Welcome to spring 2020, today is first day of spring 2020 season, let us discuss the things we love about spring, the queen of all seasons. The spring is the season of flowers, colors, love, hopes and go green. It depends upon whether when the spring is starts.

First Day of Spring 2020

Meteorological, one year is divided into four seasons and according to that spring starts on 1st March and ending on 30th April. According to astronomical spring starts this year on 19th March 2020. It is one day earlier same as 124 year ago in 1896 the spring arrived earlier. Astronomically seasons observed on the position of Earth’s in relation to Sun.

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The start and end of seasons may impact on our lifestyle, eating habits, wearing styles, traveling plans, seasonal events etc. But this year whole world is panic of coronavirus pandemic, some countries announced lock-down including Italy, Spain, China and my country too.

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I would like to welcome Spring here through this blog with my readers, bloggers and writer’s community, also pray for early recovery of all infected peoples and safety of whole world.

Personal hygiene is our prime responsibility, and we have to include the practice of social distancing during this emergency situation. The spring is the season of hopes so, I hope the arrival of this spring will decrease this panic and will create romantic environment through spreading the fresh air with the fragrance of different flowers.

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Things we love about spring

The spring is the queen season, so we love to all aspects of spring.

Goodbye weighty cloths

We are just happy and breathing in fresh air, and we have left heavy blankets, dark colored jackets, puffy jackets, warm cloths. We have opened the widows and ventilators of our houses we are happy because temperature is rising up and up. It also depends upon the conditions of your living area; be careful the cold can catch you if you are so early to coming of spring.

Enjoy outside with perfect temperature

The perfect environment with perfect temperature enjoys the outside trips and say goodbye to winter. Early walk, night gatherings, some classical music nights, light drinks, some Ice-cream there are so many things are waiting for you and your friends, really spring is calling you. (Just remember and take care of yourself and others, if you are living in coronavirus affected area)

Spring Entertainments, flower everywhere

I love flowers and love to decorate my interior with colorful flowers and nurture new flowers. After four months period of chill winter, spring is coming with dazzling flowers. Lush green landscapes of beautiful valleys are ready to sing romantic songs with you. This is the time to enjoy natural fragrance of different flowers and spend more time outside and set out your new travel plan and next adventure also make the worthwhile memories for life!

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Spring has so many colors but brightly colors are the common choice of every person in spring. Our light and bright colors make romantic match with outside colorful environment.
Enjoy the season of colors, enjoy your colorful Easter, spend more time with your loved ones with a smile on your face! (lifestyle guru)

Your feedback is the great inspiration for us to share more stories, thoughts and experiences of life and lifestyle guru.

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Last Updated: March 19, 2020


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