Eat organic support planet means the natural ecological balance. Eating organic is the key to its sustainability, both above and below the ground. The key benefits of eating organic food are not only related to human health. But its support to planet by protecting the biodiversity, soil, wildlife and rural livelihoods.

As we all knows that, the chemicals which are used in our food are very harmful for us, and as if you are tensed about this problem then the simple solution is to use organic food, in daily use organic food is very essential for you and for your whole family.

Key benefits of eating organic food

The benefits of eating organic food are not limited to health but organic agriculture practices are committed to the conservation and enhancement of biodiversity.

Amazing Taste:

Organic food has an amazing taste and whenever, we eat organic food then a question comes in our mind that, how the plants and that healthy soil makes such a delicious food? Science says that those food crops which are grown naturally without any use of man-made fertilizer (chemical & pesticide) are very healthy for us.

High Standards:

The organic food produced by such methods that comply with the standards of natural farming systems. The organic foods are obtained with high standards because these are grown on natural agriculture practices without any use of fertilizer and pesticides.

Soil Erosion:

The modern mechanical practices and Agri-inputs are affecting the soil day by day. The grower is only concerning about much more production, but no one is thinking about soil erosion. Organic food crops growers are soil friendly, they always plough soil friendly and seasonal crops, they follow crop rotation approach. When, we will increase organic food purchasing, the practice will discourage the artificially grown food crops and artificially processed food. Ultimately, this more organic food consumption will stop the soil erosion and our farmer will be able to grow more organic food.

Only rural farmers can understand the importance of soil, because they know that the soil is their economic lifeline, that why they take care of soil as like their own children.

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Health Benefits:

The organic food often has more beneficial nutrients, such as antioxidants and are very essential for everyone and especially for those peoples who have different allergies to food. Most of the person are using the organic food due to their health reasons. The proper use of organic food automatically decreases the ratio of different diseases.

According to research report, the use of pesticides and artificial fertilizer for crops and artificial feed to animals and birds is only and only reason of increasing cancer in world. The use chemical not only destroyed the quality of food crops, but the fertilizers and pesticides destroyed the weed, mold and insects which did unbalance the food chain.
Besides, natural agricultural practices are farmer friendly and the use of fertilizers and pesticides also affects the farmers health.

Support to wildlife:

Organic food crops are directly linked with natural ecosystem. Producer, consumer and de-composer are three main pillars of ecosystem, wildlife means the consumer and de-composer. When our Agri-inputs are totally natural and free from all hazardous elements to consumer and de-composers, it means the organic food crops are supportive to wildlife.
Water and organic food

Use of organic food is most beneficial for surface water as well as ground water. Surface water is available in rivers, streams and the groundwater is the water that is avails in the soil. The rain always recharges the underground aquifers. It is, therefore, a renewable resource, although renewal rates vary greatly according to environmental conditions.
When the framers use the fertilizers, chemical and pesticides which contaminate the underground water that is very harmful for living being including human, wildlife and vegetation. Almost 2billion peoples are using only underground water, the more use of organic food can save the 2billion lives.

Innovation and strengthening the organic food species:

Since last five decade, the use of mechanical and chemical Agri-inputs has been increased and the environment department didn’t control it. These highly intensive Agri-inputs resulted the yield gap between farmers and natural agriculture practices. Unnatural practices resulted soil erosion, desertification, deforestation, pollution and caused the climate change.

According to research reports these unnatural Agree-practices affect about 70% of the all threatened birds and 49% of all plant species. These are also rapidly affecting the forest cover, coastal wetlands, arid zones and wild relatives. Only use of organic food can protect the biodiversity at genes, species and ecosystem levels our modern practices germplasm banks and protected areas is not enough to cope the future food crises.

Rural Life, Culture, Traditions & Diversity:

The villages and rural communities are the protectors of culture, traditions and rural norms. The urbanization always upsurges the individualism and modernization. Rural communities need the land and livestock to derive their livelihood. Organic food is a symbolic relationship between agriculture and natural landscapes.

A shift to use of organic food can reconnect the human to nature. The natural practices always creates more opportunities of employment, health food and safe and fresh environment for all.

Always remember, Only GOD is perfect nothing else. Don’t wait for perfect, take the hand and make it perfect for your relationship. (Lifestyle Guru)

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Last Updated: 11/16/2019


  1. I try to eat organic mostly because it means shopping local and that means supporting local farms and families that I have gotten to know. I’m in a city, but we can order the week ahead and then they deliver to our homes. It also helps me to cook seasonally and challenge myself in the kitchen

  2. I am a firm believer in organic for everything I can. It took a lot of time and education, but I got there when I saw the benefits for my health and for the future of our planet – just as you discussed above. It is a great thing to do if people can afford to make it work!

  3. I try to eat as organically as possible but at the moment it’s obviously very difficult. Thankfully we have a lot of local farms around so by buying from farm shops we’re also supporting the local economy.

  4. I’ve tried doing this, but it’s been a challenge. And I am mostly on food deliveries right now, so I am not really sure what type they use on my food.

  5. My family has been eating organically for many years. We have seen the health benefits over time. Fortunately for us, where we live organic food has been in good supply. While I hear others complain about regular food being sold out and only organic left, I am happy to have all that I need pretty easily available! And I love your sentence at the end about only God being perfect!

  6. I try to choose organic when possible for my family because I know it is so much better. Fortunately I live in farm country and we do have many local farmers to buy from in the summer but it can be difficult in the winter. We try to refer to the dirty dozen and choose those to buy organically that use the most pesticides.

  7. We should all be eating organic foods. But, the thing about it is the price. Organic food items are far more expensive than the non-organic ones.

  8. Eating organically is really good. If you live near a farmers market that’s a plus, but organic food tends to run expensive in the grocery stores so sometimes it’s a little harder to eat organically.

  9. I totally agree with everything you said here. Because of what’s going on with the world I decided to eat organically and the first thing I noticed is that I feel lighter and don’t easily get tired.


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