After having a delicious lunch at restaurant, we the team members of 2nd World March for Peace and non violence  Gulab, Krishan Sharma, Hina Azam, Utsha Adhikari, Mukunda, Francesca and Sandro including me (Teerath Jhangi) reached at “world heritage site Budha Stupa” which is located about 11 km (6.8 mi) from the center and northeastern outskirts of Kathmandu. The stupa’s massive mandala makes it one of the largest spherical stupas in Nepal. The Bouddhanath stupa is surrounded by hotels, restaurants and shops of cultural and ethnic items with wide pedestrian for tourist.

Entrance Fees at World Heritage Site Budha Stupa Nepal

It has been observed that the Bouddhanath stupa is the most liked sightseeing place in Kathmandu. At right side of gate, there were a ticket cabin, where various visitors were collecting tickets. I read the notice that visitors were required to pay NRs. 400 for all foreigners but visitors for SAARC countries must pay only 100 NRs. It was good for we SAARC people, so we only paid 400 NPRs for four persons and Miss. Francesca paid 800 NPRs for two persons as entrance fees to the Bouddhanath.

Spiritual Practice

As, we reached at Budha Stupa, we started to explore the importance and history of Stupa, our guide Miss. Utsha Adhikari (Daughter of Ms. Tulsi Sigdel) told us to complete three rounds around this stupa.

After that, we will go down to complete three other rounds around the two drums and then we have to go to light the diya (Deepak) at the top building which is In-front of stupa near by the pigeon square right in front of the stupa.

We all friends followed the instructions of our guide as it was deemed necessary as per their religious and religious rituals. It was partially sunny day which somehow had minimized the cold. We took tea being served by followers of Budha and later reached on the top and lightened the diya. It was really a great experience of this amazing place. place.

Meditation Place

There are so many places of meditation which are famous in Nepal. The meditation place at Budha Stupa is an amazing and spiritual place. We witnessed many male and female visitors and locals were busy in meditation. None of any outer interferences was disturbing their course of mediation as many other people were talking and getting their photos to make their trip wonderful. But people who was sitting in meditation pose was found calm, spiritual and above from all these activities.

I tried to get some click and video recording of the practices for the remembrance of this wonderful place.

After a long waling we felt that our guide Utsha is getting tired and meanwhile we realized that temperature is declining with coldness. I started to find our other group members; they were with Mr. Mukanda. When I found them, Ms. Francesca said we have just completed two rounds so we must complete third one.

After completing tasks, said goodbye to all group members and caught a taxi and we reached at Hotel Encounter Thamel, Galkopakha, Nepal.


I would like to recommend you don’t miss to visit this wonderful place whenever you get chance to visit Nepal. You must try to book your guest house near by the Stupa, through which you will have more time to spend at this amazing place. Try to visit this place at nighttime, you will feel the spiritual importance of Stupa. Make you plan such a way so that you have full moon nights on this site, if it is possible your will feel very near to nature.

Peace Force and Joy!


  1. It is always best to do some research, and get to know the basic culture and rules of a foreign place before getting there. Thanks for the tips!

  2. Thank you for sharing your experience. I would love to travel to something like this someday. Maybe when the lockdown is lifted I’ll be able to explore the world more.

  3. Thank you for virtually sending us to Nepal. This is a very experiential tour, you are right – a good place for meditation, and finding new relief.

  4. What a great experience! It is my dream to visit Kathmandu and hope when this is all over I can finally go there!

  5. I love visiting places of worship, of all religions. Thank you for sharing about the Budha Stupa in Nepal. Would definitely like to visit.


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