Dear readers, I hope you have enjoyed my previous post “6 things you can do to boost self-confidence“. Today i would like to share an important topic “To overcome your overthinking and the causes and solutions of overthinking” with you, hope you will share your feedback.


As it is clear by the word that overthinking means thinking too much. Overthinking is like just continuously thinking of things instead of doing or acting them. You are overthinking; If you are repeating your thoughts over again and again but you are not doing that. Overthinking prevent you from making progress in life, it prevents you from doing new things. over-thinking just consumes your energy and time but there is no benefit of overthinking. In over-thinking thinking whenever any minor problem comes in front of you it makes you feel bigger and scarier than an actual one.

Causes and Impacts of Overthinking

Overthinking impacts much on your emotional regulation and sleep pattern and it makes your life harder to enjoy. Over-thinking bounds you in certain thoughts which are completely useless to think of, it is just like you are connected to any pole with rope and you are continuously going in circles again and again. You are not stepping forward you are held in a past pattern.

Overthinking is caused by self-doubts or by Low self-esteem. it is also caused by anxiety, stress, depression, and demotivation. Overthinking spoils all your inner peace. All of your happiness disappears in a single moment due to overthinking.

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Now the question arises that what type of thoughts you face in over-thinking. Are they positive and beneficial or they are negative and harmful? So, it depends on the situation or on the thing that you are thinking about. You can judge which type of thoughts they are (but most of the time these thoughts just seem to be positive but are not in real life).

Most of the time people don’t admit that they are over-thinker. It feels shameful to hear that you are over-thinker and this thought came in your mind is also due to over-thinking. I am also an overthinker and I proudly admit it because it’s not a crime to be an over-thinker. Overthinking is also a part of our life. I am used to be an overthinker for a long time but now I am also able to deal with over-thinking.

Side effects of overthinking and how to control 

Now I am gonna share with you some of the side effects of overthinking and how to control overthinking.

What happens when you are over-thinker? Instead of finding solutions you continuously think of any event or any person or of any problem something happened in your past which hits you hard. Instead of reacting you just keep overthinking and can’t get it out from your mind.

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What if? or why? these are not only words, but these are just like your enemies because these words make your bad situation into the worst one. Even if something that happens in a minor thing you will think like that is the worse than anything else.

Now you have entered into the world of negative thoughts. Welcome here;

Now you are fully concerned over your past mistakes, whatever you have done in your past. or about your current problems and leads to negative outcomes.

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In over-thinking, you just have your new image which isn’t really true your every word or thought would be completely different than the actual one.
Above all are the signs of overthinkers.

To overcome your overthinking

Notice when you are overthinking accept it that you cannot take medicine without knowing about the disease so same here without accepting you just can’t overcome the over-thinking so first you must be aware that when you over-thinking. start thinking about the way you overthink and when you feel that you are continuously thinking over only one thing and you are unable to control that thought than just tell yourself that those aren’t productive.

Accept it

Always accept that you are an overthinker because sometimes it also happens like that you start pretending that you aren’t an overthinker and this happens when someone continuously says that you are over-thinking and stop it. Even if you are not over-thinking at the moment so in such a situation you just start pretending that you aren’t so first please accept that you are.

Point out

Now point out all of those things which you think of or those every thought which you overthink about and keep them with you. So, it will help you a lot because it is like a mirror for you whenever you look in that so always keep an eye on yourself keeping a diary is the best thing you can do.


It is time to keep yourself calm and control your mind. So, meditation is the best way to control your mind. First go to any peaceful place or just go to your room and start doing breathing exercise do it for 10 minutes and follow this every day. It is much beneficial to keep you calm.

Avoid them

Whenever you are feeling like you are overthinking just avoid them and start doing something. You know you just overthink when you are completely free so engage yourself in any work and then give your complete concentration on them. Or start moving like go on to a walk and focus on your walk keep your mind out of that thoughts and give a look to your surroundings. It will help you in two ways one is you stop overthinking and second is it increases your observation power.

Always remember, Only GOD is perfect nothing else. Don’t wait for perfect, take the hand and make it perfect for your relationship. (Lifestyle Guru)

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Last Updated: April 22, 2020


  1. I think we are all guilty of overthinking. It is a classic sign of feeling anxiety that can be hard to manage! These tools for managing it are really smart. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I bet a lot of people are overthinking SOOOO much right now because they have more time of their hands. Woof! My husband is a chronic over-thinker, I always have to calm his mind down for him!

  3. I am so guilty of overthinking and I hate it! It keeps me up at night. I know it is futile but it can’t help it. Thank you so much for the info, it is great.

  4. I’ve already regulated overthinking for a while now. But I’m currently in an unfair situation that is bothering me a lot. I want to get rid of all the negative feelings that comes with the injustice.

  5. I’m a chronic overthinker and it seems almost impossible to stop my mind once it’s went off into a tangent. But I’ve been keeping a worry journal to try and ward away the more negative, worrying thoughts.

  6. I sometimes becoming an overthinking most especially when I am stress but thank you for these tips this will help me more to control that. Thank you!

  7. I have bad anxiety, and overthinking is definitely how it manifests itself. I have gotten better about not overthinking when it comes to certain topics, but I still have issues with others.

  8. Meditation is such a powerful tool. I have always struggled with overthinking, but have found that I am doing much better now that I am incorporating a daily meditation in my life.

  9. Thank you for sharing this! I have always been an over thinker and like you mentioned above, meditation has been extremely helpful to me (it was difficult at first, but I stuck with it and it has really helped) Thanks so much!

  10. Super helpful. I have a wife who totally acts like over analyzing things that makes me horrified sometimes. Now your tips gave such a relief that there are a lot people like her who experience the same way.

  11. I think as we mature, we overcome overthinking bit by bit. We learn through experiences and most of the time it proves that what we think for so many hours is actually not needed. The right thing to do is to face a situation right from the start.

  12. I’ve been struggling worse than usual with losing sleep to worry. Sometimes it just doesn’t feel good enough to accept it and move on, the insomnia takes over. I guess i just need to be better about meditating?

  13. I know how overthinking affects.. These days, you know the issue.. I had done so much for people till date, and today when a friend who really needs help and just because I am unable to help due to my problems, no one is there, not the one I help. This overthinking has increased my anxiety. I dont know if the solutions will work. I will try….


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