stop being tired

How to stop being tired all the time and get your energy back

The environment around you impacts your lifestyle, it treats you as you treat it. Your attitude towards your lifestyle may become the cause of stress, poor diet, not enough...
how to build a resume online

How to build a resume online – 10 Job Search Websites

The COVID 19 global pandemic in 2020 has had a significant effect on the worldwide job industry. Almost whole world adopted the WHO instruction and lockdown arrangements, and also...
how to build momentum in business

How to build momentum in business

The building momentum in your business means increasing the things that move your business forward and decreasing those that hold your business back. Momentum is vital to establishing a...
Gap Year Budget

Tips for Doing Your Gap Year Budget

What came to your mind when you heard the words of the gap year budget? Do you imagine yourself at the famous places in the world or do you...
gap year in resume

How to put a gap year in resume – CV types

Natural and man-made disasters are common reasons for the gap in the resume of millions of workers. Currently, the COVID-19 pandemic affected globally and became the reason for the...
goal review

June goals review – Performance review and goal setting

June 2020 is ending today, it is not the ending of the only month, but it is the ending of the financial year 2019-20. I'll try telling you all...