Don’t look at your success or failures in the lines of the palm of your hand, hence look it inside yourself through clearly understanding these 10 top reasons why people fail in life. The road map to success is not so simple and easy but it needs time, hardworking, commitment, dedication, and consistency towards your goals. Always remember that success comes after the series of failures. The success is the result of your sustainable plans, active actions, and positive use of your skills for achieving your targets of life. I can frankly admit that I faced many failures in my life and also successfully achieve life goals after many failures, but each failure taught me valuable lessons of living life. The small failures due to hindrances and difficulties on the way to your success do not mean ‘fail in life’.

There are millions of the ways are passing through your thoughts, it is your ability to choose the right way and to be a successful person of the world. When all ways are passing through your thoughts and your mind is giving birth new thoughts, so therefore, your mind is the right place where future billionaires come to get inspired.

Reasons Why People Fail in Life

fail in lifeAccording to the personal experiences of many successful people and research studies, the reasons why people fail in life vary in different societies, communities, and traditions. As we know, many of you are fighting your own battles, so we thought, it would be valuable to you, if we were to go through some of the most common reasons why people fail. Following are the 10 top reasons why people fail in life, you must avoid these mistakes if you don’t want to fail in life.

1. Lack of self-discipline

Discipline is the foremost need of every single thing, without having discipline you even can’t do a simple thing. Having a lack of discipline in life will result in a life full of problems and obstacles; because when you are undisciplined then you just lose your self-control and you just give up most of the time, and this giving up becomes your habit. After that, you will think that avoiding these problems is the only solution. Another disadvantage of having undisciplined life is you become a short temper person which will lead you toward destruction.

And if you have a discipline than you know very well about self-control, you can easily handle the situation and you know about where you have to act positively or negatively. Having discipline in life makes you stay focused on your dreams and aims.

2. Lack of planning

Having proper planning in life is another basic and important thing for becoming successful in life. This isn’t a big problem if things are not going to act as you have planned or if your plan is not so perfect but the only thing matters that is that you really have proper planning which helps you to know how to act, where to act. A proper plan helps you to stay focused and to make all of your actions in one direction and if you haven’t any plan then you will always be confused between your actions.

Always make a plan before starting anything or always make a plan before thinking of doing anything; keep on updating your plans then and if necessary than also make some adjustments too in that.

3. Destructive thinking

You know, your thinking plays a vital role in making your life successful. This is said and means by many of others that whatever you think becomes the reality and even we all have somehow a little bit faith in this. You just can’t even imagine how much your negative or destructive thoughts can affect on your life or on your aims and goals. We can also take this as “ fear of failure” And this is clear that if you have fear of failure than you will definitely have low self-esteem and low confidence; and if you have low confidence than how can you become successful in your life.

These destructive thoughts or this fear of failure is the biggest obstacle on road toward the success. Failure teaches you many important life lessons so don’t take failure as a punishment, either take this as a lesson and learn from it to move on and to try again and to erase that fear or those destructive thoughts.

4. Lack of belief in yourself

Successful and unsuccessful persons are not only differentiated on the basis of intelligence and talent but the important difference between both is that successful people have faith or belief in themselves. They have a clear image that whatever they have decided for themselves they are going to achieve them, and they can easily handle all of the challenges which will come in front of them.

Successful people truly know that nothing will go right if they are not fully convinced of what they are doing. And on the other hand, the unsuccessful persons keep on thinking and trying to find the reasons for all the negative things which are happening with them. Therefore, this is truly important for you to get this point in your mind that how much self-belief is necessary for you.

5. Lack of humility

Humility develops the mindset of the person and enables him/her to see others in the concept of equality and equity. The egoist and arrogant people always lack humility, because these peoples always try to see themselves on the top level or better than all other relatives, coworkers, or colleagues. This type of person doesn’t want to change, they never realize and recognize their flaws, but they want to change the world that’s why they don’t grow and never succeed in the career.

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According to the ground realities of the film industry, corporate sector, and electronic media the famous celebrities, and high performers are egoists and arrogant they lack humility. Remember that these are not you real hero, but the real heroes are the humanitarians, philanthropists, humanist, and social workers who believe in equality and having humility in their actions and acts. The humility helps you to say yourself No for wrong actions in your life, it also supports you to assess your limitations with your strengths and weaknesses.

6. What will people say?

Look at that person he or she has chosen a stupid dream or aim in life, yeah am damn sure he or she is not going to achieve anything in his or her life; Huh ok now stop being confused by these statements I am clearing it. These statements are those only reasons which make you feel low and depressed; how? Because these are the statements that are said by those so-called people who really have no connection with you and with your life, but the matter is that they have to judge you in any case. And thinking of this that “What will people say, or they think?” really badly affects on you and on your mindset.

