During this global health disaster ‘COVID-19 pandemic’, we are all facing major changes in our everyday routines and the toxic situation in everyday life. To detox your mind and soul are always necessary but in this toxic situation of life, self-care is crucial for good mental and physical health as well as detoxifying your mind and soul.


This situation is creating and multiplying the stress everywhere, including lockdown, work from home, lack of resources, family obligations, loss of income sources, closure of business, and many others. That is the moment that it feels like everything about your life goes downhill.

Ways to detox your mind and soul

Whether you are facing a big crisis, dealing with a breakup, living with a decline, health crisis, workload stress, lack of resources, financial crisis, and mental health crisis you must care for yourself to reduce your stress to detox your mind and soul.

Here are the ways to detox your mind and soul. These will help to keep you free from any toxic moment in life and to get you through the tides and seasons of life.

Take a deep breath

Taking a deep breath means to try to make yourself feel relaxed, calm, strong, free from all sorts of negativity, and making yourself more confident. Whenever you feel low or face a difficult time in your life and you have to take any serious action, you must stay few minutes alone, think behind the reasons and causes of the situation, take a deep breath and then decide what you have to do?.

Remove negative people from your life

Bad or negative people are always going to drag you down, and even leave you sick. These peoples create a negative environment around you and negativity in your mind and soul. Always remember that you can’t change them so you must re-arrange your circle and remove the negative peoples for your life circle.

Whenever you find like somebody in your life makes you feel sad, insecure, or otherwise not like you, so you don’t have to go out of your way to keep them around. Do as your soul desires and search out those who will satisfy you.

Live in the moment

Always enjoy your happiness, joy and time which is full of love, don’t waste time on past stories and future worries which will fill your life with love and joy and live the life that brings a smile to your heart. Putt your efforts in positive activities like arts, music, writing, or business which suits you. It is not possible to change the past and control on future just try to manage the present and take better steps for a better future. Live in the moment and enjoy your present.

Find a job which you enjoy

A piece of staggering news, according to some study reports, 70 percent of Americans don’t work because they don’t like that job but continue that job is the need of meeting the routine expenses of life.

This situation makes you toxic soul, so therefore you must come out from the comfort zone and find the job which you can enjoy.

Eat organic and healthy

An organic, healthy, and diet foods will keep your mind fresh, healthy, and stress-free. Avoid eating unhygienic and unhealthy food especially in the current situation of COVID-19 pandemic. Fresh and nutritious food items must be in your kitchen and purchasing list. Do not forget to remain hydrated; drink a glass of warm water and half a lemon in the morning and have your eight glasses of water all day long. The whole idea is to keep things healthy, to make sure your body receives all the nutrients things wants.

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Always remember, Only GOD is perfect nothing else. Don’t wait for perfect, take the hand and make it perfect for your relationship. (Lifestyle Guru)

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Last Updated: June 06, 2020


  1. These are some great tips, I would probably add a dose of exercise or walk here because a healthy mind comes from a healthy body!

  2. Stress is a terrible thing. It’s the root of many health problems. Unfortunately it can’t always be avoided but we can take steps like the ones from your post to manage it. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Love all these tips! I’m sure they’re extremely helpful in setting a clear mind for yourself. Great tips! I’ll for sure be using them in my daily routine!

  4. I’ve been slowly removing toxic people from my life or, those I can’t remove such as family, I’ve been putting more distance between. It’s left my mindset and mental health a hell of a lot better!

  5. Detoxing is getting a lot of hype at the moment. If you do a simple search for detox, you will receive an overwhelming amount of results; juice detox, sugar detox, coffee detox, meat detox and even digital detox. There is a detox out there for just about every area of your life. However, a detox isn’t just a popular hype and is more than reducing your screen time on social media. It can affect your health, diet and overall well being and so it’s important to read a little more and find out exactly what it means and how you can do it without getting lost in an online storm.

  6. This is a great post. Eating organic and healthy does make a big difference. That’s a staple of detoxing your body. I’m always at my best when I’m eating clean.

  7. Unfortunately, we cannot make the stress and hardship go away at this time, but we can do all of the things above to keep our minds and health the best that they can be under the circumstances. I am praying for peace and an end to all of the strife and hardship soon.

  8. These are wonderful tips to hear today, and yes, this lockdown giving us a lot of stress and an anxiety but I am sure life will become more easier if we are going to trust everything to God and by following these tips.


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