Dear readers, thank you for your real encouragement on my last post. “To get glowing and long hair – Lifestyleguru Remedies”, which inspire me to continue writing and sharing more tips. Today I would like to share “Factors Affecting Teeth Whitening” for your knowledge and best caring for your teeth.

Teeth Whitening

Your teeth play a vital role in your life they are uniquely yours. Now there a question arises that how teeth can be uniquely yours? So, it clinically has proven that your fingerprints are different from each other. So, as your teeth are too unique. your teeth are your identity even that two identical twins have their different teeth. Your teeth are your identity. They are very beneficial to you.

Primal Life OrganicsThey play a vital role in your daily life. As we can’t eat any of the food without the help of teeth. It is the main thing which makes us attractive. Our teeth make ourselves look better. teeth boost up our confidence level. Without teeth you can’t speak properly. Your teeth help to make various sounds. Your teeth give the face a perfect shape. Without teeth your check would sink, and this makes you look older.

There is a certain food that damages teeth. Yea, it is a little bit surprising that how carbohydrates, protein and vitamins can damage.

Factors Affecting Teeth Whitening

Primal Life OrganicsCandies

They don’t seem to be dangerous for you. But continuously eating them would badly affect your teeth because they contain much sugar, always avoid eating many candies. Chew sugarless gum.

Chewing ice

Ya chew ice badly effect on your teeth. You just even can’t imagine how much it could affect. Always enjoy the water in its liquid form avoid chewing ice.

Citrus intake

More intake of citrus acid is much harmful to not only your teeth, but it also irritates your mouth sores. Always drink plenty of water.

Coffee or Tea

Coffee and tea are the biggest enemies of your teeth. Overuse of coffee makes your teeth weaker.

Sticky Food

We mostly think that dry fruits are healthy food. they are indeed healthy but when it comes to our teeth, many dried fruits are sticky. sticky food remains in your teeth for a long time, therefore, the damage to your teeth the most always brush your teeth after eating any of sticky food.

Crunchy Food

Nowadays everyone is just fond of potato chips. Potato chips are filled with starch. When you eat crunchy food then some of the particles remain in your teeth which after damages your teeth.

Alcohol Consumption

You know the consumption of alcohol makes your teeth dry and dehydrated. Over consumption of alcohol causes many oral diseases as gum disease because in our consumption your saliva flow is reduced. Even heavy alcohol causes mouth cancer.
There are also lots of different causes that make your teeth dull and lose their bright and white sparkle.

Brush with Baking Soda:Primal Life Organics

Nowadays it is internally used as the best whitening agent for your teeth. Baking soda is the best agent against plaque (it forms an alkaline solution when baking soda comes in contact with water). baking soda is not only good for plaque formation, but it also prevents dental decay and gum diseases. But be careful while using it because wrong use may also lead to more damage.

Bonus Fact:

I will suggest you that if you have any of tooth issue then you must use “your primal life Organics dirty mouth to tooth powder”. It is the best product of your dirty mouth and much beneficial for keeping your teeth strong and for fresh breath. It hasn’t any of side-effect.

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Last Updated: April 06, 2020


  1. My love for black tea has definitely had an impact on my teeth over the years, leading to staining. My dentist brings it up every time I come in for an appointment.

  2. This was definitely a good and informative article. I would love to have teeth that sparkle white and with all this great information I now know some of the things that I’m doing that is affecting the way my teeth a lot.

  3. These are great informations, I will share this with my friends and relatives who have issues about their teeth. Thank you!

  4. I didn’t know that chewing ice could affect my teeth this way! How does chewing ice affect the whiteness of them?

  5. I always knew that coffee and tea weren’t the best for your teeth. I need to start using baking soda to help my teeth. Plus I have two little boys who need to learn how to take care of their teeth properly.

  6. Hello, thank you for sharing this article it will be really helpful for me to understand about factors affecting teeth whitening lifestyleguru. I appreciate your step for choosing this topic. Great article!! You have done a good research I must say, thank you very much for sharing this article.You must also check out it has some great insights too.


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