According to World Health Organization (WHO), it is an international public health emergency and the affected areas are on high risk of the corona virus disease (COVID-19) spreading around the world. However, we are facing more stress, but we have to fight with emergency and take care of yourself at this time of COVID19.

Take care of yourself

It has been declared and announced that the COVID-19 is spreading person to person. No matter it starts from China and till today (March 15, 2020 @ 11:25 PM), the corona virus COVID-19 has affected 157 countries and territories around the world and 1 international conveyance (the Diamond Princess cruise ship harbored in Yokohama, Japan). But now it is international issue, so we should not attach it to any ethnicity of nationality.

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So many peoples of the world are spreading many rumors about effects, treatments and safety measure. Be careful and minimize following the reports and social media news which causes you to feel anxious and don’t believe on any rumors and just visit the WHO site and follow their instructions and information.

Don’t look every time on updates and stop sharing the unproven and unverified information about Corona Virus and local treatments such as eating of onion, garlic etc and minimize the fears.

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Take care of yourself and protect other peoples around you who need more or extra assistance, through following the WHO guidelines.

Corona Safety and Health Workers

Every person of the affected country is at risk, but the health workers are at high risk, and they are also feeling them under pressure. Health worker must take care of his/herself and mental health is very much important this time so you should take rest properly and eat enough, nutritious and healthy organic food. Don’t left physical activities, friends and family members gatherings. Control your fear and don’t stop contacts with your family and friends. As much as possible stay connected with your loved one.

Remember that, alcohol and tobacco are not protecting from corona virus, so avoid using these and other drugs.

Always try or use helpful coping strategies

During the treatment of affected peoples make sure the especial care for children, women and old age persons. You must ensure enough rest during your break time and emergency duty shift changing. Follow the WHO safety measures including social distance. For those who are in isolation, they can connect with their friends, families and lovers through using modern technology. The last but not the least stay connected but keep you safe from corona virus.


COVID-19 has been affected till now to 167,638 peoples of 157 countries in which 6,456 died and 76,596 recovered, no any country is in safe zone. Only safety measure and proper care can make possible to stop spreading more.

If there is any symptoms of flu, cough, fever or respiratory illness don’t wait. Consult your doctor immediately (Lifestyle Guru).

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Last Updated: March 15, 2020


  1. Coping with Covid 19 and the new realities have been a huge challenge for everyone. People will eventually cope with it and conquer it.

  2. This is such a tricky illness. I do hope a vaccine is found soon but in the meantime, these measures are definitely needed with fidelity.

  3. This has been such a hard time for the whole world. I do take care of myself but sometimes I wish we could just let it take its course so we can move on with life. Sometimes I feel like we are just dragging out the inevitable. And I try to listen to minimal news. It just drags us all down.

  4. It’s important to go easy on yourself and to take time for self-care during this time of pandemic. We all need to take care of our health and build our immune system.

  5. Covid19 has being there for months that some people now feel comfortable being close and not wearing masks.Truth is just because you have not contacted it doesn’t mean that it’s no longer spreading.

  6. In 3 or 4 months that COVID started, there are a million of people died in covid19 until now. It’s really important to stay healthy, take precautionary measures seriously. We need to show gratitude to all the Frontliner for their hard works in helping to defeat the virus.


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