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Corona virus disease (COVID-19) effects, symptoms and safety measures

This post is about the effects, symptoms and guidelines for safety measure, which will keep you safe from Corona virus disease (COVID-19) effects.Outbreak of Corona Virus and prevention The corona virus is a serious issue...
Early Childhood Development

Challenges in Early Childhood Development

The development and government sector are facing challenges in early childhood development on different phases including early education. Early childhood education is commonly known as nursery education, ECE is also known as the teaching...

Ways Social Media Effects Our Self esteem

Social media means the software (apps and websites), which are open for everyone to share their ideas, contents, reflections in a real-time and very efficient way, There is the need of understand the social...

Domestic Violence Causes in America | Frequency and Factors Know About

Gender Based Violence is a fundamental violation of Human Rights. Domestic violence causes in America is not different to other countries. The research reports have been showing the alarming figure of frequency, causes and...

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