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Things that keep you organized

December 2019 Goals and Recap of November Goals, worldineyes

We are putting our foot on twelfth step of 2019’s stair. Yea, it is December the last month of 2019, exactly after 31 days, we will be in Twenty-Twenty. Most of the people don’t believe...

Live your life organized | Ways to organize your life today

Naturally, thinking, feeling and acting are the key characteristics of human mind. Society directly affect the thinking, feeling and acting and human changes the mind time to time according to environment. You have born alone...

Make Your Work-plan SMART | Increase Your Motivation to Work on Mondays

Today is Monday, you are at workplace felling tired and upset thinking about your tasks and you table is ringing to complete outstanding tasks of last week. We are here to help you, maintaining...

Give Every Dollar A Name | Tips to control expenses

Making money is hard and keeping it is even harder, so give every dollar a name and try these tips to control expenses (Lifestyle Guru). We believe or not, but Math is the necessity to...

My Top 8 November Goals | What I want to accomplish in November

It is the time to plan lifestyle. Don’t leave the yacht of your life on the will of wind and waves of society. I would like to share here “What I want to accomplish...

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