According to real practices in all societies, beauty is how others are thinking about me, but it is totally madness approach and false perceptions of beauty. The media, Photoshop, photo-editing software, high resolution camera clicks, and beauty advertisements make us feel ugly and influenced us to buy and use these products for fairness and beautiful looking body.

What is Beauty?

According to Wikipedia, “Beauty is the ascription of a property or characteristic to an animal, idea, object, person or place that provides a perceptual experience of pleasure or satisfaction”.

The characteristics of beauty are not unique for whole world, the definition of beauty is varying region to region. The blackest eyes, blue eyes, narrow eyes, brown eyes these are the beauty characteristics in different regions such as Asian, African and European societies. On the other hands, beauty is a happiness, it in not the name of looking good only.

False perceptions of beauty

This approach of understanding affects our self-activism, self-confidence. Looking yourself by other’s eyes isn’t a beauty. According to a research report every third female would like to try different beauty products for weight loss, being slim and erasing wrinkles. Nowadays, plastic surgery is also in practice for giving new look to face and body shape.

It has been reported that using more makeup and beauty produces is the mindset of Asian women, but it has been observed that it is the mindset of every women whether she is villager or urban. Mostly European and urban women also strictly follow the routine beauty parlors, exercise at Jims and Clubs for fitness but rural women only use simple beauty products such as cream, powder, nail polish, lipstick etc.

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When women will understand that it is not a beauty, colour, pimples and fat are not shaming. The unrealistic and unnatural standards of beauty are only the marketing tools because GOD has not created anything, which is not beautiful, believe in yourself and ignore the false perceptions of beauty.

I am not denying the value of beauty products; these products also help to enhance your appearance and personality, but it should be use need based.

Media influenced

Media, Photoshop, photo-editing, air-brushing and dropping different unnatural light, colour, shadows and designs changes the mindset of women. When anyone see the beautiful look at screen or in ads, she wants to see herself in that same look. These photos, videos and temporary look are manipulating so dramatically nowadays.

This media approach is affecting the teenagers very badly, parents. Teacher and elders should guide their children about understanding the reality of screen. Aware your girl child that airbrushing only covers the spots and it destroy the real natural beauty.

We should help our teenagers about worth comparing of the beauty of their-self and media showing beauty. They should understand to look media with very critical eye. They have to understand the airbrushing and unnatural beauty looks and marketing tool of beauty product manufacturers and seller.

Media experts designs few seconds of beauty ads which reflects the impacts of that product steadfastly. Only critical mindset will ask questions but normal mindset women rely and replicate that. So therefore be critical in accepting external ideas.

It has been observed that, low self-esteem women are easily replicate it. Also they are also more likely to engage in negative behaviors.

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Lifestyle Guru: 08/12/2019


  1. I really do no like the whole beauty industry and how they aim their campaign at young impressionable people and often start them on a path of self loathing because they cannot reach the ridiculous standards they see.

  2. I HATE photo apps. Apps that change what you look like. Not only are they illusions but people tend to look at their edited photos and get depressed that they don’t look like that all the time.

  3. It is crazy how they are able to change a picture so much. Although I do like photoshop to remove ugly objects from photos like toys that my boys didn’t put away lol.

  4. ‘Beauty is in the eye of the beholder’. It’s such a shame that media has imposed unattainable standards of beauty on us. So many people feel unattractive just because they don’t fit in the frame, when in reality they are beautiful.

  5. Media does harm girls self worth an this has always been the case. When I was younger it was magazines that harmed me. Parents need to educate their kids and help them understand.


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