There are so many things you won’t tolerate in your life, because those may be valueless for your life or there is no need of those in future. Biologically, life is simple it born, grownup and die, but socially life is the long travel on unknown route, you have to plan for each angle the travel. During this log process of life, you always deal with many situations which impacts your life. You tolerate many things and continuing your travel and sometimes strongly decide that these things you won’t tolerate now.

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Things which are creating stress, things which are creating hindrance, things which are affecting your relations, things which affecting your professional life, things which are damaging your say in community and the things which the key reason for your financial decline you must shut them out for your life without any compromise and flexibility.
Here, I would like to discuss two sides, one the things which are supportive and benefiting to your social, professional and economic life you should tolerate at every cost but things which are affecting your social, professional and economical life shut them out now from your life.

Things you WON’T tolerate now

In relationship:

Always count the all aspects at minimum level, because it will be very difficult to cut them out from your life, if they reach at maximum level. Just count that what are the issues, which are affecting your relations? There are so many intolerable behaviors, you are facing in your relationship, but it is not easy to cut them out for your life, you should put them on alarming level and manage them socially, but you should cut them out form your life if they are negatively impacting.

Strong, caring and loving relation doesn’t make you unhappy, thing that make you unhappy count and cut them out, start that now.

Never tolerate in relationship

  • Abuse (verbal, physical, emotional, sexual)
  • Comment Passed on body, color, face, weight etc
  • Real partner is not fulfilling your sexual needs
  • Partner is not acknowledging your relation and also not respecting your boundaries
  • If partner is cheating and keeping your away from friend circle.

Work that makes you unhappy:

Working persons (men & women) spend almost 10 hours daily at and on job site, and the nature of job or environment of workplace in toxic for you which makes you unhappy. You should think about that and as soon as possible to quit that and think positive and search the opportunities that you love which will make you happy. The happiness positively impacts on your emotional and financial well-being, heath and your relationships.

Fear of change

Fear controls your mind, it paralyzes you and push to make wrong decisions. So therefore, never tolerate fear in your life. Change should be acceptable at each step of life, but fear of change will not allow you to accept it timely. Fear of change will stop your professional growth, economic growth and social networks. Shut it down now and live happy life and take decisions about accepting change every time.

There are so many other intolerable things, If you want to add please let me inform by dropping comment of email, I will add by your reference.

Lifestyle Guru: 28/12/2019


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