburnt clay bricks) and one hut. The hut was for middle school students, one room was for class 1, 2 3, and second, was for class 4-5. So, therefore, there was not enough space for all students, so my classroom was under the neem tree. No matter what is the condition of the weather? Today my kids are demanding air conditioned classroom but how I completed primary education they don’t know.

Water fetching

One other important memory is reflecting in mind. I am feeling thirsty but walking behind two donkeys. Those are pulling a rope from the deep well still I must walk for 10 rounds. Underground water and deep dug well are the main source of water in the Thar Desert. On an alternate day we were fetching water for our drinking, domestic use, and water for animals. We were required 50 to 60 rounds of putting water pot in well and pull out with connected rope with the help of donkeys.

Wood Cutting

Here is one more interesting memory of childhood. The firewood collecting from the jungle was the responsibility of children, still the same practice is existing here.

We the children of our hamlet were used to go to the jungle with a rope and an ax to collect the firewood. It was the routine of everyday after returning from school. I remembered, that we were the expert in knowing the symbol of different reptiles on desert sand including lizards and snakes. Always were catching different snakes, sometimes killed them some time left to go. Routinely in the desert, no one can leave snaked live going. They killed before it bites to them, every year many peoples die with the bite of snakes.

Natural Ponds (Tarai)

I remember it like it was yesterday, it was the monsoon season, Thar desert got good rains, all the natural pond (natural depression) were filled with rainwater. I was collecting sweet (fresh) water from the natural pond (Tarai). We were spent the whole day in the natural ponds, try to swim enjoy the open available water for only one month. We were enjoying this water, and different organic wild vegetables in which one is mushrooms of the desert. After enjoying the natural swimming pole (Tarai), I was collecting mushroom, trying to catch some locusts for enjoying the dinner. Also, I was collecting the beautiful blue-green feathers of Peacock, the peacock throne feathers every year in monsoon season. I was collecting selling out 8 pieces per one PKR, but now children selling one piece in 5PKR. The childhood memories are making me mad now.


What were the days? how to prioritize only five days from my childhood memories. Still I remember different games like Kabdi Kabdi, Vanjhwati, Gabri (these are the local names of games). We were playing every evening and the entire nights under the open sky during full moon nights. There are many other memories like stories of my grandmother, religious celebrations, marriage events, camel riding, horse riding, etc.

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Last Updated: May 11, 2020


  1. You have a very interesting childhood. And even if you say that you can’t remember much, your memory is still quite pretty intact in certain situations. I can’t imagine a class under a tree at any weather.

  2. Childhood memories is ways fun, the crazy moments you get to have with other kids and the silly things you do. Seems you have so much fun as a kid. That’s interesting

  3. Really interesting to read about the childhood memories and experiences. Those memories are the strongest, I find as well.

  4. Those are neat memories! It is funny to hear what people remember the most. I’ll ask my kids what is the most memorable part of a trip, and it is almost always not what I expect!

  5. Love that you’re also doing the 30 in 30 challenge; lots of my blogger friends are too. And this one is special; it’s challenging to think back on childhood memories, especially because some of them bring about pain.

  6. I always love and interested to read childhood memories. Thanks for sharing with us. And also good to know about that you are doing the 30 in 30 challenge.

  7. Oh wow!no doubt the doctor was the one that did his job.
    Your parents make the right decision by calling a doctor.
    I’ve never been to a village but when my grandmother died mom and her sister had to relocate to the village as the only way of survival so I’ve heard stories of how people in the village always suspect foreplay when a child is I guess an exorcist was necessary at that point.
    I’m happy that your brother is all grown and married.I joyed reading this post.

  8. I cherish each and every childhood memory I have! I have happy memories, scary memories and overwhelming memories! Nice post – made me think about the memories which I cherish!


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