If by chance that person really got failed in your life then it is just like he or she had done the biggest crime, everyone is going to say or confront him or her. You know if you got this habit of thinking about what others will say than it is just like a drug and then you just can’t handle this in any case. So just forget about what others will say just listen to your heart and yourself, don’t focus on others just focus on yourself; because people are going to judge you in any way so just go and achieve your dream and then say yeah you did it, and make your life the better one.

7. Overthinking strangles dreams

There is a famous saying that if the road to success would be overthinking then in our society there would be just 5% failures and the rest of 95% would be the successful ones. But the bitter truth is overthinking is the just opposite of what you think it leads you toward failure, and if you really want to do overthinking then overthink about your success not about anything else. Overthinking just causes you worried or stressed and will worrying and stress you just can’t do anything. So, avoid overthinking and focus on your life and making that amazing and peaceful.

8. Refusal to float against the current flow

No matter, in which society you are living but every society encourages you to swim with the current situation and understand the ways of wind around you. Actually, swimming with the flow is always easier but swim against the flow is too tough. Swimming with the flow is the concept of following every rule no matter you agree with that or not but swimming against the flow is totally right based approach, which will encourage you to fight for your right.

And the power owner feel threatened by those peoples who always challenge prevailing opinions. Hence, the winners are those who succeed by swimming against the flow and they empowered them to go against the stream instead of going behind the stream. Believe in your skills, knowledge, and wisdom, and understand the flow of time, never refuse to swim against the flow but keep continue the things that match with your inherent powers and talents.

9. Reluctance to network

Strong networking the key pillar of success, and reluctance to the network is the key factor of why people fail in life. If you are reluctant to the network then rethink your habits and skills, try to be the part of networks, or strengthen your network.

10. Mistaking IQ for EQ

You know the main issue is most people think IQ is the necessary term for being successful in life but no! now new research clears this fact that for being successful in your life EQ ( emotional quotient) plays a vital role. Emotional intelligence or emotional quotient helps a person to recognize their own abilities and also of others and to get that emotional information in use to guide thinking and adjust their own emotions for achieving one’s goal. IQ just makes you intelligent but with only intelligence, you can’t achieve success in life, your emotional intelligence is needed the most in being successful especially in life.


So many people beings dream of carrying out the best things or set fantastically tough goals of life. But they stop running with dreams when they realize how much wider goal of life they have set. So, be in your limits, plan your life according to your wisdom and resource. Follow these 10 top reasons why people fail in life if you want to succeed in your life.

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Always remember, Only GOD is perfect nothing else. Don’t wait for perfect, take the hand and make it perfect for your relationship. (Lifestyle Guru)

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Last Updated: August 21, 2020


  1. All these points are so right but I also believe that it is mostly due to self-discipline, and this thought that what might people pulls people down. Another thing I’ve also seen that people do not have patience. When things start getting a bit low people give up easily, that is also a big thing due to which people fail!

  2. This is such a well-written article. I personally believe and agree with much of what you said. Trying to be self-disciplined and proactive and get ahead myself

  3. So rightly put, all these points are so relevant, but I personally feel, lack of confidence and destructive thinking go a very long way in making a failure out of life.

  4. The things other people say is something that has held me back in the past. lately i have pushed passed that because I dont think they think about me as much as i thought or at all.

  5. Yes, these are all true. I have had my share of most of these and I still do sometimes. We are always going to fail at almost every aspect of life. The problem is most of us are not prepared for it.

  6. Yesssssss! These are all so true and such a great reminder for me to work on some of these topics. Thank you for sharing!

  7. Interesting article. Many people do not realize their mistakes and shortcomings. Planning, discipline, honesty play vital roles. I am seen that from my experience. A person may be hardworking but without prioritizing and planning its difficult to achieve the deadlines be it professional or personal

  8. I don’t think I agree with the post. I mean, I don’t think anything in life should be seen as a failure. It’s really taxing. Yes, we might not achieve our desired goals but thinking of one’s self as a failure is not the right way to look at it! It’s just a perspective, the article has a different perspective than mine 🙂

  9. Most dreams were crushed by “what would people say” It is amazing to see how many give up on what they want or dream about just because they are afraid of judgment.

  10. There are so many reasons why people fail in life, and one of them is not seeing failure as a lesson, something to learn from and do better next time.

  11. Agree with you, valid points. Planning and organizing your activities and believing your self are very important. Socializing also is essential.

  12. I feel like destructive thinking where you think more negative than positive is what affects myself. Also overthinking is definitely too overwhelming for me and causes me not to go for what I want.. You definitely have to change your mindset for sure.


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