Climate changes have a great impact on your skin. As the climate changes you can observe that your skin condition changes as well. Wither affects skin and hair more than other body parts. If the condition is good, then it would change to bad then to worse and if a proper routine isn’t followed then into worst. So therefore, is necessary to change your routine too with the climate changes which are suitable for your skin.

First, we are gonna talk about the effects and after that what we should do for that effects.

Winter Affects Skin and Hair:

Every change left its effects on human mind as well as body, same as winter affects skin and hair. We have to understand the weather ans accept changes by making change in your daily use cosmetics as well as you organic food and wearing styles.

1. Effects on our skin:

It has so many effects like the first and main problem is acne, or we can also call it pimples. It is the main problem of everyone in winter season. Acne is caused because of bacteria enters in our body, when we don’t take care of our health. Even it is another effect of climate change that our skin pores are blocked and sebum too (which is the protective layer of our skin), also reduces the blood circulation, which leads to so many other harmful effects. Such as skin gets dry and flaky skin all of there effects are caused by the climate changes. Even another effect known as Eczema in which your skin gets inflamed, red, rough and cracked.

It is a bacterial infection or caused by any body allergy or any inflammatory response all due to climate change and many of other effects are there which are caused due to climate change.

2. Effects on our hair:

In winter season hair gets damage as much as compared to another season. We have to take a great care of our hairs in cold weather (winter) like as the problem, which we face mostly is that hair fall. This is just like seasonal hair loss. It is so because in cold weather the air losses hydration and humidity there is lot of lack. It leads to breakage of your hair and it also leads to dry scalp which cause dandruff and it is the major problem after hair fall. Another effect is that your hair becomes dull, losses skin look. Which is worse than all and no one wants that. The common issue which leads to all of there is dry hair and the dry hair are caused by climate changes, although are other reasons too but we are just talking about the climate change effects.

Above mentioned effects are same which are in directly proportional to weather changes. Now I would like to share some important solutions for all of the effects.

Solutions for all skin conditions:

The simple solution will be a proper and better routine to follow. Otherwise use of a soap (moisture) of any face wash and be sure that rub it well and after washing the face then use best tonner you can also use rose water because it is the best remedy for all type of effects and after use a moisturizer for your skin to give you a look and moisturizer your skin and protects you.

[Plus Point]- Use ice-cube twice or trice in a week.

Solution for Hair:

Same as well keep a routine to follow, especially in cold weather firstly change your shampoo and conditioner and chose the one which is suitable for your hairs and also for that which type of hairs you have. Use warm tools for your hairs or at the very least using heat protector. Always use a hydrating mask to keep your hairs protected leave the look of unhealthy or dull hairs. Use oil before washing hairs, and a prefect routine.

[Plus Point]- Sometimes conditioner isn’t as beneficial, it may also leads to breakage so therefore here I brought among you a simple way that after shampooing your hairs except using a conditioner; wash your hairs with a cup of rose water which will protect your hairs from dryness and fizziness.

Lifestyle Guru: 07/12/2019



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