how to get out of your comfort zone sexuallyHow to get out of your comfort zone is a common question during these days of uncertainty around the world. The global economy is likely suffered the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression due to the COVID-19 pandemic says the International Monetary Fund the World Trade Organization. This situation is increasing the uncertainty in every field, job insecurity, food insecurity, wealth crises, health crises and life risks has been captured the world population and everyone wants to get out of their comfort zone as well as many of us would like to know about how to get out of your comfort zone sexually.

How to get out of your comfort zone

Here I would like to discuss about the resistance and getting outside of your comfort zone. It is not new invention but, I know that, we’ve all heard it before, getting out of your comfort zone is uncomfortable and we all say yeah, yeah, yeah, I get it. But then you come to the time in your life when shit gets really uncomfortable and you start questioning how uncomfortable it really should be, right? You start judging the level of comfortability, that you should actually experience. When you’re going after your dreams and goals.

Strong realization

A little while ago, I really started realizing this an important thing that really not only led me to success, but it’s also helped me lead other people beyond the comfort zone and beyond they resistance, into a greater sense of purpose and success than they ever knew before.

It is the fact that; when you are most called to purpose or you are most called to greatness, fear, doubt and discomfort are never going to be more present, neither will resistance. It doesn’t matter what level of success you’re at, when you’re going to the next level, it’s always going to be really uncomfortable.

Failure and resistance

All you need to do is change and re-present the way you see fear and failure, and the way you see resistance. Because, I have realized a long time ago that the process and the path to success can often come with birthing pains.

Look to nature

I strongly believe in nature and always look to nature. Whenever I’m going through something in life, I look to nature and see how things unfold in nature and I’ll always use that as a cue to how things go in our own lives. So therefore, what I’ve realized was that all and most success, at least in my experience thus far and I’m open to it changing, all success so far in my life has always come with contraction and expansion. There’s always that contraction before the expansion. It’s like giving birth to a new part of yourself. You’re always getting these new contractions, new expansions, in order to really birth this new self into reality.

I also like resistance and love to use the analogies and metaphors, so I hope you’re relating to this. Nevertheless, I liken resistance and getting out of your comfort zone to being like an elastic band, that’s also the contraction and the expansion.


When you’re getting out of your comfort zone and you’re facing a lot of resistance, it means you’re stretching your comfort zone. Just feel that what will happens, when you stretch an elastic band? It is like a same situation, that is the resistance, which is not allowing you to leave your comfort zone. In this situation you have to keep exercising and doing reps. So that you can continue to get the elastic, to give a little bit more, and more, and you can create more space.

Just think, are you experiencing resistance in your life?

Whether; it would be;

  • trying to find good relationship, more attraction in relationship, make a relationship better, or how to get out of your comfort zone sexually.
  • trying to get more money or get your business off the ground.
  • It shows that you are in the comfort zone of life and trying to get out from that zone that’s why you are feeling uncomfortable to leave this comfort zone.

In this type situations most people stop when the things are just about to pop, always remember and never stop before the things to start popping. Because, when you’re about to give up is usually right before the greatest success comes. Also remember that the it is the process of expansion and the success is like an elastic band.

Try and get you out of your comfort zone

Be brave and cut all fears from your life and attack your fear zones, push the boundaries which is putting you in comfort zone, and break out your comfort zone, leave your comfort zone, which will give you more opportunity in your life.


I am leaving open this topic, and I would love to read your feedback, comments, experiences and innovative thoughts about, getting out of comfort zone, how to get out of your comfort zone, how to get out of your comfort zone sexually, or breaking your comfort zone. How you are understanding this and what you have done to push past your anxiety and break out of your comfort zone.

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Always remember, Only GOD is perfect nothing else. Don’t wait for perfect, take the hand and make it perfect for your relationship. (Lifestyle Guru)

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Last Updated: November 01, 2020


  1. Getting out of our comfort zone is so important to explore new areas of interest and to learn new skills. However it is not always easy to take the first step.

  2. It really helps sometimes to try new things, go out of our comfort zones, because that’s the only way that we can learn new things, new things that we may not think are profitable but they are.

  3. This is a really insightful post. For me, I’m still having PTSD from the US recession in 2008 so I’m always very cautious when approaching new things. But I hope this post gives people the encouragement to bounce back from this pandemic!

  4. Completely agreed. Nothing true grows out of the comfort zone. We will have to go out someway or the other. Thanks for the wonderful tips.


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