(Let me say sorry to all my female readers for my few opinion about woman. Which may not be customary in every society and may be, the examples are from some orthodox societies)

The question raised by my blogger friend, when I published my post “Things that men want in the relationship” if these are the wants of men than what woman wants in a relationship? I referred to this question with my all friends’ men and women, I got wonderful answers and theories from both sides.

The world’s most intricate hypothesis is woman, there are millions of studies that have been conducted by relationship experts and sociologists, but it is still unproven, so it is not easy to say exactly, what woman wants in a relationship. I am not the specialist expert in this field, but I would like to share my personal opinion and experiences when I tried to understand the woman what I felt the situation? What are the internal and external factors affecting women’s psychology? How the traditional and cultural factors are affecting woman life? What woman wants in the relationship?


According to romantic poetry, novel and stories, the woman is the best creation of mother nature, but according to other different beliefs, the woman is the second half of man. But most of the man shared that woman is an unproven problem of Algebra. According to the female point of view, the woman is not an emotional concept of man, but the woman is the human and nothing different than a man.

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These men drove society and systems have been impacting the women’s psychology and women always reflecting those impacts. That’s why women remain a mystery for men.

What woman wants in a relationship

The woman has one brain and one heart like a man and according to different studies almost 97% of women are heterosexual, remaining only 3% are bisexual, mostly homosexual but only 0.5% of women are completely homosexual. So, therefore, the majority of woman wants to spend her life with the man and the desires of woman are not so much different than a man but there is a little difference in want of man and woman.
One thing is important that every man wants a woman in his life and every woman wants a man in her life. It means that it is the same desire of both, therefore, both (man and woman) are incomplete without each other.

There is no limit of desires of the woman as well as man, every desire raises many desires, it is not possible to fulfill all desires of the partner as well as personal. Following are some specific things, what woman wants in a relationship;

Woman wants respect and security

As a woman is a human so she wants equal respect and rights in a relationship with safety and security in all aspects of life. Since the last couple of years, women are demanding their rights under the slogan of “My body is my choice”. It means the woman is not the property of man, but she has equal rights, but the man drove society is not accepting.

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Woman’s main want is that you never try to judge her but respect her. She wants to feel safe and secure with you but don’t want to live under your control. Woman wants her security and respect in your opinions, emotions, and actions. Women don’t like, her comparison with any other lady or girl including your relative, friend or any other personality.

Woman wants romance to be loved

No any woman like her man is investing his full energy for proving that he is the hero and strangest man. Woman wants a romantic, loving and friendly environment in a relationship. Woman want to live girlfriend and man want to make her wife; this is the basic difference of thinking which leads to an unhealthy relationship.

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Woman wants to be loved in a relaxed environment; she doesn’t want the interference of other women in her mans’ life. A candlelight dinner in a loving environment is more important for a woman than a five-star hotel table in a toxic environment. Don’t stop kissing in your whole life from the first day of dating to the first day of marriage and that every movement of your life, because women don’t like, you stop kissing her.


Woman gets ready having attractive makeup and dress for your closeness and attraction. She doesn’t like the negative comment on her dressing, makeup, and jewelry. The woman always wants physical touches and kiss as a gift in each movement. A woman wants her man must listen to her and he must be aware of her emotional state. The woman always wants to listen “I love you”, “your pretty”, your beautiful” in a relationship. Without your closeness, she feels extremely lonely in relationships.


Woman wants appreciation in a relationship, you must say I love you and always appreciate her of her nice dressing, lovely makeup, delicious dinner, nice recipe, good caring of you and kids, efficient financial management, making good decisions in the family, good leadership skills. Women want in a relationship that her man must say her that what she brings in his life.

Woman want trust

Every relationship is based on trust, trust cannot buy from the market, but it should me earn by proving. Woman want that you must trust in her as same as every man wants in a relationship. Studies depict that man is more cheater than the woman. So, in the relationship, you must earn the trust by proving yourself loving, caring and trustworthy.

Bonus Point (Little Desires of Woman)

I don’t like to share what a woman wants in the bed, I would like to share very little little desires of the woman, that wants in a relationship. You must go with her to the party, Independence, Your full income in her hands, to be a good wife, settled life, have a child (as soon as possible), little celebration on little success of children, to be loved, her men must come to the home early etc.

There are hundreds desire can be counted but I am leaving it my readers for continuing it and adding the little desires of woman in relationship. This article is a live document I with try to update with your suggestions and inputs.

Always remember, Only GOD is perfect nothing else. Don’t wait for perfect, take the hand and make it perfect for your relationship. (Lifestyle Guru)

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Last Updated: April 08, 2020


  1. If I am to speak for myself, women like security and assurance. Not necessarily a perfect man, but at least a man who is commited enough to one woman. And time.

  2. As a woman I can say that concepts such as respect and safety are fundamental for me then personally I don’t care who they come from if from a man or a woman. The important thing is love.

  3. Yes, all great points! We all want to be loved and cared for. It is sad when a relationship doesn’t have those things, or those things become lost.

  4. Great topic and its very informative as well. This is definitely a great help to any man seeking guidance in their relationship. Thanks for sharing this to us.

  5. I’ve always liked to read the five languages of love because it goes straight to what is your love language. Woman just want to be loved respect and understood,not lie to and not used this is a great article.

    • Thanks Asya, I just interpreted my personal observations with opinions of different friend (male and female). It is not complete, just jumped in and complete with your opinions. I will incorporate in this article.

  6. This is an interesting perspective, especially reading it as a woman. Appreciation is huge for most woman, thank you for including it in your list.

  7. Yes, it it a general thing with we women, we want respect, love and security, however, this is reciprocal the men also need respect, humility and courteousness as well.

  8. I wanted a teammate – someone who would see and respect me as his equal, ready to take on the world together. In order to be a functional team, that requires trust, communication and compromise.

  9. All of these are true. As for me, I only want a friend, a companion, a lover, an enemy in one. Most importantly, I want my partner to support and push me to become the best version of myself. 🙂

  10. I agree, respect, security, trust, and love are all important things in a relationship. To know that a man truly cares and isn’t just doing these things to get his way with her.

  11. This is really interesting – reading a man’s perspective on what women want! Trust and respect are definitely the biggest ones for me 🙂

  12. I want (and have) someone who supports my dreams and goals. I want to be able to have intelligent conversation. I want to be loved and safe

  13. I will speak for myself, everything you mentioned here are all true and aside from that I want a man who will always there for me thru thick and thin, who always give his all support and love me for who I am, who always stays most especially in our darkness days, a man who is loyal and a man who I can trust.

  14. I agree with all the things you’ve listed as important to women in relationships. I also agree that most of what we find important are also important for men. I think the biggest difference is the priorities. I think generally men and women want the same things but some of those things are slightly more important for men than women and vice versa.

    • Yes Charlene, I have already shared the things that man wants in relationship. Except some specific points it is vice versa, men and women wants almost same things from each-other.

  15. Very well written. But men now a days don’t get that. We are simple we dont need big things. Loyalty and trust is our priority.

  16. This is a very interesting perspective on what a woman wants from a man. I’m sure that this speaks to a great deal of

  17. I think that trust is one of the most important things, together with communication. As a woman it is hard to come to trust someone, especially when you have bad experiences in the past.

  18. This is such a genuine post. I feel respect, assurance, and trust are enough. Also, a friendship that makes her feel secured. These few things given to any woman speaks a lot about a person.

  19. Very interesting article and very genuine. I guess everyone was respect in any kind of relationship, not just romantic and it’s the basis to any healthy relationship.


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