What came to your mind when you heard the words of the gap year budget? Do you imagine yourself at the famous places in the world or do you imagine yourself in the world wonder places or do you feel that you are flying in the sky? Maybe you imagine yourself among the peoples who are in the queue for getting one bottle of drinking water among those who need your support. It totally depends upon your way of lifestyle and your gap year budget.

Everybody wants a gap year at some stage in his/her life, but it is a totally different region to region, society to society, religious group to religious groups, and economic class to economic class.

Gap Year

The gap year is the best opportunity to take a break from the busy and stressful routine life also concentrate on your own professional development. It is also the opportunity to explore the nature and beautiful world around you, no matter how much money you have in your pocket.

Biggest worries in gap year

So many people considering money is one of the biggest worries in gap year and millions of peoples of the world are worried due to unemployment, food insecurity, water insecurity, and It is also estimated that about 150 million people are homeless worldwide. According to the global labor pool considered approximately 3 billion workers and around 200 million unemployed. What do you think, what will be the meaning of gap year for them? What is the importance of the gap year budget in their lives?

Tips for Doing Your Gap Year Budget

Always, there are so many benefits like exploring the world, academic, professional, and emotional can be getting by taking a gap year and so many peoples are planning to visit the world in gap year budget.

What about you, your wallet is allowing you to plan your gap year trip, or you are delaying your plan due to empty wallet. Don’t worry, you can plan a gap year at a very low cost or the without a big amount of cash in your bank account. sure, you can! Here are the tips to help you to give name every dollar and doing your gap year budget.

Prepare a gap year budget plan

As I already described the controlled use of money and the importance of saving in the previous article, ‘Give Every Dollar A Name’. Here I would like to share my same meaningful words, making money is hard, and keeping it is, even more, hardest, so give every dollar a name and control expenses. It really is essential for preparing your gap year budget without going empty your bank account.

To give every dollar a name means, you have added on your list everything you want to do. Everything means how much, when, how, and where to have to do and get it, workout properly and make it possible for everything. Don’t forget to put an emergency fund in your budget.

Remember that never exchange your money at Airports because they will dry out your gap year budget in exchange rates.

Keep saving money to cover gap year budget

There many practical ways you can follow and the same money to cover your gap year budget. First of all, cut back on unnecessary expenses from your lifestyle. Also, you should re-evaluate your spending patterns, to keep them under control, and to start investing smartly for funding your gap year. If you are a regular taxpayer so you should tax refund into your gap year saving account. Don’t waste any unused stuff but try to sell out all unusable material that is hanging in your room/house. For selling this old junk you can use any e-store. Don’t use the profit you received in your saving account in your routine expenses, put this profit in your saving account for your gap year budget.

Analysis of your incoming and outgoings

You must work out on the analysis of your incomings which includes your saving from main income, gifts, paid work, any other income, you may also consider the fundraising techniques (like selling some famous items (Thari Handicrafts, Thari Embroidery) of your area at your next destination, take part in a sponsored event, affiliate marketing, brand ambassador) or you could borrow money from your family, bank, educational grants and corporate grants.

Also, you should plan your gap year budget and consider all outgoings including your basic required things (food, water, clothes, accommodation and utility expenses), travel/tour expenses (flights, read travel, visa, and other fees), insurance, educational expenses, medical expenses, and other socializing expenses. Always remember that your outgoings never exceed your incomings.

Select cheap travel plan

Always select a cheap country, cheap flights and cheap accommodation. Also, eat local food (local food is cheap everywhere around the globe). Focus on your visit, exploring the beauty of places, the history behind the places, and the importance of the place you are visiting but never focus on executive accommodation, travel, and status. The executive style will drain your wallet after a couple of beers and a sandwich. If you’re a drinker, then you must test the local brand. Don’t finalize accommodation and your purchases without double cheek and especially research your living cost which can be reduced double times by staying away from more expensive and tourist places.

Right time travel booking

Early booking can be beneficial and urgent booking can be more expensive so you must confirm all logistics early and before your arrival. Do to early as soon as possible and it will be possible to save some money. To get the benefits of discounts on air tickets, train and bus tickets, and hotel bookings.

Prefer Night Travel

Night travel can save your accommodation cost and you can take a little rest in night travel. In this way, you will spend more time exploring more places and natural beauty.

Don’t try to see everything

When you are going to visit a new place then you are probably excited, to see each and every place you have to listen about, or you googled that you think it’s enough for a whole year. You should be flexible in your itinerary of places. Don’t waste your time and don’t let go anyplace without visiting it depends upon you how you are planning your time and places.

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Last Updated: July 05, 2020


  1. Gap year around here is usually someone staying home between school years and spending the year working to build up needed money. This is great advice for working out a gap year, though!

  2. Excellent tips, especially right now during covid-19. We’ve done gap year 2 years ago and also we prepared the plan !

  3. I do gap months all the time in summers but due to covid it halted that. I want to do a true gap year when covid is over I have a place I want to travel to!

  4. These tips are amazing. I’m not a student nor do I have kids that may have a gap year but it is still a great read.

  5. To be honest this is the first time that I’ve heard about this word “Gap Year” but as I read your post it’s an important time for us to have this once in a while to reset our mind and body of the stress that we’re experiencing from our day to day work routine. Everybody should consider this and take time to do this. Thanks for sharing and giving us something to ponder about.

  6. I never really thought about having a gap year budget plan. This is a great idea and it’ll definitely help within keeping me ahead of everything as well as prepared!

  7. You always have very in-depth and relevant tips for your readers and this hits the nail again! I’ve lived abroad many times for a year and these are very similar to the tips I used.

  8. These are some really great tips to consider when planning a gap year. Indeed useful this time of the pandemic.

  9. Great article and tips. One thing I’ve found is that having that well stocked emergency fund removes a lot of the worries that other people presumably have. We don’t have to worry about how to pay the bills or buy food etc if for whatever reason I stop getting paid, and it means we can remain calmer and not as stressed about the situation, financially at least.


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