As a regular blogger, I experienced slow work, less traffic, and low income on weekends. It is my personal experience, perhaps you may not have the same type of experience. There are many factors including niche, geographical area of visitors, blog topics, blog publishing time, and blogging strategy. Today, I would like to share the weekend blogging strategy of World in Eyes. If the bloggers will apply it and they definitely grow their blog regardless of the niche of their blog.

Strategy of Bloggers

I strongly believe that without the strong and perfect strategy you could not win the game and the same as you could not grow and succeed in your business. Behind every successful business, there is a comprehensive strategic plan. If you have not a strong blogging strategy your business will grow very slowly, and a blogging strategy will speed up to your blogging business.

According to my research study, very few bloggers have a proper blogging strategy, in which most of the bloggers are linked with affiliate marketing or e-marketing but others like lifestyle bloggers have not a strong blogging strategy.

Unplanned bloggers

New bloggers don’t have any plan to grow there blog fast and successful, they always publish posts and promote blindly on social media like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. Here they can get a few points to prepare a good strategy for their blogs with some simple changes and plans you can grow your blog quickly.

Weekend Blogging Strategy

As a blogger, I always review my blog weekly but practically, I publish a monthly basis the review of month and plan of next month’s post. The weekly review helps me to monitor and analyze my goals. According to my weekly review, I always high CTR on weekends because of many factors.

Pre Plan

I have already prepared a comprehensive annual plan of the world in eyes, with a detailed implementation plan on monthly basis. So, therefore, I am very clear that what have to do? When have to do? With whom and where to do? But according to the importance of time and day, I add some new content. I always write some extra and advance posts for the backup plan to face the emergency time or to cover the weekend times.


I research next week’s blog posts, for this, I collect my ideas, learnings, experiences, and interpret with secondary information which I collect from books, research papers, a similar type of blogs, and google search. I also conduct specific research on keywords, tags, and traffic from my targeted geographical locations.
It helps me with what type of contents and blogs I have to write and publish on the world in eyes.

Find ways to increase the number of readers

On weekends in try to use some other channels to increase the number of visitors to cover the average percentage of CTR. Always remembers that giving space others will create space for you and build your strong network. So, I personally reply and answer emails, messages, and questions of the reader’s community.

Basis of research and blogging strategy

As a blogger, I am dependent on readers’ community, the mindset of readers, the interest of visitors, frequently visited topics, and produce the information according to the need and desires of visitors. Here is some basis of blogging, I follow for publishing on the world in eyes.

  • The strategy of Fixing Google Search Console Issues
  • Specific research on keywords
  • Prepare lists of short and long-tail keywords according to posy and contents
  • Try to find long-lasting or evergreen post contents
  • Traffic generation through email and social media
  • Restructure previous posts
  • Prepare the featured image for next week posts
  • To collect the free high-resolution photos

Some Basic Question for Blogging Strategy 

Can I ask what you do on weekends and what is your blogging strategy for weekends? I hope your suggestion will help me to improve my weekends and blogging style.

  • Do you write on weekends?
  • Do you publish blogs on weekends?
  • What type of content do you publish on weekends?
  • Are you publish your post on a daily basis?
  • How can I support you on weekends?
  • How you can support me on weekends?

I am very near to complete my annual strategic plan, and I have to prepare next year’s blogging strategy of the world in Eyes. As soon as possible I will publish the silent features of blogging communication strategy and annual blogging strategy of World in Eyes. Your suggestions will make my strategy perfect.

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Last Updated: July 26, 2020


  1. Thank you for the tips. I write whenever I am free or have inspiration. Not much of a blogger that aim to earn income, but more sharing my thoughts and experience and pen it down in an online diary.

  2. I usually post my content either on a Monday or Friday. I guess people have more time to navigate the web on a weekend or the day after the weekend. I do not usually check my google analytics or google search console. But that is the strategy that I implement on my blog.

  3. Thanks so much for sharing, these are great tips for strategies and I will definately use some of them to test and review my progress. Keep sharing tips as they are very helpful to myself and others who need motivation too.

  4. I have a much better result when my blogging is pre-planned. You are excellent at delivering new and fabulous content regularly. As a new blogger I appreciate all the tips.

  5. These are great tips for any blogger. I didn’t do any of this my first time around at blogging. This time, I have a plan and strategy in place and have already seen an increase across the board as a result.

  6. I actually plan what to write 2/3 weeks back and then research and write on it then seo etc is there. However I am a full time counselor and a freelancer so I do have time issues so pre planning is very neccesary for me. And weekends are good to me, although packed. And from this week I have started publishing on saturdays, instead of sundays because not only because of my packed schedule but also traffic is good then… It helps!

  7. Love this and yes… the weekends are slow but they are the perfect days to take off when you need some time off with the family or just solo. I do appreciate your tips and I do post on weekends for sure as I am always on…LOL and the weekends help me to catch up and just breathe honestly but I am going to use your tips here to preplan a bit more for myself.

  8. This is really helpful. For few months I have been posting less in my blog so traffic is not improving. All because I am not planning wisely. Truly this is fantastic tips!

  9. These are great tips! It is so important to pre-plan. If I didn’t pre-plan my content I feel like I would lose followers left and right! I work just as much on the weekends as I do on weekdays – breaks are few and far in between.

  10. I don’t publish on weekends, preferring Mondays when most people seem ready for something new. I seldom bother to read anything but social media on weekends simply because the time gets eaten up with chores and shopping.

  11. These are some excellent tips! I’m usually going out of my mind on Saturdays and most recently I’ve felt like I haven’t made proper use of my time. This is really going to help me!


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