Since the last few months, book lovers have started a campaign on Facebook to encourage book readers. Today I have been invited by Mr. Asif Khaskheli through this campaign to read the book ‘Think and Grow Rich’ a book that will change your life. I have accepted the challenge and read this book. Here is the summary/review of the book ‘Think and Grow Rich’ by Napoleon Hill and inspired by a suggestion from Scottish-American businessman Andrew Carnegie.

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Think and Grow Rich

According to the title of this book “Think and Grow Rich” you would think that this will suggest you how to get rich, but this is a strong motivational book for personal development and self-improvement, which is suggesting a clear roadmap and strategic plan to succeed in your life. The book was first published during the Great Depression. At the time of Hill’s death in 1970, Think and Grow Rich had sold more than 20 million copies and by 2011 over 70 million copies had been sold worldwide. It remains the biggest seller of Napoleon Hill’s books.

Think and Grow Rich: The Landmark Bestseller Now Revised and Updated for the 21st Century (Think and Grow Rich Series)

A Book That Will Change Your Life

“There is no such a thing as something for nothing” Napoleon Hill.

The book of Napoleon Hill ‘Think and Grow Rich’ is suggesting most of the key founding principles of success, you should read it before you plan your business. It was published in 1937 but it is among the 10 best-selling self-help books of all the time. Hill’s new wife Rosa Lee Beeland contributed substantially to the authoring and editing of Think and Grow Rich. Hill’s biographers would later say this book sold 20 million copies over 50 years, although as Richard Lingeman remarks in his brief biography, “Alice Payne Hackett’s ’70 Years of Best Sellers’ suggests the amount was considerably less.”

Writer of Book

Oliver Napoleon Hill was born on October 26, 1883, in Pound, Virginia, U.S and died on November 8, 1970, in Greenville, South Carolina, U.S. Napoleon Hill was an American journalist, salesman, lecturer and writer, most of his books are on the principles to achieve success. The notable books are Think and Grow Rich (1937), The Law of Success (1928), and Outwitting the Devil (1938).


There are thirteen (13) chapters in the book ‘Think and Grow Rich’ these chapters are also called the steps to be rich. 1. Desire, 2. Faith, 3. Autosuggestion, 4. Specialized Knowledge, 5. Imagination, 6. Organized Planning, 7. The decision, 8. Persistence, 9. Power of the Master Mind, 10. The Mystery of Sex Transmutation, 11. The Subconscious Mind,12. The Brain, and 13. The Sixth Sense.

What Mr. Hill described

These all money making secrets are an outcome of 500 interviews of most rich persons. Although the key goal of the book ‘Think and Grow Rich’ is money but it also the ways of being rich are spiritual and professional too.

Desire comes from desire so desires never be ends in your life, and to be rich is the desire of everyone. Mr. Hill putted desire on number one, faith on number two, making decision on number 7th, and sixth sense at the end on 13th number. You must evaluate the series of the Hill’s steps and understand the importance of every step. Everyone wants to be rich and it depends upon you how you are understating, planning and implementing your money goal, because “capitalistic society guarantees every person the opportunity to provide service and to collect riches in proportion to the value of the service”. Napoleon Hill says in the seventh step ‘decision’.

What I don’t like in this book

The thoughts, examples, and experiences are outdated, we are running very fast with emerging new technologies, cryptocurrency, e-commerce and new modern money-making strategies. No drought the examples and stories has been updated but something seems outdated. When I go through whole book and observed that the chapter number tenth (10) ‘The mystery of sex transmutation’ is not most relevant it seems unnecessary. I really enjoyed this book, and chapters like desire, faith, specialized knowledge, imagination, organized planning, and others but few thoughts and chapters irritated me too.

What I like in ‘Think and Grow Rich’

Mr. Hill added the case stories which are very motivational and attractive for reader. These tales and success stories are making reader able to take decision to be rich. I personally like the way which is focus on shifting the mindset to be rich. This is also providing many steps of planning and achieving your money goals.


I would like to recommend this book to read, re-read and follow the self-development principles and step to grow rich.

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Last Updated: August 29, 2020


  1. There are several materials circulating that talk about how positivity in thought can bring about success. This is very true as long as we are working on those things with a positive attitude. Dreaming without action won’t get us far! Great article!

  2. I didn’t hear about this book before. It sounds very interesting for people who are looking to start their own business but don’t yet have the right motivation to set the first stones.

  3. I love this book! I first read it like five years ago and I was completely immersed in it. I get what you’re saying about how it’s very outdated because it’s a very old book. But the principles are the same. We just have to adjust it to our current situations.

  4. I have seen this book so many times in my life, but I have avoided checking it out. I may have to go ahead and give it a read finally.

  5. Ok, but why does it sound like ‘Law of Attraction’ book. I really hope they aren’t similar. I liked your honest review here. I’ll check it out!

  6. This sounds like an interesting read and I love any book that educates. I will for sure be checking this one out so thank you for sharing!


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