Let us discuss the most important topic, how to increase your wisdom and insight” which never comes from reading more books, watching more movies or earning more money in life, but it come by real and rich experiences of the life.

“How you see the world” will shape the way in which you live your life, but here’s a fun fact also that is “there is no single right way to see the world”. There are thousands of perspectives that you can have, and they all have their pros and cons. So, the question arises is which perspective should we have? and the answer is that whatever perspective moves you towards your goal.

Increase your wisdom and insight

My aim with this blog post is not to just give you my perspective but to also help you develop your own perspective and wisdom. So, I have figured out seven points that you can follow step by step, in order to develop your own perspective and become wiser than you are right now.

Radical open-mindedness

So, the first point for the wisdom and insight is a radical open-mindedness. As we go through our lives, we adopt certain beliefs about the world and the people in it. These beliefs are formed by our parents and by our upbringings and our surroundings.

wisdom and insightNow, the problem is that this perspective that we develop may not always be the right one for us, and it may actually be voiding us back from the things that we want in our lives. So, the first thing we need to do is practice radical open-mindedness; now what this means is that you let your mind be open to any idea without trying to validate whether it’s right or wrong.

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You first let your mind to examine the idea. That whether it’s true or not by using the facts and by letting go of your feelings. Like as if you believed that the earth was flat and someone told you that it’s round. You have to pause and examine that idea and look at the evidence and then you form an opinion. And realize that you were wrong about the earth being flat; in the same way, nowadays we know that the earth is round.

Even then if a flat earther comes up to you and tells you that the earth is flat. You ask for their reasons for thinking in that way without any judgment. And you stay open to the idea until they’ve given you all the reasons. Then you examine their reasons and determine whether they’re true or not. Like Aristotle said it is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it.

Feed yourself ideas

The second point is to feed yourself ideas. Once you have opened up your mind now you need to feed in all kinds of ideas. It means like reading books, watching videos, going to seminars, or as many new ideas which you can in your mind. Here is how you should be thinking about ideas and converting them into wisdom. Think of them as a supermarket of ideas. Like when you go to a supermarket you buy everything that you need now if you need to buy some carrots and they are also selling soft drinks so there you’re not to wonder about why they also sell soft drinks. We’re just going to buy what you want and apply that formula in the same way with ideas. Take the ideas which you can apply to your life right now. But don’t shun other ideas and act as if they’re useless.

Hold contradictions

The next thing is being able to hold contradictions in your mind now, that you’ve taken in as many ideas as you possibly can; you need to develop the true beginnings of wisdom. When you learn new ideas, you’re going to find many contradictions in them, you’re going to have two very good ideas, and a lot of times they will both be saying opposite things. This is the nature of reality not everything is going to be black and white there are some situations in which you will have to deal with these contradictions. So, when you come across them don’t jump to conclusions, don’t call one right, and the other one wrong, just sit with it for a few days think about it, and don’t get attached to any point of view. Being able to live with contradictions in your head is very important to fine-tune your wisdom.


Now, the fourth point is empathy, have you ever met someone who has a lot of quote-unquote knowledge but the things they usually talk about don’t really apply to your life. Well usually that’s because that person does not have empathy for your situation; all empathy really means is that you are able to put yourself in the other person’s shoes and feel as if you were the other person.

When you can successfully do that for any person you meet even if that was a despicable person, whom you absolutely did not like, that’s when you can begin to truly understand people’s feeling and the other person’s perspective does not mean you endorse it but to be able to think and feel as if you were the other person, only in your head gives you a tremendous advantage in understanding any situation and helps you in further developing your wisdom. Your wisdom means nothing, and I mean absolutely nothing if you cannot apply that to your real-life situations and people.

Remove ideas from people

The fifth point is to learn to remove ideas from people now this is extremely important for you. If you want to learn something in this world sometimes the people we may hate, may actually have good ideas but you really need to have the ability to understand the idea. Look at its merits without being biased because it’s coming from someone. We don’t like for example if Hitler comes and says that 2+2 equals to 4 and Mother Teresa tells us 2+2 equals to 3 just because we hate Hitler doesn’t make him wrong and just because we love Mother Teresa doesn’t make her right. This is a bit of an extreme example, but I think you must have the point.


The sixth point is to not just give advice but a shared perspective, once you start developing your own wisdom then other people might start coming to you looking for advice. Sometimes you might want to help other people, and once you come into this position it is extremely important to remember that everyone’s lives are different and the ideas that you talk about may not directly apply to everyone; that’s why it’s very important to not just give advice but share perspectives.

Giving advice means that you’re telling someone what to do, sharing perspective means that you’re making them very well educated about their options; and then letting them decide which one is best for them. Of course, you can use your judgment because if you’re an expert in a particular area, let’s suppose you’re an expert in tennis then you can give advice straight up, so make sure to balance the two as needed.

Let go of your ego

Last but not least point is to let go of your ego, because ego is the enemy of wisdom and insight. This is the most important thing you need to do if you want to develop wisdom. No matter, how educated and knowledgeable you become. There are going to be times, when you are wrong. There is no need to get attached to a particular idea always. Stay open, to the possibility of being wrong the biggest moments of growth in our wisdom. Don’t happen when we learn something new. They happen when we learn that we have been wrong about something. So always stay open to the possibility of being wrong and never let your ego get too big. Don’t start to think of yourself, as some teacher’s always staying a student keep going through these seven steps that I’ve told you in this article and you will be able to develop your own unique insight and perspective.


The first point was to practice radical open-mindedness. The second point is to feed yourself a new idea. The third point was to be able to hold contradictions the fourth point is empathy, number five is to learn to remove ideas from people, number six is to not just give advice share perspective, and the last point is to let go of your ego. I hope it will really help you out in many ways of wisdom and insight and if you liked these or wanna add any of the other points about ‘how to increase your wisdom and insight’ you can suggest to me in the comment section though thanks for giving time and following this blog post.

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Last Updated: November 02, 2020


  1. Great ways. Acquiring and practicing wisdom gives way to happiness and longevity of life. Also not to deny the fact that wise decisions prevent situations from getting difficult. Wisdom synthesizes all your knowledge, facts, and information into a proper and right path and reduces the chances of failure.

  2. Excellent article. One must not hold on to ego, that’s harmful. And yes we must constantly feed ourself with ideas.


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