We are social when we follow the rules of society. We are social animal, because of following the rules of society. The society teaches us the lesson of living together and take care of each other, don’t focus on others’ lives but always “keep eyes in your own paper” (Lesson from lifestyle guru).

Keep Eyes on Your Own Paper

As a blogger, I never compare myself with other bloggers because everyone has own experiences and own way of sharing. As an experienced development professional, I always tried to keep my eyes on my own ways and use to analysis my own experiences, skills, knowledge and use of my strengths to avail the opportunities.

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Research is very important for every field. Also the research is the basic tool of blogger and development professionals. They generates innovative ideas and proposes the best solutions about that. Hence, I always use secondary information to interpret it with my own collected primary information. The primary information is gathered for each specific research. For this, I always watch current TED talks, inspiring movies, table talks, discussion of intellectuals, direct discuss with communities, workers as well as professional, also read the research papers and books which support to my research topic.

The specific research for each topic and keeping eyes on my own papers strengthened my ideas, which supports me to write continuously.

Different factors matter in keep eyes on your papers.

Society Matters

The social responsibilities connect us with others’ rights, therefore we should keep in mind, these responsibilities never mean to focus your eyes on others personal matters, but the social norms bound us, on don’t look at what everyone else is doing, but worry about yourself.

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As I know, it is very easy to think about others that, they are living better life than you, I haven’t more money they have a lot, they don’t have children, how they live in small house, they are dependents, they don’t save, and many comments and questions but society also teaches us that “dry bread at home is better than roast meat abroad”.

Professional Career Matters

As a professional you should focus on your own roadmap of career. You will fail, if you started to run on your colleagues’ career roadmap. In a professional career, it is most important that; you should aware about your targets, projects, programs and parallel your personal development plans. If you forgot your own life goals, you will lose everything, and your colleagues will be left you behind.

I stay in my lane and do what I want to do. I don’t worry about the outside world. (JaVale McGee)

I have learnt so many lesson from lifestyle guru. Which lessons are the roadmap for my life. According to that, not limited to this but age, time, location, company, friends circle, family, nation, community and vary important is that your contribution also matter.

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Lifestyle Guru: 11/29/2019


  1. You make a very good point that what works for one person is not necessarily what works best for yourself. It is important to be your authentic self in every part of your life, because then you will discover the best results.

  2. Good post. We need to focus more on our own journey than that of our neighbor’s. Comparison is an endless game and too much effort is wasted that way. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Great post. It’s almost like that saying, “I’m too busy watering my grass to see if yours is greener.” I try my best to stop comparing because it’s unnecessary. Each individual is different with different progress. Focusing on ourselves is the way to go. Thank you for the great points.

  4. I’m guilty about this to be honest. Sometimes I really try and compare myself with others. But that’s a good lesson to learn. Always be yourself and truthful to your passions in life.

  5. Really good points you are making here. It’s sometimes hard to keep your eyes on your own paper because we get so concerned about what others are doing!


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