Kot Diji Fort

Visit the fort of the daughter – Kot Diji Fort pre harappan civilization

Traveling is not only enjoyment, but it is an opportunity of learning new things, strengthens the experience, and broadens your perspective. Traveling to new...
Keratin Hair Treatment

Keratin Hair Treatment – Brazilian Keratin Smoothing Hair Treatment

Dear readers, thank you for your very much encouragement on my last post. “5 most common causes of hair breakage” and “how to get...
how to make your life

How To Make Your Life Less Complicated

The real essence of life is achieving your personal and professional goals and meeting your objectives. Thinking about achieving the goals, planning for it,...
A coldest point

A Visit to Gorakh Hill – A coldest Point in The Hottest Area

It was the time of Eid Holidays when we decided to visit some historical places of Sindh included a visit to Gorakh Hill a...
set up your goals

July Goals Review – 5 Steps to Set Up Your Goals of August

I was not much confident due to the COVID-19 pandemic, when I shared my July Goals at the beginning of this month but today...
how to become more resilient

How to become more resilient when things get tough

Life cannot always run on the same road, ups and downs are the unavoidable parts of it; because change is inevitable no one can...
powerful habits

6 Powerful habits that can change your life and career

I read somewhere that survival is only about change because everything is going through an evolutionary process and is changing. It is very difficult...
blogging strategy

Weekend Blogging Strategy of World in Eyes – Bloggers can apply

As a regular blogger, I experienced slow work, less traffic, and low income on weekends. It is my personal experience, perhaps you may not...
how to trust life

How to Trust Life – Type of People Should Not Be Trusted in Life

Your personality influences everything, from the friends you choose to your acts, lifestyle, attitude, and behavior towards the things, which are connected to your...
CeraVe Moisturizing Cream

CeraVe Moisturizing Cream for Normal to Dry Skin

Today I am sharing here my simple and quickest review of a world-famous cosmetic item ‘CeraVe Moisturizing Cream’. It is white in color; thick...
better to stay quiet

How it is better to stay quiet in specific situations

A good listener is more successful than a good talkative person so, it is better to stay quiet and wait for the right time...
super diet plan

Super Diet Plan – To make your skin fresh and glowing

Today I would like to discuss super diet plan to make your skin fresh and glowing. I think every woman of the globe look...
how to cook mushroom biryani

How to Cook Mushroom Biryani at home – Traditional Recipe

In the Thar Desert especially, local peoples don’t like to eat more rice, but during rainy season mushroom biryani is often made regularly, also...
indigenous recipe

An Indigenous Recipe of Mushrooms – Desert Organic Mushroom

The wild mushrooms are very famous as naturally grown, pure, and organic vegetables in the Thar Desert. Last week Thar desert got first rain...
stop being tired

How to stop being tired all the time and get your energy back

The environment around you impacts your lifestyle, it treats you as you treat it. Your attitude towards your lifestyle may become the cause of...
invest in yourself

How to Invest in Yourself and Ways To Change Your Life

Change is the only constant thing, nothing else is constant in life. If you want to make a positive change in your life, then...
think and grow rich

Think and Grow Rich – A Book That Will Change Your Life

Since the last few months, book lovers have started a campaign on Facebook to encourage book readers. Today I have been invited by Mr....
harsh truth of life

10 Harsh Truth of Life You Should Accept Right Now

The ups and downs are the beauty of life, and truth fills the colors in these ups and downs. The truth also has a...
secret to youthful glowing skin

What is your secret to youthful glowing skin – Weekend tips

Happy weekend, today I would like to share weekend tips under the topic of what is your secret to youthful glowing skin. There are...
why people fail in life

10 Top Reasons Why People Fail in Life

Don’t look at your success or failures in the lines of the palm of your hand, hence look it inside yourself through clearly understanding...
why should you never give up

why should you never give up in the life

Human is the only specie on the globe, which is strongest and resilient species on the globe and got different hard and tough experiences...