Happy weekend, today I would like to share weekend tips under the topic of what is your secret to youthful glowing skin. There are so many tips but here are some easy, important and great tips you must follow.

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Secret to glowing skin

Following are some secret to glowing skin;


Safe drinking water is the best one for getting glowing skin and even for your health, the water is really beneficial. Maximum drink 9 to 10 glasses in a day and maximumly drink 7 to 8 glasses.


After water, your diet plays a vital role in making your skin glowing ever. Make a proper routine of your diet and don’t ever skip meal at any cos. And take organic food as much as you can in your diet.


And after dieting Your sleep is the foremost need of your glowing skin. Take much sleep as much as you can and maximumly I will recommend about 6 to 7 hours in every night, and if you have plenty of vacant time in day; so also take an hour sleep in daytime too.


Exercise gives your body a shape and this is also responsible for your skin’s quality shaping. The exercise also makes your skin glowing and look fresher. Exercise almost daily and if you have time than exercise twice in a day or do yoga much. I am sure that you will definitely see a big advancement.

No cosmetic

If there is not any special occasion, then don’t apply makeup on your skin. And try to avoid chemicals because they make your skin harsh. In normal routine use just a facial cleanser and a sunscreen that’s all.

Keep smiling

Stress, sadness, depression and grief these all things just make life miserable and they also have a bad affect on your skin too. So always keep smiling and always keep yourself happy. Your happiness is your biggest weapon over anything.

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Last Updated: August 22, 2020


  1. Actually all these points are not only accurate but perfect to maintain a going youthful skin! I need to start taking more care!

  2. Like your tips. Water and diet yes I am maintaining that. Sleep I am trying as this pandemic takes away my mental stability sometimes. Exercise I used to do regularly now bit reduced. I need to revive myself again.

  3. These are all good suggestions. I do break the no cosmetics one every time I leave the house. But with covid, I don’t leave as much, so now there are many days that I don’t wear makeup. Unfortunately, wearing a mask has made my skin worse than the makeup ever did.

  4. I know my face ends up glowing and looking healthy when I’ve been consistently working out as well as eating healthier. It can be life changing for sure for not just my looks, but my entire body.

  5. Diet has a direct effect on your skin. If you eat healthy, lots of fruits and vegetables, your skin will show it. If you eat too much fast food and fried foods, your skin will start developing all sorts of spots, acne and other illnesses.


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